november 10 zodiac

    People born on November 10 crave power and don't like to criticize.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on November 10

    They are active and very creative people, especially when it comes to discovering various methods to achieve their goals and control their prize. They bravely face all dangers, allowing them to take control of the passion of the crowd. Above all, they crave power. Alert, brave, suspicious and jealous. Although they are generally rather fair, they have a tendency to be excessively harsh and demanding. They hate criticizing others as they strive, according to their own beliefs, for the best possible goals. They are always safe and morally responsible. They discover the weaknesses of other people's souls with strange ease, and that community of faults gives them a general feeling of solidarity: "After all, we are all sinners"ჴ€¦ What threatens them? They want to be independent at all costs and they hate all limitations. However, they are easier to control than you think, but the hand that does it must be delicate. Their own selfishness and vanity could be used by skilled sycophants who get these people to do what they want. As long as they suspect that they have no external control and believe that they are acting on their own, they can be manipulated.

    Zodiac sign for those born on November 10

    If your birthday is on November 10, your zodiac sign is  Scorpio

    November 10 - personality and character

    character:  equanimous, obedient, comfortable, contemptuous, vehement, unbearable; profession:  dressmaker, model, engineer; colors:  gray, purple, emerald; stone:  lapis lazuli; animal:  sparrow; plant:  Virginia Creeper; lucky numbers:  14,15,24,34,48,53 super lucky number:  30

    Holidays and observances - November 10

    • Argentina: Tradition Day, remembering the birth of Josდ© Hernდ¡ndez.
    • United Nations: World Science Day for Peace and Development.
    • Panama: Day of the Cry of the Independence of Panama from the Spanish Empire in La Villa De Los Santos.
    • Basque Country: Memory Day.
    • Japan: Unofficial Toilet Day.
    • Peru: School Library Day.
    • Argentina: Cartoonist's Day, a date that has been celebrated since the 1940s by the former Association of Cartoonists of that country.

    November 10 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Josდ© Gorostiza, Mexican poet (d. 1973). 1902: Antonio Marდ­a Valencia, Colombian musician and composer (d. 1952). 1905: Rafael Fernდ¡ndez-Shaw, Spanish writer (d. 1967). 1905: Marcial Rodrდ­guez, Argentine political leader (f. 2003). 1906: Gregorio Fraile, Spanish scientist and professor (f. 1999). 1906: Josef Kramer, German SS officer (d. 1945). 1908: Noemდ­ Gerstein, Argentine sculptor and draftsman (f. 1996). 1908: Nikolay Nosov, Russian writer (d. 1976). 1909: Robert Arthur, American writer (d. 1969). 1909: Pawel Jasienica, Polish journalist, historian and soldier (d. 1970). 1910: Tomდ¡s Blanco, Spanish actor (d. 1990). 1910: Salvador Contreras, Mexican composer (d. 1982). 1910: Raoul Diagne, French footballer and coach (d. 2002). 1910: Ernesto Duchini, Argentine soccer player and coach (d. 2006). 1911: Harry Andrews, British actor (d. 1989). 1911: Luis Emilio Gდ³mez Ruiz, Ecuadorian lawyer and diplomat (d. 1966). 1913: Josდ© Manuel Blecua Teijeiro, Spanish philologist (f. 2003). 1913: დ?lvaro Cunhal, Portuguese politician (f. 2005). 1914: Edmund Conen, German footballer (d. 1990). 1915: Torcuato Fernდ¡ndez Miranda, Spanish politician (d. 1980). 1916: Billy May, American composer (d. 2004). 1916: Doctor Tangalanga, Argentine comedian (d. 2013). 1918: Ernst Otto Fischer, German scientist, 1973 Nobel Prize winner for chemistry (d. 2007). 1919: Josდ© Marდ­a Caffarel, Spanish actor (f. 1999). 1919: George Fenneman, American radio host (d. 1997). 1919: Mikhail Kalashnikov, Soviet military and weapons designer (d. 2013). 1919: Vდ­ctor Medina, Chilean politician (f. 1997). 1919: Rafael Hernდ¡ndez Piedra, Mexican politician (d. 1985). 1919: Franდ§ois Pდ©rier, French actor (d. 2002). 1919 - Michael Strank, US Marine (d. 1945). 1919: Moise Tshombe, Congolese politician (d. 1969). 1920: Jennifer Holt, American actress (f. 1997). 1920: Rafael del Pino, Spanish businessman (f. 2008). 1920: Manuel Franco da Costa de Oliveira Falcao, Portuguese bishop. (f. 2012). 1921: Sergio Markmann, Chilean businessman (d. 2009). 1922: Gaby დ?lvarez, Spanish actress (f. 2013). 1922: Manuel Franco da Costa de Oliveira Falcao, Portuguese bishop (d. 2012). 1923: Robert Carrier, American cook (d. 2006). 1923: Hachiko, the Japanese "faithful dog" (d. 1935). 1923: Josდ© Marდ­a Moreno Galvდ¡n, intellectual, Spanish journalist (d. 1981). 1923: Anne Shelton, British singer (d. 1994). 1924: Caterina Mancini, Italian soprano (d. 2011). 1925: Richard Burton, British actor (d. 1984). 1926: Jaime Agudelo, Colombian humorist (d. 2009). 1926: Rossella Falk, Italian actress (d. 2013). 1926: Juan Jesდºs Posadas Ocampo, Mexican bishop (d. 1993). 1927: Sabah Fighali, Lebanese singer (d. 2014). 1928: Andrდ©s Bedoya, Peruvian soccer player (d. 1959). 1928: Ennio Morricone, Italian film music composer, conductor and pianist. 1929: Luis Garcდ­a-San Miguel, Spanish jurist (f. 2006). 1929: Carlos Alberto Moratorio, Argentine military and sportsman (d. 2010). 1929: Ninდ³n Sevilla, Cuban actress and dancer (d. 2015). 1929: Wout Wagtmans, Dutch cyclist (d. 1994). 1930: Gene Conley, American basketball player (d. 2017). 1930: Luis Rius, Spanish writer (d. 1984). 1931: Francisco Pastor, Spanish poet and gallery owner (d. 2012). 1931: Hugo Garcდ­a Robles, Uruguayan writer, gastronomer and art critic (d. 2014). 1932: Paul Bley, American pianist (d. 2016). 1932: Jean-Pierre Garen, French physician and writer (d. 2004). 1932: Liana Lombard (Lდ­a Cyngiser), Argentine actress (d. 2009). 1932: Roy Scheider, American actor (f. 2008). 1933: Don Clarke, New Zealand rugby player (d. 2002). 1933: Roberto Di Chiara, Argentine journalist (f. 2008). 1934: Houston Person, American saxophonist. 1935: Igor Dmitriyevich Novikov, Russian astrophysicist. 1936: Claudio Barrientos, Chilean boxer (d. 1982). 1936: Muntaz Dhrami, Albanian sculptor. 1936: Mario Handler, Uruguayan filmmaker and photographer. 1936: Olga Francesca Linares, Panamanian-American archaeologist. 1937: Zdenე›k Zikდ¡n, Czech footballer (d. 2013). 1939: Manuel del Valle Arდ©valo, Spanish politician. 1939: Hubert Laws, American musician. 1939: Russell Means, American actor and activist (d. 2012). 1940: Pierre Bameul, French writer. 1940: Joan Borras, Spanish actor. 1940: Screaming Lord Sutch (David Sutch), British singer-songwriter and politician (d. 1999). 1941: Margarita Cota-Cდ¡rdenas, American writer. 1942: Jaume Bartumeu, Andorran politician and president. 1942: Robert F. Engle, American economist. 1942: Barry Kramer, American basketball player. 1942: Hans-Rudolf Merz, Swiss politician. 1944: Askar Akდ¡iev, Kyrgyz politician, first president of his country. 1944: Rosa Luz Alegrდ­a, Mexican politician. 1944: Tim Rice, author of lyrics for musicals and British screenwriter. 1944: Robert Lawrence Trask, American linguist (d. 2004). 1945: Terence Davies, British screenwriter and filmmaker. 1945: Vladimir Hofmann, French sculptor. 1945: Willi Lippens, German footballer. 1945: Salvador Martდ­nez della Rocca, Mexican politician and activist. 1946: Vicent Garcდ©s, Spanish politician. 1946: Manuel Matta, Chilean politician. 1946: Hannes Swoboda, Austrian politician. 1947: Glen Buxton, American guitarist (f. 1997). 1947: Bachir Gemayel, Lebanese military man (d. 1982). 1947: Greg Lake, British musician, of the bands King Crimson, and Emerson, Lake and Palmer (d. 2016). 1948: Shigesato Itoi, Japanese game designer. 1948: Angela T. Leiva, Cuban botanist. 1948: Enrique Martდ­nez y Martდ­nez, Mexican politician. 1948: Sitthichai Pokai-udom, Thai politician. 1948: Vincent Schiavelli, American actor (f. 2005). 1950: დ?ngel Calle, Spanish politician. 1950: Kim Donghwa, South Korean cartoonist. 1950: Pedro Escobar, Spanish politician. 1950: Bernd-Ulrich Hergemდ¶ller, German historian. 1950: Debra Hill, American screenwriter and film producer (d. 2005). 1950: Casimiro Lდ³pez Llorente, Spanish bishop. 1950: Enrique Mrak, Uruguayan cultural manager, actor and writer. 1950: Bob Orton, Jr., American professional wrestler. 1950: Teresa de Dios Unanue activist and Puerto Rican writer. 1951: Danilo Medina, Dominican politician, economist and president since 2012. 1951: Patxi Pagoaga, Spanish handball player (f. 1995). 1951: John Williamson, American basketball player (d. 1996). 1952: Fernando Allende, Mexican actor. 1952: Beatriz del Cueto, Cuban architect. 1953: Andrდ©s Godoy, Chilean musician. 1953: Charles E. Leiserson, American computer scientist. 1953: Carlos Maturana, Chilean painter. 1953: Leticia Navarro, Mexican businesswoman. 1953: Jorge Yoma, Argentine politician. 1954: Avelino Guillდ©n, Peruvian jurist. 1954: Enny Haryono, Indonesian singer. 1954: Juanito, Spanish soccer player (f. 1992). 1954: დ?ngel Mifsud Ciscar, Spanish writer (d. 2012). 1954: Marlene van Niekerk, South African writer. 1955: Clare Higgins, British actress. 1955: Roland Emmerich, German filmmaker. 1955: Josდ© Alfonso Esparza, Mexican academic. 1956: Luis Benდ­tez, Argentine writer and poet. 1956: Scott Columbus, American drummer, of the band Manowar (d. 2011). 1957: Ingo Metzmacher, German conductor and musician. 1958: Stephen Herek, American filmmaker. 1958: George Lowe, American actor. 1958: Omar Minaya, American baseball manager. 1959: Richard Brodie, American computer programmer. 1959: Randy Mamola, American racing driver. 1959: Marcelo Tas, Brazilian director, presenter, writer. 1960: Neil Gaiman, British cartoonist and writer. 1960: Celeste Jimდ©nez, Venezuelan dancer. 1960: Miguel დ?ngel Rodrდ­guez, Argentine humorist. 1960: Pello Varela, and Spanish screenwriter and filmmaker. 1961: Ester Formosa, Spanish actress and singer. 1961: Franco Navarro, Peruvian soccer player and coach. 1962: Pedro Delgado Campana, Ecuadorian economist and banker. 1962: Joaquდ­n Dდ­az Gil, Spanish composer. 1962: Domingo Gonzდ¡lez Romero, Spanish politician. 1962: Paul "Tubbs" Williams, British bassist, of the band Incognito (d. 2007). 1963: Hugh Bonneville, British actor. 1963: Gabriel Condron, Argentine screenwriter and filmmaker. 1963: Tommy Davidson, American comedian and actor. 1963: Antoni Martდ­, Andorran politician. 1963: Dave McKean, British illustrator. 1963: Mike Powell, American athlete. 1963: Narcisse Ranarison, Malagasy sculptor. 1963: Juan Carlos Torres, Colombian writer. 1964: Hდ©ctor Campana, Argentine basketball player and politician. 1964: Magnდºs Scheving, Icelandic actor and gymnast. 1965: Eddie Irvine, British Formula 1 driver. 1966: Vanessa Angel, British actress. 1966: Bill DeMott, American professional wrestler. 1967: Vivian Chow, actress and Hong Kong singer. 1967: Aurelio Pastor Valdivieso, Peruvian lawyer and politician. 1967: Andreas Scholl, German tenor. 1967: Michael Jai White, American actor. 1968: Tracy Morgan, comedian and American actor. 1969: Faustino Asprilla, Colombian footballer. 1969: Jens Lehmann, German footballer. 1969: Nicola Minali, Italian cyclist. 1969: Ellen Pompeo, American actress. 1969: Josდ© Antonio Ramos, Spanish timplist musician (f. 2008). 1969: Zoltდ¡n Tდ©glდ¡s, American singer. 1970: Franco Davდ­n, Argentine tennis player. 1970: Warren G, American rapper. 1970: Freddy Loix, Belgian rally driver. 1970: Sergey Ovchinnikov, Russian footballer. 1970: Freddy Loix, Belgian racing driver. 1971: Chetanya Adib, Indian actor. 1971: Holly Black, American writer. 1971: Marcelo Corvalდ¡n, Argentine bassist, singer and composer, of the band ANIMAL. 1971: Walton Goggins, American actor. 1971: Mustapha Hadji, Moroccan footballer. 1971: Carlos David Ruiz, Argentine footballer. 1972: DJ Ashba, American guitarist, of the band Guns N 'Roses. 1972: Nic Chagall, DJ and producer of German origin, of the band Cosmic Gate. 1972: Marco Garcდ©s, Mexican soccer player. 1973: Patrik Berger, Czech footballer. 1973: Robert Gulya, Hungarian composer. 1973: Marco Antonio Rodrდ­guez, Mexican soccer referee. 1974: Manuel Canabal, Spanish footballer. 1974: Alexsander Freitas, American pornographic actor. 1974: Niko Hurme, Finnish musician, Lordi and Stala & So bands. 1974: Matt Maher, Canadian singer. 1975: Jim Adkins, guitarist and American singer, of the band Jimmy Eat World. 1975: Diplo, American DJ, of the Major Lazer band. 1975: Raquel Navamuel, Spanish model, actress and television presenter. 1975: Davey Havok, American singer. 1975: Markko Mდ¤rtin, Estonian rally driver. 1975: Everson Pereira, Swiss footballer. 1976: Sergio Gonzდ¡lez, Spanish footballer. 1976: Steffen Iversen, Norwegian footballer. 1976: Shefki Kuqi, Finnish footballer. 1977: Josh Barnett, American martial arts fighter. 1977: Brittany Murphy, American actress (f. 2009). 1977: Erik Nevland, Norwegian footballer. 1977: Freddy Serrano, Costa Rican journalist. 1978: Kyla Cole, Slovak model. 1978: Nadine Angerer, German soccer player. 1978: Jorge De Paula, Dominican baseball player. 1978: Eve, American singer. 1978: Juliდ¡n Lდ³pez, Spanish actor and comedian. 1978: Timo Scheider, German motorsport driver. 1978: Diplo, American DJ, of the Major Lazer band. 1979: Cuci Amador, Puerto Rican musician. 1979: Chris Joannou, Australian bassist, of the band Silverchair. 1979: Nina Mercedez, American porn actress. 1979: Anthony Rდ©veillere, French footballer. 1979: Takashi Uchiyama, Japanese boxer. 1980: Grდ©gory Arnolin, French footballer. 1980: Troy Bell, American basketball player. 1980: Calvin Chen, Taiwanese singer and actor, of the band Fahrenheit. 1980: Gitti Fuentes, Chilean singer. 1980: Katarina Waters, German professional wrestler. 1981: Tony Blanco, Dominican baseball player. 1981: Ezequiel Garrდ©, Argentine soccer player. 1981: Ryback, American professional wrestler. 1981: Miroslav Slepiე?ka, Czech footballer. 1982: Alejandro Josდ© Hernდ¡ndez Hernდ¡ndez, Spanish soccer referee. 1982: Ruth Lorenzo, Spanish singer. 1982: Heather Matarazzo, American actress. 1982: Juan Ojeda, Argentine goalkeeper. 1982: Amets Txurruka, Spanish cyclist. 1983: Brian Dinkelman, American baseball player. 1983: Miranda Lambert, American singer and guitarist, of the band Pistol Annies. 1983: Simone Peach, Czech porn actress. 1983: Craig Smith, American basketball player. 1983: Marius ვ½aliukas, Lithuanian footballer. 1984: Ludovic Obraniak, Polish footballer. 1984: Marდ­a Gracia Omegna, Chilean actress. 1984: Kendrick Perkins, American basketball player. 1984: Luis Alberto Ramდ­rez, Peruvian soccer player. 1985: Diego Amaya, Colombian soccer player. 1985: Aleksandar Kolarov, Serbian footballer. 1985: Cherno Samba, Gambian footballer. 1986: Aarდ³n Guerrero, Spanish actor. 1986: Ilias Iliadis, Greek judoka. 1986: Stanislav Namaვ?co, Moldovan footballer. 1986: Josh Peck, American actor. 1986: Samuel Wanjiru, Kenyan athlete (d. 2011). 1987: DJ Augustin, American basketball player. 1987: Norbey Salazar, Colombian footballer. 1987: Jessica Tovey, Australian actress. 1988: John Pajoy, Colombian footballer. 1988: Gonzalo Sepდºlveda, Chilean soccer player. 1988: Jesდºs M. Toribio, Spanish keyboardist and composer, of the band Phoenix Rising. 1989: Daniel Agyei, Ghanaian footballer. 1989: Ana Fernდ¡ndez Garcდ­a, Spanish actress. 1989: Brendon Hartley, New Zealand pilot. 1989: Andrew J. Morley, Australian actor. 1989: Jacob Pullen, American basketball player. 1990: Mireia Belmonte, Spanish swimmer. 1990: Vanessa Ferrari, Italian gymnast. 1990: Aron Jდ³hannsson, American footballer. 1990: Andreas Laudrup, Danish footballer. 1991: Marcos Caicedo, Ecuadorian soccer player. 1991: Gorgui Dieng, Senegalese basketball player. 1991: Tony Snell, American basketball player. 1992: Mattia Perin, Italian footballer. 1992: Hდ©ctor Antonio Urrego, Colombian footballer. 1992: Rafaვ‚ Wolski, Polish footballer. 1992: Wilfried Zaha, British footballer. 1994: Zoey Deutch, American actress. 1994: Oliver Torres, Spanish footballer. 1995: Ivდ¡n Pardo, Chilean soccer player. 1997: Igor Szpakowski, Spanish actor. 1999: Kiernan Shipka, American actress. 2000: Mackenzie Foy, American model and actress.