may 27 zodiac

    People born on May 27 are intelligent, sensitive - they like animals and show skills in trade.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on May 27

    They are people with a strong sense of experimentation. They may show a particular talent for philosophy or theology. They also have a pretty critical sense. They are characterized by common sense and the longing for knowledge. On the other hand, they show precision in their judgments and a neutral, very cordial and elegant manner. However, the latter is just an illusion. Deep down in their hearts, they are cold and indifferent people. They are proud and are not willing to be subdued by others. Ready for anything in defense of your independence. They are very unhappy when they are poor. When they are members of a religious community, they feel very anxious about their problems. They are sensitive and withdrawn people, which makes it difficult to get to know them and easy for them to be misunderstood. They like pets and are interested in the well-being of their homes. They are trapped by various experiences, changes and twists of fate, of all kinds, unless they learn self-control and to control the circumstances of their life. They may be successful in their work, but they show tendencies to irritability and extremism, something that grows stronger as they age. However, they can usually perform their duties with satisfaction. They have a knack for trading. They will have a rich life and opportunities to earn wealth and even recognition.

    Zodiac sign for those born on May 27

    If your birthday is on May 27, your zodiac sign is  Gemini

    May 27 - personality and character

    character:  wise, tough, friendly, tight, despicable, carefree; profession:  sociologist, sound engineer, journalist; colors:  beige, green, daffodil; stone:  amber; animal:  shrimp; plant:  potato vine; lucky numbers:  1,14,19,21,56,58 super lucky number:  7

    Holidays and observances - May 27

    • Peru: Native Language Day
    • Spain: National Celiac Day
    • Bolivia: Mother's Day

    May 27 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1907: Rachel Carson, American marine biologist (d. 1964). 1909: Dolores Hope, American singer and philanthropist (d. 2011). 1911: Hubert Humphrey, American politician (d. 1978). 1911: Teddy Kollek, Hungarian politician, mayor of Jerusalem for 28 years (d. 2007). 1911: Vincent Price, American actor (f. 1993). 1912: John Cheever, American writer (d. 1982). 1913: Vicente Calderდ³n, Spanish sports leader, president of Atlდ©tico de Madrid (d. 1987). 1913: Josდ© Vela Zanetti, Spanish painter and academic (d. 1999). 1918: Yasuhiro Nakasone, Japanese politician, prime minister between 1982 and 1987. 1922: Christopher Lee, British actor (d. 2015). 1923: Henry Kissinger, American politician, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1973. 1924: Jaime Lusinchi, Venezuelan president between 1984 and 1989. (f. 2014). 1927: Gustavo Arias Murueta, American painter. 1930: John Barth, American writer and professor. 1930: Eino Tamberg, Estonian composer (d. 2010). 1934: Harlan Ellison, American writer. 1934: Enzo Siciliano, Italian writer (d. 2006). 1935: Mal Evans, British assistant of the band The Beatles (d. 1976). 1935: Lee Meriwether, American actress. 1936: Louis Gossett, Jr., American actor. 1936: Jorge Hourton, Franco-Chilean bishop (d. 2011). 1938: Christian Von Wernich, Argentine Catholic priest, sentenced to prison for torture. 1940: Mariano Haro, Spanish athlete. 1943: Eduardo Teddy Bautista, Spanish singer. 1943: Cilla Black, British singer and presenter (d. 2015). 1943: Bruce Weitz, American actor. 1944: Emilio Rodrდ­guez Zapico, Spanish Formula 1 driver (f. 1996). 1951: Ana Belდ©n, Spanish singer and actress. 1951: Reynaldo Vasco Uribe, Argentine poet (d. 2014). 1952: Rosa Dდ­ez, Spanish politician and MEP. 1955: Dieter Lehnhoff, Guatemalan-German composer. 1956: Giuseppe Tornatore, Italian filmmaker (Cinema paradiso). 1957: Inaki Miramდ³n, Spanish actor. 1957: Siouxsie Sioux, British singer, songwriter and producer, of the bands Siouxsie and the Banshees, and The Creatures. 1958: Neil Finn, New Zealand singer, of the band Crowded House. 1961: Ana Blanco, Spanish journalist. 1965: Gustavo Poirrier, Chilean soccer player (f. 2003). 1966: Heston Blumenthal, British cook. 1966: Sean Kinney, American drummer, of the band Alice in Chains. 1966: Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Cuban jazz pianist and composer. 1967: Paul Gascoigne, British footballer. 1968: Jeff Bagwell, American baseball player. 1968: Frank Thomas, American baseball player. 1970: Michele Bartoli, Italian cyclist. 1970: Joseph Fiennes, British actor. 1971: Paul Bettany, British actor. 1971: Angela Contreras, Chilean film and TV actress. 1971: Left Eye (Lisa Lopes), American singer of rap, of the band TLC (f. 2002). 1971: Glenn Ross, strongman and Northern Irish powerlifter. 1972: Ivete Sangalo, Brazilian singer. 1974: Skye Edwards, British singer and songwriter, of the band Morcheeba. 1975: Andrდ© 3000 (Andrდ© Benjamin), American musician, of the band OutKast. 1975: Jadakiss (Jason Phillips), American rapper. 1975: Jamie Oliver, British chef. 1976: Marcel Fდ¤ssler, Swiss motorsport driver. 1977: Usun Yoon, Korean actress, model and reporter. 1979: Mile Sterjovski, Australian footballer. 1981: Johan Elmander, Swedish footballer. 1981: Mariano Echeverrდ­a, Argentine soccer player. 1981: Miloy (Marcos Hermenegildo Joaquim), Angolan soccer player. 1982: Natalie Neidhart, Canadian professional wrestler. 1982: Mariano Pavone, Argentine soccer player. 1983: Bobby Convey, American footballer. 1985: Gimena Accardi, Argentine actress. 1985: Roberto Soldado, Spanish footballer. 1988: Leandro Baquela, Argentine filmmaker. 1990: Nadine Beiler, Austrian singer. 1990: Chris Colfer, American actor and dancer. 1990: Israel Fonseca, Honduran soccer player. 1990: Nadine Beiler, Austrian singer. 1991: Paulina Holguდ­n, Mexican singer and host. 1992: Jeison Murillo, Colombian soccer player. 1993: Cristhian Venegas, Chilean soccer player. 1994: Aymeric Laporte, French footballer. 1999: Lily-Rose Depp, French-American actress and model.