may 6 zodiac

    People born on May 6 want to go far in life and spare no effort to make it happen.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on May 6

    They are subtle people, who fight with perseverance towards their projects and life goals. Quite slow and stubborn to get things done. They waver sometimes. They enjoy peace and rest after work. They develop gradually with their different experiences. They can take what is good and adapt it to their environment. They express the feeling of being on the verge of mediumship. They are full of hope and confidence. They have the benefit of superiority over other people. They defend their ideals and fight for their convictions. In controversy, they are decisive and capable of developing great strength. When they reach out to their own people, they can be very vocal. In these situations your personality awakens. They have interesting success in their youth. They can achieve recognition through their artistic and literary creativity. They can also achieve positive results in the fields of science or politics. But, in the future, you may decide to stop to ascend spiritually and limit the senses and matter. Endowed with intuition and fantasy, often expressing significant musical talent. They are characterized by creative abilities of solitary meditations and the ability to focus on their work and life tasks. They are generally slow to make judgments. If they do, it is because they have a full understanding of the situation. Therefore, they often achieve a good position, depending also on their origin and the education received. They may eventually be honored by others and gain general recognition.

    Zodiac sign for those born on May 6

    If your birthday is on May 6, your zodiac sign is  Taurus

    May 6 - personality and character

    character:  wise, educated, observant, sad, sad, despicable; profession:  astrologer, architect, administrator; colors:  cyan, green, orange; stone:  adularia; animal:  antelope; plant:  coconut palm; lucky numbers:  11,16,27,36,51,58 super lucky number:  34

    Holidays and observances - May 6

    • International Day Without Diets.

    May 6 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1902: Max Ophდ¼ls, German filmmaker. 1904: Harry Martinson, Swedish writer, 1974 Nobel Prize winner for literature, shared with Eyvind Johnson. 1905: Manuel Mendizდ¡bal, Spanish scientist and politician (f. 1996). 1909: დ?ngel Juan Quesada, Spanish choir director and composer (d. 1988). 1913: Stewart Granger, British actor (d. 1993). 1915: Orson Welles, American actor and filmmaker (d. 1985). 1916: Robert Henry Dicke, American astronomer. 1919: Alejandro Finisterre, Spanish inventor and poet. 1920: Vicente Fuentes Dდ­az, Mexican politician and historian (d. 2010). 1922: Otmar Suitner, Austrian conductor and musician. 1923: Josep Seguer, Spanish footballer. 1924: Nდ©stor Basterretxea, Spanish sculptor and painter (d. 2014). 1925: John Bayard Britton, American doctor assassinated by an anti-abortionist (d. 1994). 1926: Helios Sarthou, Uruguayan politician (d. 2012). 1928: Robert Poujade, French politician. 1929: Paul C. Lauterbur, American chemist, 2003 Nobel Prize winner for physiology or medicine. 1930: Vladimir Abazarov, Soviet geologist (d. 2003). 1931: Willie Mays, American baseball player. 1934: Luis დ?ngel Rojo, Spanish economist, governor of the Bank of Spain (f. 2011). 1937: Rubin Hurricane Carter, American boxer. 1937: Nდ©stor Isella, Argentine soccer player (d. 2015). 1941: Guillermo Galeote Jimდ©nez, Spanish politician. 1943: Andreas Baader, German leader of the RAF. 1944: Anton Furst, British film producer. 1944: Fernando Mდ©ndez-Leite, Spanish filmmaker. 1945: Xosდ© Lluis Garcდ­a Arias, Spanish philologist and writer. 1945: Bob Seger, American singer. 1947: Alan Dale, New Zealand actor. 1947: Francisco Galdდ³s, Spanish cyclist. 1947: Martha Nussbaum, American philosopher. 1950: Samuel Kanyon Doe, Liberian politician and military man. 1951: Pierre Foldes, French surgeon, co-inventor of a technique to repair the damage caused by an ablation of the clitoris. 1952: Christian Clavier, French actor. 1952: Fernando Lდ³pez-Amor, Spanish politician. 1953: Tony Blair, British Prime Minister. 1953: Omar Pდ©rez Santiago, Chilean writer. 1953: Graeme Souness, British footballer and coach. 1955: Pedro Piqueras, Spanish journalist. 1958: Lolita Flores, Spanish singer and actress. 1959: Julia Otero, Spanish journalist. 1960: Juan Luis Cano, Spanish journalist, member of Gomaespuma. 1960: Mauricio Electorat, Chilean writer. 1961: George Clooney, American actor and filmmaker. 1963: Sebastiდ¡n Schon, Argentine rock musician. 1965: Leslie Hope, Canadian actress. 1966: Marta Belaustegui, Spanish actress. 1967: Vladimir Llakaj, Albanian sculptor. 1968: Latitia Sadier, French singer, of the band Stereolab. 1970: Mariano Closs, Argentine sports journalist. 1970: Tristდ¡n Ulloa, Spanish actor and filmmaker. 1970: Manuel Baldizდ³n, Guatemalan politician. 1971: Chris Shiflett, American guitarist, of the band Foo Fighters. 1972: Martin Brodeur, Canadian hockey player. 1973: Juan დ?ngel Esparza, Mexican actor. 1976: Ivდ¡n de la Pena, Spanish footballer. 1977: Andrდ© Sa, Brazilian tennis player. 1980: Carlos Arano, Argentine soccer player. 1980: Dimitris Diamantidis, Greek basketball player. 1980: Ricardo Oliveira, Brazilian soccer player. 1981: Mark O'Connell, American drummer, of the band Taking Back Sunday. 1981: Guglielmo Stendardo, Italian footballer. 1983: Dani Alves, Brazilian nationalized Spanish footballer. 1983: Adrianne Palicki, American actress. 1983: Gabourey Sidibe, American actress. 1984: Osvaldo de Leდ³n, Mexican actor. 1984: Juan Pablo Carrizo, Argentine goalkeeper. 1985: Chris Paul, American basketball player. 1986: Roman Kreuziger, Czech cyclist. 1986: Goran Dragiე‡, Slovenian basketball player. 1986: Manuel da Costa, Portuguese footballer born in France. 1987: Moon Geun Young, South Korean actress. 1987: Gerardo Parra, Venezuelan baseball player. 1988: Alexis Ajinდ§a, French basketball player. 1989: Dominika Cibulkovდ¡, Slovak tennis player. 1990: Josდ© Altuve, Venezuelan baseball player. 1992: Baekhyun, South Korean singer, model, actor and dancer. 1993: Dasom, South Korean singer, dancer and actress.