november 18 zodiac

    People born on November 18 are decisive, withdrawn; they despise weakness.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on November 18

    Brave, determined people: they are not afraid of any fight and are always prepared for risky endeavors. His life is quite restless and he suffers several twists of fate. Secret, persistent, composed, stable; they are always decisive, never ambiguous. They rarely waver and do not know the meaning of weakness. These character traits make them loved by some and hated by others. They are unscrupulous in business, making it difficult for them to cooperate. They are not always able to adapt to living conditions, which could have a negative effect on their finances. They are not blind, they can clearly see what is going on around them, but they refuse to leave the path once they choose one. It is difficult to evaluate these people, since their soul encompasses the greatest of virtues and the worst of vices. They are either completely materialistic or they become spiritual and haughty idealists, whose influence can be widely felt. They have already conquered the lower passions, and their victory over these gives them power over others. When these people are not developed they are eager to fight, although they are not always aggressive. They have a jealous, uncompromising, often severe character, always prone to emotional exaggeration. They can be the reason for your own death, directly or indirectly.

    Zodiac sign for those born on November 18

    If your birthday is on November 18, your zodiac sign is  Scorpio

    November 18 - personality and character

    character:  gifted, lively, observant, strict, cowardly, moody; profession:  shoemaker, physicist, beautician; colors:  cyan, silver, red; stone:  onyx; animal:  rabbit; plant:  Cleome flower; lucky numbers:  12,13,15,26,40,41 super lucky number:  6

    Holidays and observances - November 18

    • Oman: National Day.
    • Zulia State (Venezuela): celebration in honor of the Virgin of Chiquinquirდ¡
    • Latvia: Independence Day.
    • European Day for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics
    • Morocco: Independence Day.
    • Venezuela: Food Day.

    November 18 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: George Gallup, American statistical mathematician (d. 1984). 1904: Guido Santდ³rsola, Brazilian musician, composer, conductor and teacher born in Italy and based in Uruguay (f. 1994). 1906: Klaus Mann, German writer (d. 1949). 1906: George Wald, American biochemist, 1967 Nobel Prize winner for physiology and medicine (d. 1997). 1906: Alec Issigonis, British-Greek engineer (d. 1988). 1907: Compay Segundo, Cuban musician and composer (f. 2003). 1908: Juan Carlos Castagnino, Argentine painter, architect and draftsman (d. 1972). 1908: Imogene Coca, American actress (d. 2001). 1909: Johnny Mercer, American lyricist (d. 1976). 1911: Attilio Bertolucci, Italian poet and screenwriter (d. 2000). 1917: Pedro Infante, Mexican actor and singer (d. 1957). 1918: Sergio Poblete, Chilean military (d. 2011). 1919: Jocelyn Brando, American actress (f. 2005). 1919: Andrდ© Mahდ©, French cyclist (d. 2010). 1920: Laureano Lდ³pez Rodდ³, Spanish politician (f. 2000). 1922: Luis Somoza Debayle, Nicaraguan president (d. 1967). 1923: Alan Shepard, American astronaut (d. 1998). 1926: Estanislao Basora, Spanish footballer (d. 2012). 1927: Hank Ballard, African-American musician (d. 2003). 1928: Alberto Monreal Luque, Spanish politician (f. 2014). 1932: Nasif Estდ©fano, Argentine racing driver (d. 1973). 1933: Josდ© Antonio Fernდ¡ndez Ordდ³nez, Spanish engineer (f. 2000). 1934: Vasilis Vasilikდ³s, Greek writer and diplomat. 1935: Rudolf Bahro, politician and German ecosocialist philosopher (d. 1997). 1936: Don Cherry, American jazz trumpeter, multi-instrumentalist and composer (f. 1995). 1939: Margaret Atwood, Canadian writer. 1939: John O'Keefe, Anglo-American neuroscientist. 1940: Qabus bin Said al Said, Sultan of Oman. 1941: David Hemmings, British actor and filmmaker (d. 2003). 1942: Linda Evans, American actress. 1942: Carlos Larraდ­n, Chilean politician. 1942: Mდ³nica Randall, Spanish actress and television presenter. 1943: Osamu Dezaki, Japanese anime filmmaker (d. 2011). 1943: Manuel Antდ³nio Pina, Portuguese writer and journalist (d. 2012). 1943: Daniel Rabinovich, Argentine humorist and musician from Les Luthiers (d. 2015). 1945: Mahinda Rajapaksa, former president of Sri Lanka. 1946: Alan Dean Foster, American writer. 1947: Josდ© Alonso, Mexican actor. 1947: Josდ© Luis Bermejo, Spanish politician. 1948: Andrea Marcovicci, American actress and singer. 1952: Delroy Lindo, British actor. 1953: Alan Moore, British comic book author. 1953: Kevin Nealon, American comedian. 1953: Cდ©sar Miguel Rondდ³n, Venezuelan journalist and writer. 1954: Claudio Marangoni, Argentine footballer. 1958: Daniel Brailovsky, Argentine footballer and coach. 1960: Elizabeth Perkins, American actress. 1960: Kim Wilde, British singer of pop. 1961: Juan Carlos Cremata, Cuban filmmaker. 1962: Kirk Hammett, American guitarist for the band Metallica. 1963: Len Bias, American basketball player (d. 1986). 1963: Peter Schmeichel, Danish footballer. 1966: Jorge Camacho Cordდ³n, Spanish poet. 1968: Gary Sheffield, American baseball player. 1968: Owen Wilson, American actor. 1969: Sam Cassell, American basketball player. 1969: Maximiliano Montenegro, Argentine journalist. 1970: Mike Epps, American actor. 1970: Johan Liiva, Swedish vocalist of the band Arch Enemy. 1970: Lorna Paz, Colombian actress. 1970: Peta Wilson, Australian actress. 1973: Darko Kovaე?eviე‡, Serbian footballer. 1974: Chloდ« Sevigny, American actress. 1975: Dirk Mდ¼ller, German motorsport driver. 1975: David Ortiz, Dominican baseball player. 1975: Jason Williams, American basketball player. 1976: Shagrath, Norwegian singer, of the band Dimmu Borgir. 1977: Fabolous, American rapper. 1978: Pablo Petrecca, Argentine politician. 1980: Dustin Kensrue, American musician of the band Thrice. 1980: Ivდ¡n Chდ©rezov, Russian athlete. 1980: Hamza al-Ghamdi, Saudi terrorist who participated in 9/11 (d. 2001). 1981: Christina Vidal, American actress. 1982: Ferdinando Valencia, Mexican actor. 1984: Johnny Christ, American musician of the band Avenged Sevenfold. 1986: Pablo Lyle, Mexican actor. 1987: Daniella Mastricchio, Argentine actress. 1992: Queralt Casas, Spanish basketball player. 1992: Nathan Kress, American actor, singer and model. 1994: Danka Koviniე‡, Montenegrin professional tennis player.