november 26 zodiac

    People born on November 26 are active, restless, fond of freedom and independence. They are sociable and able to adapt to their surroundings.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on November 26

    These people are unwilling to put themselves at risk, but because they are well armed for any struggle in life, they effectively defend themselves against turmoil. Cautious, withdrawn, they are excellently prepared for all circumstances. His demeanor is fair and noble, his mind is open. Once they decide on something, they want to move on with it. They are characterized by their courage and effort to achieve the established objectives. Despite their caution, they like fights, have a passion for combat, and are generally quite brash. Their destiny tends to be dual, connecting great success with failure. Unusually sensitive, they value freedom and independence above all else. Their bodies are quite strong, and the most serious danger to their health is their excessive activity of body and mind, which could cause them to become overloaded. That's because they have too many projects and intentions that they want to bring to a successful conclusion, causing them to unnecessarily scatter their strength. They move quickly, they travel, they are often carelessly exposed to the cold when tired and this carelessness makes them prone to colds, especially in their youth. But their organism has enough vitality to withstand even a serious illness if it means that they do not have to undergo rational treatment. Their passion for all kinds of sports can also put them at risk.

    Zodiac sign for those born on November 26

    If your birthday is on November 26, your zodiac sign is  Sagittarius

    November 26 - personality and character

    character:  cunning, tolerant, brave, parsimonius, intolerable, uncomfortable; profession:  craftsman, driver, ophthalmologist; colors:  white, orange, gray; stone:  onyx; animal:  water buffalo; plant:  Thyme; lucky numbers:  3,11,13,25,33,52 super lucky number:  35

    Holidays and observances - November 26

    • Guadalupe (Pacasmayo): fair and pilgrimage in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe
    • National Day of the Comedian in Argentina. In commemoration of the birthday of the cartoonist, Roberto 'el Negro' Fontanarrosa ჴ€?.
    • Chemist's Day (Argentina), In honor of Enrique Herrero Ducloux, first graduate of the doctorate in Chemistry from the Faculty of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires.
    • Day of the National Anthem of Ecuador, Hail, oh homeland.

    November 26 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1902: Maurice Mac McDonald, American businessman (d. 1971). 1902: Carolina დ?lvarez Prado, Argentine painter (d. 1986). 1903: Sebastiდ¡n Piana, Argentine tango musician (f. 1994). 1905: Bob Johnson, American baseball player (d. 1982). 1905: Emlyn Williams, British actor and playwright (d. 1987). 1906: Rodrigo Urდ­a Gonzდ¡lez, Spanish lawyer (f. 2001). 1907: Ruth Patrick, American botanist (d. 2013). 1908: Charles Forte, British businessman and magnate (d. 2007). 1908: Lefty Gomez, American baseball player (d. 1989). 1909: Frances Dee, American actress (d. 2004). 1909: Eugene Ionesco, Romanian-French playwright (d. 1994). 1911: Samuel Reshevsky, American chess player of Polish origin (d. 1992). 1913: Josep Antoni Coderch, Spanish architect (d. 1984). 1915: Earl Wild, American pianist (d. 2010). 1918: Patricio Aylwin, Chilean politician (d. 2016). 1919: Frederik Pohl, American science fiction writer (d. 2013). 1919: Ryszard Kaczorowski, Polish politician and statesman (d. 2010). 1922: Josდ© Marდ­a Lდ³pez de Letona, Spanish politician and engineer. 1922: Charles M. Schulz, American cartoonist (d. 2000). 1922: Carmen Vallejo, Argentine actress and comedian (d. 2013). 1925: Gregorio დ?lvarez, Uruguayan general and dictator (d. 2016). 1931: Adolfo Pდ©rez Esquivel, Argentine architect, artist and pacifist, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1980. 1932: Diozel Pდ©rez, Chilean journalist (d. 2012). 1933: Robert Goulet, American singer and actor (d. 2007). 1936: Evita Chachita Munoz, Mexican actress (d. 2016). 1939: Tina Turner, American singer. 1939: Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Malaysian politician. 1941: Thomas Defler, American primatologist. 1943: Juan Gimდ©nez, Argentine cartoonist. 1944: Roberto Fontanarrosa, Argentine writer, cartoonist and humorist (f. 2007). 1944: Jean Terrell, American singer, of the band The Supremes. 1945: Daniel Davis, American actor. 1945: John McVie, British musician of the band Fleetwood Mac. 1946: Itamar Singer, Romanian-Israeli writer and historian (d. 2012). 1948: Shlomo Artzi, Israeli singer. 1948: Elizabeth Blackburn, Australian biochemist, 2009 Nobel Prize winner for medicine. 1948: Kreვ¡imir ე†osiე‡, Croatian basketball player. 1949: Juan Acevedo Fernდ¡ndez de Paredes, Peruvian cartoonist. 1951: Ilona Staller, Italian actress and politician. 1952: Paco Flores, Spanish soccer coach. 1956: Dale Jarrett, American Formula 1 driver. 1959: Aizpea Goenaga, Spanish actress and filmmaker. 1961: Lisa Moretti, American professional wrestler. 1963: Lydia Bosch, Spanish actress. 1963: Josდ© Luis Zalazar, Uruguayan soccer player. 1964: Inდ©s Estდ©vez, Argentine actress. 1964: Vreni Schneider, Swiss skier. 1965: Javier Malosetti, Argentine musician. 1966: Garcelle Beauvais, Haitian actress. 1968: Eugenia Martდ­nez de Irujo, Spanish aristocrat. 1969: Shawn Kemp, American basketball player. 1972: Emilio Buale, Equatorial Guinean actor. 1972: James Dashner, author of The Maze Runner saga. 1972: Arjun Rampal, Indian actor. 1973: Peter Facinelli, American actor. 1973: Paula Vდ¡zquez, Spanish presenter and actress. 1974: Omar Chaparro, Mexican actor and singer. 1974: Josდ© Miguel Vinuela, Chilean television host. 1975: Gerardo Bedoya, Colombian soccer player. 1976: Maven Huffman, American professional wrestler. 1977: Ivan Basso, Italian cyclist. 1978: Matthew Taylor, American bassist, of the band Motion City Soundtrack. 1978: Jun Fukuyama, Japanese voice actor. 1979: Deborah Secco, Brazilian actress. 1980: Albert Montanდ©s, Spanish tennis player. 1980: Satoshi Ohno, Japanese singer, of the band Arashi. 1981: Natasha Bedingfield, British singer. 1982: Justin York, American guitarist. 1984: Antonio Puerta, Spanish footballer (f. 2007). 1986: Trevor Morgan, American actor. 1988: Yumi Kobayashi, Japanese model. 1990: Avery Bradley, American basketball player. 1990: Rita Ora, British singer of Kosovar origin. 1990: Danny Welbeck, British footballer. 1992: Anuel AA, Puerto Rican singer. 1993: Benito Cerati, Chilean singer and musician, son of Argentine guitarist Gustavo Cerati.