may 8 zodiac

    People born on May 8 are characterized by an innate sense of humor and a philanthropic temperament.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on May 8

    They are quite credulous people, who accept everything indiscriminately. Even though they fight for the wealth they have earned, they love to gift something to the underprivileged. They show quite diverse interests and sympathies. They have a philanthropic disposition and gladly support charity events. Notably, despite all their kindness and honesty, they often express stubbornness, persistence, and intransigence towards other points of view. Their feeling of trust never leaves them. They are optimistic. They are characterized by a good sense of humor. His greatest vice is his unusual tendency to oppose others. These people are ready to take on others for the slightest of reasons. Every time they get excited they have no intellectual or moral consideration. Persuasion makes them even fiercer. It is best to leave them alone and wait for the anger to pass. What threatens them: They want to show their greatness, their rules and exercise their power. They are angry, irritable, and unyielding in disputes; they should watch out for fights, because they can get hurt. Your body is healthy and strong. The most common ailments that can appear are the flu, hoarseness, runny nose or sore throat. They should not be neglected because they tend to have strokes.

    Zodiac sign for those born on May 8

    If your birthday is on May 8, your zodiac sign is  Taurus

    May 8 - personality and character

    character:  sensible, comfortable, reasonable, petty, vile, mean; profession:  bricklayer, miner, composer; colors:  gray, teal, yellow; stone:  hematite; animal:  goat; plant:  ficus tree; lucky numbers:  6,7,23,24,48,56 super lucky number:  26

    Holidays and observances - May 8

    • Days of Remembrance and Reconciliation (commemorating WWII)
    • Paraguay: Day of the Paraguayan Chemist.
    • Spain: Scholarship Day.
    • Victory in Europe Day
    • Virgin of Cuapa Day (Nicaragua).
    • World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day.

    May 8 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1902: Andrდ© Lwoff, French biologist and physician of Russian-Polish origin, Nobel Prize in Medicine (d. 1994). 1903: Fernandel, French comic actor (d. 1971). 1904: Amparo Barayდ³n, pianist, anarchist activist, republican, socialist and Spanish feminist (f. 1936). 1905 - Red Nichols, American cornetist, bandleader, and songwriter (d. 1965). 1906: Josდ© Hernდ¡ndez Dდ­az, Spanish art historian and politician (f. 1998). 1906: Roberto Rossellini, Italian filmmaker (d. 1977). 1910: Mary Lou Williams, American pianist and composer (d. 1981). 1911: Robert Johnson, American musician (d. 1938). 1912: George Woodcock, Canadian writer and poet (d. 1995). 1913: Bob Clampett, American animator, director and producer (d. 1984). 1913: Sid James, South African actor and singer (d. 1976). 1913: Charles Scorsese, American actor (f. 1993), father of filmmaker Martin Scorsese. 1913: Hugo Trivelli, Chilean agronomist (d. 2005). 1914: Romain Gary, French writer and diplomat of Lithuanian origin (d. 1980). 1916: Joao Havelange, Brazilian politician, president of FIFA (d. 2016). 1919: Lex Barker, American actor (d. 1973). 1920: Saul Bass, American graphic designer (d. 1996). 1920: Tom of Finland, Finnish artist (d. 1991). 1920: Sloan Wilson, American writer and poet (d. 2003). 1922: Jorge Luz, Argentine actor and comedian (d. 2012). 1923: Cheikha Remitti, Algerian singer (d. 2006). 1924: Sofდ­a დ?mber, Venezuelan journalist (d. 2017). 1925: Ali Hassan Mwinyi, Tanzanian politician, second president. 1926 - David Attenborough, British television presenter and naturalist. 1926: Don Rickles, American actor. (f. 2017) 1927: Chumy Chდºmez, Spanish humorist (f. 2003) 1927: Lდ¡szlდ³ Paskai, Hungarian cardinal (f. 2015). 1928: Manfred Gerlach, German politician (d. 2011). 1929: Girija Devi, Indian singer. 1929: Miyoshi Umeki, Japanese actress and singer (d. 2007). 1930: Doug Atkins, American football player (d. 2015). 1930: Heather Harper, Northern Irish soprano. 1930: Renდ© Maltete, French photographer and poet (d. 2000). 1930: Gary Snyder, American poet and educator. 1932: Julieta Campos, Cuban-Mexican writer and translator (f. 2007). 1932: Carlo Cossutta, Italian-Argentine tenor (d. 2000). 1932: Phyllida Law, British actress. 1932: Sonny Liston, American boxer. 1935: Jesდºs Silva-Herzog Flores, Mexican politician (d. 2017). 1935: Jack Charlton, British footballer. 1935: Enrique Dumas, Argentine tango singer (f. 2009). 1935: Susana Lanteri, Argentine actress. 1936: Kazuo Koike, Japanese writer. 1936: Hდ©ctor Nდºnez, Uruguayan soccer player (d. 2011). 1937: Carlos Gaviria Dდ­az, Colombian jurist and politician (d. 2015). 1937: Thomas Pynchon, American novelist. 1938: Jean Giraud, French cartoonist and illustrator (d. 2012). 1938: Corine Rottschდ¤fer, Dutch model, Miss World 1959. 1940: Peter Benchley, American writer. 1940: Irwin Cotler, Canadian politician, minister of Justice and lawyer. 1940: Ricky Nelson, singer, guitarist and American actor (d. 1985). 1943: Pat Barker, British writer. 1943: Paul Samwell-Smith, British bassist, of the band The Yardbirds. 1944: Gary Glitter, British singer and songwriter. 1944: Bill Legend, British drummer, of the band T. Rex. 1945: Keith Jarrett, American jazz pianist. 1946: Jonathan Dancy, British philosopher, writer and academic. 1947: H. Robert Horvitz, American biologist, 2002 Nobel Prize winner for physiology or medicine. 1947: Felicity Lott, British soprano. 1951: Philip Bailey, American singer, of the band Earth, Wind & Fire. 1951: Chris Frantz, American drummer, of the band Talking Heads. 1953: Billy Burnette, American guitarist, of the Fleetwood Mac band. 1953: Alex Van Halen, American musician, drummer of the Van Halen band. 1955: Stephen Furst, American actor and director. 1955: Meles Zenawi, Ethiopian politician and prime minister (d. 2012). 1956: Victor Piვ£urcე?, Romanian footballer. 1957: Adriana Salgueiro, actress and Argentine television host. 1957: Bill Cowher, American football player and coach. 1957: Marie Myriam, Congolese singer. 1958: Roddy Doyle, Irish writer, playwright, and screenwriter. 1960: Franco Baresi, Italian footballer. 1960: Eric Brittingham, American bassist, of the bands Cinderella and Naked Beggars. 1960: Nequi Galotti, Argentine model, television host and journalist. 1961: Bill de Blasio, American academic and politician, mayor of New York. 1962: Natalia Molchanova, Russian diver (d. 2015). 1962: David Sole, British rugby player. 1962: Masaki Terasoma, actor and Japanese dubbing actor. 1963: Michel Gondry, French filmmaker and screenwriter. 1963: Aleksandr Kovalenko, Belarusian athlete. 1964: Melissa Gilbert, American actress. 1964: Bobby Labonte, American pilot. 1964: Dave Rowntree, British drummer, of the band Blur. 1966: Marta Sდ¡nchez, Spanish singer. 1966: Clდ¡udio Taffarel, Brazilian soccer player. 1969: Akebono Taro, Japanese sumo wrestler. 1969: Sonia Villamizar, Venezuelan television actress. 1970: Luis Enrique, Spanish soccer player. 1970: Naomi Klein, Canadian writer and activist. 1971: Candice Night, American singer and songwriter, of the band Blackmore's Night. 1972: Darren Hayes, Australian singer, of the band Savage Garden. 1973: Hiromu Arakawa, Japanese mangaka. 1973: Jesდºs Arellano, Mexican soccer player. 1973: Marcus Brigstocke, British comedian, actor, and screenwriter. 1975: Enrique Iglesias, Spanish singer, composer and producer. 1975: Gastდ³n Mazzacane, Argentine pilot. 1976: Martha Wainwright, Canadian singer-songwriter. 1977: Joe Bonamassa, American musician. 1977: Theodoros Papaloukas, Greek basketball player. 1978: Lდºcio, Brazilian soccer player. 1978: Josie Maran, American model and actress. 1980: Keyon Dooling, American basketball player. 1980: Kumiko Ito, Japanese voice actress. 1981: Stephen Amell, Canadian actor. 1981: Andrea Barzagli, Italian footballer. 1981: Mich Dulce, Filipino singer and designer. 1981: Manny Gamburyan, Armenian martial arts fighter. 1982: Christina Cole, British actress. 1982: Aarდ³n Galindo, Mexican soccer player. 1982: Adriდ¡n Gonzდ¡lez, American baseball player. 1982: Buakaw Por Pramuk, Muay Thai boxer. 1983: Elyes Gabel, British actor. 1983: Matt Willis, singer, songwriter and British actor, from the band Busted. 1984: Cynthia Deyanira Rodrდ­guez Ruiz, Mexican singer. 1984: Renata Ruiz, Chilean model. 1986: Galen Rupp, American runner. 1987: Aneurin Barnard, British actor and singer. 1987: Mark Noble, British footballer. 1988: Maicon Pereira de Oliveira, Brazilian soccer player (f. 2014). 1989: Liam Bridcutt, British footballer. 1990: Kemba Walker, American basketball player. 1991: Laura Chimaras, Venezuelan actress and writer. 1995: Jeonghwa, singer of the Korean group EXID