november 23 zodiac

    People born on November 23 have great intuition and are hard to fool.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on November 23

    Very cunning, exceptionally sensitive and subtle: they will easily see any intrigue, which makes them a potential detective. The individuality of these people is reminiscent of an archer who sees a distant target and does not let it escape his eyes, believing that he may eventually hit it. They have high ideals that they diligently fight for. Not only are they constantly developing and fighting for rewards, but they also gladly help others. People prone to all kinds of sports, fair and religious. What should they be wary of? Unsuccessful efforts, useless dreams and projects that will not bring any practical results. What is your biggest flaw? Your cooperation with others depends more on whims and possibilities than a reasonable assessment of a situation. So the results of such cooperation will not always be positive. However, your independent mind and love of neutrality, simplicity, and directness will bring you many benefits in life, comforting you in your struggles and difficulties. People born on this day generally have two marriages. Just as your skills are varied, your profession can also be dual. Social relationships are very useful to them and they will receive help from others who are in higher places. They will live quite a long time, and the diseases in which they may be in danger will generally be short. They often change their place of residence, something that tends to be related to their work. They usually run into difficulties in the first half of their life, but this improves as they get older.

    Zodiac sign for those born on November 23

    If your birthday is on November 23, your zodiac sign is  Sagittarius

    November 23 - personality and character

    character:  uncompromising, perceptive, intelligent, talkative, critical, casual; profession:  translator, orthopedist, scientist; colors:  brown, blue, maroon; stone:  fluorspar; animal:  wombat; plant:  Umbrella; lucky numbers:  5,10,13,47,52,54 super lucky number:  9

    Holidays and Observances - November 23

    • European Union: European Day of the Homeless.
    • Japan: Labor Thanksgiving Day, the day to give thanks for having a job.
    • Mexico: Navy Day.

    November 23 Birthdays of celebrities. Who was born the same day as you?

    1902: Victor Jory, Canadian actor (d. 1982). 1902: Ramდ³n Valdivieso, Chilean doctor (d. 1970). 1903: Juan Jover Sanდ©s, Spanish racing driver (d. 1960). 1909: Renდ© Schick, Nicaraguan politician (d. 1966). 1914: Wilson Tucker, American writer (d. 2006). 1915: John Dehner, American actor (d. 1992). 1915: Julio Cდ©sar Mდ©ndez Montenegro, Guatemalan president (f. 1996). 1916: Michael Gough, Malaysian-born British actor (d. 2011). 1919: Clდ¡udio Santoro, Brazilian composer (d. 1989). 1920: Paul Celan, German poet of Romanian origin (d. 1970). 1922: Manuel Fraga Iribarne, Spanish politician (d. 2012). 1922: Luis D'Jallad, Argentine writer (d. 2008). 1924: Anita Linda, Filipino actress. 1925: Johnny Mandel, American jazz composer. 1925: Josდ© Napoleდ³n Duarte, Salvadoran president between 1984 and 1989 (d. 1990). 1926: Sai Baba, Indian guru (d. 2011). 1926: Lili Massaferro (Lili Gacel), actress and Argentine guerrilla from Montonera (f. 2001). 1926: Carlos Semprდºn Maura, Spanish writer, playwright and journalist (d. 2009). 1927: Guy Davenport, American writer (d. 2005). 1927: Angelo Sodano, Italian cardinal. 1931: Hდ©ctor Jaramillo, Ecuadorian singer. 1933: Krzysztof Penderecki, Polish musician. 1933: Ali Shariati, Iranian sociologist and activist (d. 1977). 1934: Lew Hoad, Australian tennis player (d. 1994). 1935: Vladislav Volkov, Soviet cosmonaut (d. 1971). 1937: Dora Cadavid, Colombian presenter and actress. 1939: Betty Everett, American singer (d. 2001). 1941: Oscar Alem, Argentine musician, pianist, double bass player and composer (f. 2017). 1941: Franco Nero, Italian actor. 1943: David Nolan, American politician (d. 2010). 1943: Muhammad Nawaz Khan, Pakistani writer and historian (d. 2015) 1946: Adela Basch, Argentine writer. 1944: Joe Eszterhas, Hungarian-American screenwriter. 1944: James Toback, American film director. 1945: Jim Doyle, American politician. 1945: Dennis Nilsen, British serial killer. 1946: Giorgos Koudas, Greek footballer. 1948: Bruce Vilanch, American actor and screenwriter. 1953: Francis Cabrel, French singer. 1954: Ross Brawn, British Formula 1 engineer. 1954: Bruce Hornsby, American musician. 1955: Ludovico Einaudi, Italian composer and pianist. 1955: Mary Landrieu, American politician. 1958: Marდ­a Elena Moyano (Mother Courage), left-wing activist and Peruvian feminist, assassinated by Shining Path (f. 1992). 1959: Dominique Dunne, American actress. 1962: Carlinhos Brown, Brazilian musician. 1962: Nicolდ¡s Maduro, Venezuelan politician and president. 1963: Esther Garcდ­a Llovet, Spanish writer. 1964: Erika Buenfil, Mexican actress. 1965: Don Frye, American actor and wrestler. 1966: Vincent Cassel, French actor. 1967: Salli Richardson, American actress. 1969: Robin Padilla, Filipino actor. 1969: Olivier Beretta, Monegasque motor racing driver. 1970: Oded Fehr, Israeli actor. 1970: Karsten Mდ¼ller, German chess player. 1971: Lisa Arch, American actress. 1971: Vin Baker, American basketball player. 1972: Chris Adler, American musician of Lamb of God. 1972: Antonio Orozco, Spanish singer-songwriter. 1974: Juventud Guerrera, Mexican fighter. 1974: Malik Rose, American basketball player. 1976: Page Kennedy, American actor. 1977: Christopher Amott, Swedish guitarist. 1978: Tote (Jorge Lდ³pez-Marco), Spanish footballer. 1978: Alison Mosshart, American singer-songwriter, of the bands The Kills, The Dead Weather, and Discount. 1979: Kelly Brook, British actress and model. 1979: Nihat Kahveci, Turkish footballer. 1981: Cდ©sar Pereyra, Argentine soccer player. 1982: Asafa Powell, Jamaican athlete. 1983: Thomas Pridgen, American drummer, of the band The Mars Volta. 1983: Gastდ³n Dalmau, Argentine actor and singer. 1984: Lucas Grabeel, American actor and singer. 1986: Maxene Magalona, Filipino actress. 1987: Snooki, actress and American television character. 1991: Facundo Regalia, Argentine motorist. 1992: Miley Cyrus, American actress and singer. 1992: EunB, South Korean singer, songwriter, dancer and rapper (f. 2014). 1995: Christopher Velez, American singer of Ecuadorian origin, member of the band CNCO. 1998: Bradley Steven Perry, American actor.