november 14 zodiac

    People born on November 14 have an active mind and vivid imagination.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on November 14

    There is an inexhaustible source of ideas and inspirations in your soul. Your mind is alive, spanning wide horizons, always preoccupied with a new idea and literally filled with various concepts and mental images. This comes hand in hand with keen intuition and understanding. They have an attractive influence on their environment, as well as being direct and practical people, both in good and in bad. When they are reborn within and reach the full potential of their consciousness, they can become a vital center of creativity that inspires the environment. They can criticize neutrally, expressing their opinion decisively and clearly. What threatens them? They have to face all kinds of adversity, and the circumstances of their lives force them to formulate projects that are too hasty and risky. Impulsive and restless, her mind is insufficiently forewarned and unaware of all the dangers that lie ahead. Because of that, the influence of circumstances can limit its expansion. Their exceptional sensitivity makes them very picky when it comes to food, which often brings unnecessary trouble to their home. At the same time, they show a love for spicy and luxurious dishes, spices and roots, completely ignoring the consequences that could come later, such as indigestion. In some cases, when their enthusiasm is overstimulated, they can do well without eating or sleeping.

    Zodiac sign for those born on November 14

    If your birthday is on November 14, your zodiac sign is  Scorpio

    November 14 - personality and character

    character:  attentive, kind, intelligent, self-centered, playful, mercenary; profession:  baker, postman, veterinarian; colors:  black, silver, gray; stone:  cimfano; animal:  horse; plant:  horsetail plant; lucky numbers:  21,35,41,43,57,58 super lucky number:  3

    Holidays and observances - November 14

    • Peru: Librarian's Day.
    • World Diabetes Day.

    November 14 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Aaron Copland, American musician and composer (d. 1990). 1904: Dick Powell, American actor (d. 1963). 1905: Louise Brooks, American actress and dancer (d. 1985). 1907: Pedro Arrupe, Spanish ecclesiastic (d. 1991). 1907: Howard W. Hunter, American Mormon leader (d. 1995). 1907: Astrid Lindgren, Swedish writer and screenwriter (d. 2002). 1907: William Steig, American writer, illustrator, and sculptor (d. 2003). 1907: Raდºl Marდ­n Balmaceda, Chilean politician (d. 1957). 1908: Joseph McCarthy, American politician (d. 1957). 1910: Rosemary DeCamp, American actress and singer (d. 2001). 1912: Barbara Hutton, American philanthropist (d. 1979). 1913: Mariano Navarro Rubio, Spanish politician (d. 2001). 1913: Mario Roberto დ?lvarez, Argentine architect (d. 2011). 1915: Martha Tilton, American singer and actress (d. 2006). 1917: Rafael Abella, Spanish writer (f. 2008). 1917: Park Chung-hee, South Korean general and politician, third president of South Korea (d. 1979). 1919: Johnny Desmond, American singer (d. 1985). 1920: John William Cooke, Argentine politician (d. 1968). 1921: Brian Keith, American actor and director (d. 1997). 1922: Butros Butros-Ghali, Egyptian politician and diplomat, sixth secretary general of the United Nations (d. 2016). 1922: Veronica Lake, American actress and singer (d. 1973). 1923: Misael Pastrana, Colombian politician (d. 1997). 1923: Carlos Seco Serrano, Spanish historian. 1924: Leonid Kogan, Ukrainian-Russian violinist and educator (d. 1982). 1925: James Mellaart, British archaeologist and writer (d. 2012). 1925: Raquel Revuelta Planas, Cuban theater director and actress. 1926: Juan Antonio Vallejo-Nდ¡gera, Spanish writer and psychiatrist (d. 1990). 1927: Bart Cummings, Australian horse trainer (d. 2015). 1927: McLean Stevenson, American actor and screenwriter (d. 1996). 1927: Narciso Yepes, Spanish guitarist and composer (f. 1997). 1929: Shirley Crabtree, British wrestler (d. 1997). 1930: Elisabeth Frink, British sculptor and painter (d. 1993). 1930 - Edward Higgins White II, American astronaut, colonel, and engineer (d. 1967). 1931: Adriano Gonzდ¡lez Leდ³n, Venezuelan writer (d. 2004). 1931: Mariano Rubio, Spanish economist (f. 1999). 1932: Gunter Sachs, German photographer (d. 2011). 1933: Fred Haise, American astronaut, pilot and engineer. 1934: Dave Mackay, British footballer (d. 2015). 1935: Hussein I, Jordanian King (d. 1999). 1936: Carey Bell, American blues singer and harmonica player (d. 2007). 1936: Antonio Gades, Spanish dancer and choreographer (d. 2004). 1936: Gus Ignolდ­n, French cyclist (d. 2011). 1936: Josefina Molina, film and theater director, and Spanish actress. 1939: Wendy Carlos, American composer and harpsichordist. 1939: Ramiro Corzo, Colombian actor. 1942: Natalia Gutman, Russian cellist and educator. 1943: Peter Norton, American computer scientist, CEO of Norton Corp. 1944: Karen Armstrong, British writer and academic. 1945: Enrique Correa Rდ­os, Chilean politician. 1945: Brett Lunger, American pilot. 1945: Humberto Monroy, Colombian musician. 1945: Stella Obasanjo, Nigerian first lady. 1948: Charles of Wales, British prince. 1949: Raდºl di Blasio, Argentine pianist. 1949: Enzo Cucchi, Italian painter. 1949: James Young, American guitarist, of the band Styx. 1951: Frankie Banali, American drummer and composer. 1951: Sandahl Bergman, American actress, singer and dancer. 1951: Stephen Bishop, American singer, guitarist and actor. 1951: Alec John Such, American bassist, of the band Bon Jovi. 1951: Zhang Yimou, Chinese filmmaker and actor. 1952: Maggie Roswell, American voice actress and singer. 1953: Dominique de Villepin, French Prime Minister. 1954: Bernard Hinault, French cyclist. 1954: Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State and Politics. 1954: Eliseo Salazar, Chilean motorist. 1954: Yanni, Greek pianist, composer and producer. 1955: Jack Sikma, American basketball player and coach. 1956: Avi Cohen, Israeli footballer (d. 2010). 1956: Valerie Jarrett, American politician. 1958: Sergio Goyri, Mexican actor. 1958: Raდºl Pდ©rez Tovar, Venezuelan baseball player. 1959: Paul McGann, British actor. 1959: Chris Woods, British footballer and coach. 1961: Antonio Flores, Spanish composer and singer (f. 1995). 1961: Carlos Pacheco, cartoonist. 1961: DB Sweeney, American actor. 1962: Laura San Giacomo, American actress. 1962: Harland Williams, Canadian-American actor and screenwriter. 1964: Raდºl Araiza Herrera, Mexican actor. 1964: Patrick Warburton, American actor and comedian. 1966: Petra Rossner, German cyclist. 1967: Letitia Dean, British actress and singer. 1967: Nina Gordon, American singer and songwriter. 1967: Leo Kunnas, Estonian colonel and writer. 1968: Janine Lindemulder, American porn actress. 1969: Butch Walker, American singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer. 1970: David Wesley, American basketball player. 1971: Adam Gilchrist, Australian cricketer. 1971: Marco Leonardi, Italian-Australian actor. 1972: Matt Bloom, American professional wrestler. 1972: Josh Duhamel, American actor. 1972: Edyta Gდ³rniak, Polish singer. 1972: Dariusz ვ»uraw, Polish footballer. 1973: Betsy Brandt, American actress. 1974: Adina Howard, American singer-songwriter and chef. 1974: David Moscow, American actor. 1974: Joe Principe, American singer and bass player. 1975: Travis Barker, American rock drummer, songwriter and producer, of the band Blink-182. 1975: Luiz Bombonato Goulart, Brazilian soccer player. 1976: Ramდ³n Delgado, Paraguayan tennis player. 1976: Olga Nani, Argentine actress (f. 2013). 1977: Obie Trice, American rapper. 1978: Michala Banas, New Zealand actress and singer. 1978: Delphine Chanდ©ac, French model and actress. 1979: Jean-Alain Boumsong, French footballer. 1979: Tobin Esperance, American musician, of the band Papa Roach. 1979: Olga Kurylenko, French actress and model born in Ukraine. 1979: Miguel Sabah, Mexican soccer player. 1980: Carlos Cabezas, Spanish basketball player. 1980: Vanesa Martდ­n, Spanish singer and songwriter. 1980: Brooke Satchwell, Australian model and actress. 1981: Josდ© Alberto Benდ­tez, Spanish cyclist. 1981: Russell Tovey, British actor. 1982: Kim Jaggy, Haitian footballer. 1983: Lil Boosie, American rapper. 1984: Vincenzo Nibali, Italian cyclist. 1984: Maria Serifovich, Serbian singer. 1984: Lisa De Vanna, Australian footballer. 1985: Elena Gდ³mez Servera, Spanish gymnast. 1985: Thomas Vermaelen, Belgian footballer. 1988: Nanase Hoshii, actress and Japanese singer. 1989: Jake Livermore, British footballer. 1989: The Ready Set, American singer and songwriter. 1990: Roman Bდ¼rki, Swiss footballer. 1990: Tereza Mrdeვ¾a, Croatian tennis player. 1992: Daniel Castro, Mexican baseball player. 1992: Daniela Vega, model, ex-beauty queen and Colombian television presenter. 1993: Francisco Lindor, Puerto Rican baseball player. 1996: Borna Corich, Croatian tennis player.