november 25 zodiac

    People born on November 25 hate all injustices.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on November 25

    They need an exchange of thoughts with others and communication with the world, since they constantly listen to the whisper of their environment. As they always strive to broaden their horizons, they eagerly debate with people their views. That's because they want to find out if their own beliefs need to be changed here or there, or completely changed. When they engage in such discussions, they do not do so for the sake of carving out their own point of view. When your opponent proves them right, people born today will be the first to admit it. They are generally nice to others, which is why they acquire many friends. They have artistic abilities and a passion for fine arts; they can also be excellent engineers or architects. Their characteristic traits include an aversion to any injustice, to which they react immediately, often harshly. They cannot view the suffering of others with indifference, and their first reaction is always the desire to alleviate their pain, for which they do not save time or resources. The strange thing is that his goodness and nobility are usually paid for with ingratitude. This causes them pain and fills their hearts with sadness. Their eyes are generally very expressive and subtle. The behavior of these people is quite jovial, but they become reckless in defense of their principles or moral laws.

    Zodiac sign for those born on November 25

    If your birthday is on November 25, your zodiac sign is  Sagittarius

    November 25 - personality and character

    character:  idealistic, impeccable, forgiving, spoiled, tight-lipped, melancholic; profession:  writer, teacher, gardener; colors:  cyan, green, gray; stone:  adularia; animal:  wild dog; plant:  eucalyptus; lucky numbers:  20,29,33,36,43,57 super lucky number:  6

    Holidays and Observances - November 25

    • International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.
    • Flag of Suriname Suriname: Independence Day.

    November 25 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Rudolf Hoess (not to be confused with Rudolf Hess), German commander of the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz (d. 1947). 1901: Arthur Liebehenschel, German Nazi leader (d. 1948). 1904: Ba Jin, Chinese writer (d. 2005). 1904: John Summerson, British art historian, architect and popularizer (d. 1992). 1906: Joaquდ­n Collar Serra, Spanish military and pilot (d. 1933). 1911: Roelof Frankot Dutch painter (d. 1984). 1914: Joe DiMaggio, American baseball player (d. 1999). 1915: Augusto Pinochet, Chilean military, politician and dictator between 1973 and 1990 (f. 2006). 1915: Armando Villanueva, Peruvian politician (d. 2013). 1916: Marდ­a Adela Durango, Spanish writer. 1920: Ricardo Montalbდ¡n, Mexican-American actor (d. 2009). 1920: Noel Neill, American actress (d. 2016). 1923: Mauno Koivisto, Finnish politician (d. 2017). 1924: Paul Desmond, American jazz saxophonist (d. 1977). 1925: Marდ­a Asquerino, Spanish actress (d. 2013). 1926: Edesio Alvarado Barcelდ³, Chilean writer (d. 1981). 1926: Poul Anderson, American science fiction writer (d. 2001). 1926: Jeffrey Hunter, American actor (d. 1969). 1929: Jorge Julio Lდ³pez, Argentine mason (disappeared in 2006) who was assassinated for having testified against Miguel Etchecolatz, who had tortured him between 1976 and 1983. 1931: Nat Adderley, American jazz musician (f. 2000). 1933: Juan Agustდ­n Figueroa, Chilean lawyer and politician (d. 2016). 1934: Josდ© Marდ­a Langlais, Argentine actor (d. 2006). 1935: Josდ© Esteban Lasala, Spanish director and scriptwriter (d. 2007). 1938: Rosanna Schiaffino, Italian actress (d. 2009). 1939: Angelino Soler, Spanish cyclist. 1941: Percy Sledge, American singer (d. 2015). 1942: Mary da Cuna, Uruguayan actress and theater director (d. 2016). 1946: Bev Bevan, British drummer, of the Electric Light Orchestra band. 1947: Stდ©phane Courtois, French historian. 1947: John Larroquette, American actor. 1950: Giorgio Faletti, Italian singer, actor and writer (d. 2014). 1951: Arturo Pდ©rez-Reverte, Spanish journalist and writer. 1952: Ignacio Fernდ¡ndez Toxo, Spanish trade unionist. 1953: Manuel Hidalgo, Spanish journalist and writer. 1953: Jeffrey Skilling, American businessman. 1955: Ramoncდ­n, Spanish musician and composer. 1958: Gustavo Arribas, Argentine politician, director of the intelligence agency of that country. 1959: Charles Kennedy, British politician (d. 2015). 1959: Steve Rothery, British guitarist, of the band Marillion. 1960: John F. Kennedy, Jr., American journalist (d. 1999). 1962: Hironobu Sakaguchi, Japanese video game developer, creator of the Final Fantasy series. 1963: Kevin Chamberlin, American actor. 1964: Mark Lanegan, American singer, of the band Screaming Trees. 1965: Fernando Sallaberry, Puerto Rican singer of Spanish origin, of the band Menudo. 1965: Dougray Scott, British actor. 1966: Tim Armstrong, American musician, of the bands Rancid and The Transplants. 1966: Billy Burke, American actor. 1967: Niurka Marcos, Cuban actress and singer. 1968: Jill Hennessy, Canadian actress. 1968: Erick Sermon, American rapper. 1969: Anthony Peeler, American basketball player. 1971: Christina Applegate, American actress. 1973: Eddie Steeples, American actor. 1973: Erick Strickland, American basketball player. 1973: Octavio Dotel, Dominican baseball player. 1976: Clint Mathis, American footballer. 1976: Donovan McNabb, American football player. 1977: Guillermo Canas, Argentine tennis player. 1978: Taდ­s Araდºjo, Brazilian actress 1978: Ringo Shiina, Japanese singer. 1979: Brooke Haven, American porn actress. 1980: Noelia Arias, Chilean actress and vedette. 1980: Aaron Mokoena, South African footballer. 1980: Nick Swisher, American baseball player. 1981: Xabi Alonso, Spanish footballer. 1981: Jenna Bush, American woman, daughter of former President George W. Bush. 1981: Jared Jeffries, American basketball player. 1983: Paty Cantდº, Mexican singer. 1984: Gaspard Ulliel, French actor. 1986: Katie Cassidy, singer and American actress. 1987: Alejo Malia, Spanish artist. 1988: Nodar Kumaritashvili, Georgian sled and skier (d. 2010).