november 2 zodiac

    People born on November 2 generally judge others harshly.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on November 2

    Pretty quick - they can cleverly disguise their thoughts, without fully revealing their true selves or important points of view. Secret, critical and sarcastic people, but not exempt from delusions, to whom they succumb. Decisive, safe: They don't shy away from a problem once they start working on it, holding it for better and for worse. They are difficult to see as they can fool others. His thoughts are more capricious than malicious, and his likes and dislikes are very strong. They can surround themselves with a circle of friends and admirers, without having obligations to them. Diplomatic: They can make peace with their enemies despite their stubbornness and persistence. They are very tactful in terms of disputes, showing significant skills in forming and ending friendships. Imperious and confident as they are, they often lack adequate understanding for the weak and less talented; they cannot accept that the opinions of others are so drastically different from their own. Moody and restless people make them nervous. His strong will exerts control over the environment. They don't know hesitation or uncertainty, and they hate compromise and sentimentality. They often indulge in original and extraordinary studies, making their beliefs strange and unusual. They feel safe in the area of abstraction and mental experiences, as they do in material life. Their moral code is quite high and often harsh. They seldom make a mistake in choosing their spouse, often recognizing him at first glance. They believe in heredity and causality, they are not free from fatalism. Defects: Sometimes they go through periods of great passivity. They tolerate their many friends for as long as they are needed. When they stop being useful, they just walk away from them.

    Zodiac sign for those born on November 2

    If your birthday is on November 2, your zodiac sign is  Scorpio

    November 2 - personality and character

    character:  sober, good, bold, silent, unbearable, arbitrary; profession:  beautician, driver, orthopedist; colors:  beige, gold, purple; stone:  orthoclase; animal:  clam; Plant:  Corkscrew Willow; lucky numbers:  25,32,33,47,53,55 super lucky number:  16

    Holidays and Observances - November 2

    • Day of the Dead or Day of the Dead
    • International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists

    November 2 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1902: Victoriano Santos, Uruguayan soccer player (d. 1968). 1905: James Dunn, American actor (d. 1967). 1905: Georges Schehadდ©, Lebanese poet and playwright (d. 1989). 1906: Luchino Visconti, Italian filmmaker (d. 1976). 1910: Enrique Molina, Argentine poet (f. 1997). 1911: Odysseas Elytis, Greek poet, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1979 (f. 1996). 1912: Luis Corradi, Argentine actor (f. 2003). 1912: Alfredo De დ?ngelis, Argentine conductor and pianist (f. 1992). 1913: Rafael Aburto, Spanish architect (d. 2014). 1913: Carmen Amaya, Spanish flamenco dancer (f. 1963). 1913: Harry Babbitt, American singer (d. 2004). 1913: Burt Lancaster, American actor (d. 1994). 1915: Erwin Krდ¼ger, Nicaraguan composer, musician and publicist (d. 1973). 1919: Jorge de Sena, Portuguese poet, playwright and storyteller (d. 1978). 1925: Modest Cuixart, Spanish painter, founder of the Dau al Set group (d. 2007). 1927: Steve Ditko, American cartoonist. 1928: Vladimir Beara, Croatian footballer (d. 2014). 1928: Luisa Josefina Hernდ¡ndez, Mexican writer and playwright. 1929: Richard Edward Taylor, Canadian scientist, Nobel laureate in physics in 1990. 1931: Mariano Gambier, Argentine archaeologist (d. 2006). 1934: Ken Rosewall, Australian tennis player. 1937: Marდ­a Fernanda D'Ocდ³n, Spanish actress. 1938: Pat Buchanan, American journalist and politician. 1938: Sofia of Greece, Spanish queen consort. 1939: Richard Serra, American sculptor and video artist. 1942: Stefanie Powers, American actress and singer. 1944: Keith Emerson, British musician, of the band Emerson, Lake & Palmer. 1946: Alan Jones, Australian Formula 1 driver. 1947: Dave Pegg, American bassist, of the band Jethro Tull. 1949: Josდ© Luis Viejo, Spanish cyclist (d. 2014). 1951: Ricardo Alfonsდ­n, Argentine politician, son of President Raდºl Alfonsდ­n. 1952: Scott Boras, American sports agent. 1955: Annie Laurie Gaylor, American atheist feminist 1957: Carter Beauford, American drummer, of the Dave Matthews Band. 1958: Juan Ramდ³n Lucas, Spanish journalist. 1959: Said Aouita, Moroccan athlete. 1959: Zaide Silvia Gutiდ©rrez, Mexican actress. 1960: Tihomir Blaვ¡kiე‡, Croatian war criminal. 1961: KD Lang, Canadian singer. 1963: Bobby Dall, American musician, of the band Poison. 1963: Jens Johansson, Swedish musician, of the band Stratovarius. 1965: Juan Manuel Lillo, Spanish soccer coach. 1965: Shahrukh Khan, Indian film actor, television host and producer. 1965: Vanessa Miller, Chilean actress. 1966: David Schwimmer, American actor. 1967: Diego Bertie, Peruvian actor. 1967: Renდ© Farrait, Puerto Rican singer, former member of the band Menudo. 1967: Zvonimir Soldo, Croatian footballer. 1968: Jaume Balaguerდ³, Spanish filmmaker. 1968: Juan Ramდ³n Lდ³pez Muniz, Spanish footballer and coach. 1969: Reginald Arvizu, American bassist, of the band Korn. 1970: Joel Joan, Spanish actor, screenwriter and director. 1970: Sharmell Sullivan, American wrestling diva. 1972: Darდ­o Silva, Uruguayan soccer player. 1972: Samantha Womack, British actress and singer. 1973: Marisol Nichols, American actress. 1974: Orlando Cabrera, Colombian baseball player. 1974: Nelly, American rapper. 1974: Prodigy, American rapper, of the band Mobb Deep. 1975: Ana Katz, Argentine actress. 1975: Chris Walla, musician, producer and composer of film music, of the band Death Cab for Cutie. 1977: Randy Harrison, American actor. 1979: Cliff Compton, American professional wrestler. 1980: Kennedy Bakircioglu, Swedish footballer. 1980: Diego Lugano, Uruguayan soccer player. 1981: Rafael Mდ¡rquez Lugo, Mexican soccer player. 1981: Avy Scott, American porn actress. 1982: Kyoko Fukada, Japanese singer, actress and model. 1982: Charles Itandje, French footballer. 1982: Jorge Maggio, Argentine actor. 1986: Pablo Armero, Colombian footballer. 1986: Cდ©sar Baena, Venezuelan skier. 1986: Hდ©ctor Barberდ¡, Spanish motorcyclist. 1987: Karim El-Kerem, Spanish actor of American origin. 1988: Eddy Vilard, Mexican actor. 1989: Stevan Jovetiე‡, Montenegrin footballer. 1989: Katelyn Tarver, singer and American actress. 1990: Kendall Schmidt, singer and American actor, of the band Big Time Rush.