november 27 zodiac

    People born on November 27 let their intuition guide them, and this works for them.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on November 27

    They are very decisive people, often tough: they do not want to be controlled or limited. They like authority and often become leaders, occupying a prominent place. However, they can never bear a bad authority and immediately oppose it. They experience everything directly, expressing themselves clearly. They are characterized by strong nervous tension, great irritability, and a tendency to be too insolent. Often very demanding, with imperious tendencies; they are generally open, sometimes too much. Still, his nature is prone to wistfully yielding to the twists and turns of fate. They are people characterized by versatility. They often enter into two marriages. Most of the time they choose their spouse based on mutual understanding of their thoughts, without worrying too much about their views on character, which, after all, are very significant in everyday life. Hence, they tend to make mistakes in that regard. They show the same honesty, openness, and nobility in love as in friendship. They explain their feelings clearly and logically, which does not always impress an average woman. A woman born on this day runs the risk of the same dangers as a man when it comes to her mind and her open, clear and friendly approach to the opposite sex is often misunderstood. Men take their friendship for love and their love for friendship.

    Zodiac sign for those born on November 27

    If your birthday is on November 27, your zodiac sign is  Sagittarius

    November 27 - personality and character

    character:  idealistic, cheerful, noble, intolerable, shy, cowardly; profession:  musician, administrator, astrophysicist; colors:  white, teal, blue; stone:  onyx; animal:  beaver; plant:  petunia; lucky numbers:  6,10,16,17,24,37 super lucky number:  13

    Holidays and Observances - November 27

    • Spain: Teacher's Day (in honor of San Josდ© de Calasanz).

    November 27 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Elizabeth of Orleans, French noblewoman (d. 1983). 1902: Demetrio Herrera Sevillano, Panamanian poet (f. 1950). 1902: J. Scott Smart, American actor (d. 1960). 1903: John McNally, American football player (d. 1985). 1903: Lars Onsager, Norwegian chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1968 (d. 1976). 1904 - Eddie South, American violinist (d. 1962). 1905: Jდ¡nos Balდ¡zs, Hungarian writer (d. 1977). 1905: Melchor Centeno Vallenilla, Venezuelan inventor (d. 1985). 1907: Julio Cდ©sar Chaves, Paraguayan historian (d. 1989). 1907: L. Sprague de Camp, American writer (d. 2000). 1909: James Agee, American writer (d. 1955). 1910: Rodolfo Holzmann, Peruvian composer (d. 1992). 1912: Dina Cocea, Romanian actress (f. 2008). 1912: Muzzy Marcellino, American singer (f. 1997). 1912: Yuen Siu-tien, Chinese actor (d. 1979). 1914: Armando de Armas Romero, Cuban painter (d. 1981). 1915: Luis Castellanos, Spanish painter (d. 1946). 1915: Adonias Filho, Brazilian writer (d. 1990). 1917: Buffalo Bob Smith, American television personality (d. 1998). 1918: Francisco Gil de Sola Caballero, Spanish sailor (d. 2009). 1918: Borდ½s Patდ³n, Ukrainian engineer. 1920: Josep Maria Andreu, Spanish poet (d. 2014). 1920: Abe Lenstra, Dutch footballer (d. 1985). 1920: Buster Merryfield, British actor (d. 1999). 1921: Alexander Dubე?ek, Czechoslovak politician (d. 1992). 1921: Rafael Ponce, Argentine soccer player. 1922: Victorio Cieslinskas, Uruguayan basketball player (d. 2007). 1922: Nicholas Magallanes, principal dancer and founding member of the New York City Ballet (f. 1977) 1923: Duilio Marzio, Argentine actor (f. 2013). 1924: Montecristo, Colombian humorist (f. 1997). 1925: Bertold Hummel, German composer (f. 2002). 1925: Claude Lanzmann, French film director. 1925: Marshall Thompson, American actor (d. 1992). 1925: Ernie Wise, English comedian and actor (f. 1999). 1926: Elena Cruz, Argentine actress. 1927: Alberto Caturelli, Argentine philosopher (d. 2016). 1928: Virginia Gutiდ©rrez, Mexican actress. 1928: Josh Kirby, British cartoonist and artist (d. 2001). 1930: Leopoldo Garcდ­a-Colდ­n Scherer, Mexican physicist (d. 2012). 1930: Josდ© Hernდ¡ndez Quero, Spanish painter. 1931: Jacob Ziv, Israeli computer scientist. 1932: Benigno Aquino, Filipino journalist and politician (d. 1983). 1933: Pedro Weber "Chatanuga", Mexican actor (d. 2016). 1934: Gilbert Strang, American mathematician. 1934: Luis Palau, Argentine Protestant evangelist and lecturer. 1935: Les Blank, American director and producer (d. 2013). 1935: Helmut Lachenmann, German composer. 1935: Verity Lambert, English television producer (d. 2007). 1935: Raduan Nassar, Brazilian writer. 1935: Antonio Villamor, Argentine soccer player. 1936: Anita Leocდ¡dia Prestes, Brazilian historian. 1938: Horacio Dener, Argentine actor (d. 2011). 1938: Apolo Nsibambi, Ugandan politician. 1938: Don Sleet, American musician (d. 1986). 1939: Mariela Arvelo, Venezuelan writer. 1939: Laurent-Dდ©sirდ© Kabila, guerrilla and president of the Republic of the Congo (f. 2001). 1939: Mauricio Wacquez, Chilean writer (d. 2000). 1940: Bruce Lee, Chinese-American actor and martial artist (d. 1973). 1941: Hugo Beccacece, Argentine journalist and writer. 1941: Aimდ© Jacquet, French soccer coach. 1941: Eddie Rabbitt, French singer and guitarist (d. 1998). 1942: Manolo Blahnik, Spanish shoe designer. 1942: Gonzalo Duarte Garcდ­a de Cortდ¡zar, Chilean bishop. 1942: Franდ§ois-Xavier Guerra, Franco-Spanish historian (d. 2002). 1942: Jimi Hendrix, American singer and guitarist (d. 1970). 1942: Nilda Jara de Paniagua, first lady of former President Valentდ­n Paniagua Corazao. 1942: Renდ© Steichen, Luxembourg politician. 1943: Juan Milton Garduno, Mexican researcher and teacher. 1944: Gregory Hoblit, American film director. 1945: Randy Brecker, American trumpeter. 1945: Eiv Eloon, Estonian writer. 1945: Benigno Fitial, politician from the Mariana Islands. 1945: Giuseppe Fiorini Morosini, Italian bishop. 1945: Roberto Rojas Dდ­az, Chilean soccer player. 1946: Bent Schmidt-Hansen, Danish footballer (d. 2013). 1947: Don Adams, American basketball player. 1947: Hდ©ctor Bailetti, Peruvian soccer player. 1947: Ismail Omar Guelleh, President of Djibouti. 1948: James Avery, American actor (d. 2013). 1949: Jim Price, American basketball player. 1950: Philippe Delerm, French writer. 1950: Great Hamada, Japanese fighter. 1950: Guillermo Zდºniga Chaves, Costa Rican economist. 1951: Draვ¾en Dalipagiე‡, Serbian basketball player. 1951: Vera Fischer, Brazilian actress. 1951: Ivars Godmanis, Latvian politician. 1952: Kathryn Bigelow, American filmmaker, first woman winner of the Oscar for Best Director. 1952: Luis Mayol, Chilean politician and businessman. 1952: Frank Quintero, Venezuelan musician. 1952: Daryl Stuermer, American guitarist (Genesis). 1953: Jon Imanol Azდºa, Spanish politician. 1953: Pamela Hayden, American actress. 1953: Carmen Martდ­nez Ten, Spanish doctor and politician. 1954: Carlos Escarrდ¡, Venezuelan politician (d. 2012). 1954: Albert Forner, Spanish actor. 1954: Patricia McPherson, American actress. 1955: Andrდ©s Montes Spanish journalist (f. 2009). 1955: Bill Nye, American engineer and popularizer. 1956: Felipe Berrდ­os, Chilean priest and activist. 1956: William Fichtner, American actor. 1956: Lionello Manfredonia, Italian footballer. 1957: Kenny Acheson, British Formula 1 driver. 1957: Caroline Kennedy, American journalist. 1957: Callie Khouri, American filmmaker. 1957: Miriam Lewin, Argentine journalist. 1957: Kevin O'Connell, American sound engineer. 1957: Satoru Sayama, Japanese fighter. 1958: John Bumstead, British footballer. 1958: Pablo Granifo, Chilean banker. 1958: Tetsuya Komuro, Japanese musician. 1958: Sergio Rubio Rდ­os, Mexican soccer player. 1959: Viktდ³riya Mulova, Russian violinist. 1959: Jaime Vilamajდ³, Spanish cyclist. 1960: Eike Immel, German footballer. 1960: Paulina Garcდ­a, Chilean actress and film director. 1960: Tim Pawlenty, American politician. 1960: Michael Rispoli, American actor. 1960: Maria Schneider, American composer. 1960: Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukrainian politician. 1960: Vlado Yanevski, Macedonian singer. 1961: Samantha Bond, English actress. 1962: Charlie Benante, American drummer (Anthrax). 1962: Mike Bordin, American drummer (Faith No More). 1962: Guillermo Gaviria Correa, Colombian politician (f. 2003). 1962: Carlos Lozano, actor, model and Spanish television presenter. 1962: Davey Boy Smith, British professional wrestler. 1963: Roy Barreras, Colombian doctor and politician. 1963: Tonდ­n Llorente, Spanish basketball player. 1963: Duდ­lia de Mello, Brazilian astrologer. 1963: Micky Molina, Spanish actor. 1963: Roland Nilsson, Swedish footballer. 1963: Fisher Stevens, American actor. 1964: Robin Givens, American actress. 1964: Roberto Mancini, Italian footballer and coach. 1964: Rubდ©n Martდ­nez Nდºnez, Chilean soccer player and coach. 1964: Francisco Alejandro Mდ©ndez, Guatemalan writer. 1964: David Rakoff, Canadian writer, journalist and actor (d. 2012). 1964: Adam Shankman, American dancer and choreographer. 1965: Ismi Azis, Indonesian singer. 1965: Richard Cheese, American musician and comedian. 1965: Rachida Dati, French politician. 1965: Ernesto Jochamowitz-Endesby, Peruvian rally driver. 1965: Raffaella Reggi, Italian tennis player. 1966: Dean Garrett, American basketball player. 1966: Vladimir Gudelj, Bosnian footballer. 1967: Shane Embury, British bassist (Napalm Death). 1967: Na Ying, Chinese singer. 1968: Alejandro Chomski, Argentine filmmaker. 1968: Stanisვ‚aw Gawვ‚owski, Polish politician. 1968: Michael Vartan, French actor. 1969: Hermდ¡n Gaviria, Colombian soccer player (f. 2002). 1969: Chin Han, Singaporean actor. 1969: Myles Kennedy, American singer (Alter Bridge, The Mayfield Four, Citizen Swing and Cosmic Dust). 1969: Natalia Millდ¡n, Spanish actress. 1970: Jorge Cდ¡rdenas, Colombian actor and singer. 1970: Brooke Langton, American actress. 1970: Hermann Josis Mokalu, Indonesian singer. 1970: Jaime Riveros, Chilean soccer player. 1971: Alberto Agnesi, Mexican actor. 1971: Troy Corser, Australian motorcycle racer. 1971: Nick Van Exel, American basketball player. 1971: Claude Meisch, Luxembourg politician. 1971: Valeria Zalaquett, Chilean photographer. 1972: Alex Brendemდ¼hl, Spanish actor. 1972: Zoey Holloway, American porn actress. 1972: Ivonne Ortega Pacheco, Mexican politician. 1972: Youichi Ui, Japanese motorcyclist. 1973: Sharlto Copley, South African actor and director. 1973: Twista, American rapper. 1973: Kike Vallდ©s, Venezuelan television presenter. 1974: Kirk Acevedo, American actor. 1974: Jennifer O'Dell, American actress. 1975: Martდ­n Gramatica, Argentine American football player. 1975: Rodrigo Valenzuela, Chilean soccer player. 1976: Mდ¡ximo Lდ³pez May, Argentine chef. 1976: Vinci Montaner, Filipino singer. 1976: Jaleel White, American actor. 1977: Fდ¡bio Costa, Brazilian soccer player. 1977: Tobias Grდ¼nenfelder, Swiss skier. 1978: Manu Fullola, Spanish actor. 1978: Ivდ¡n Gutiდ©rrez, Spanish cyclist. 1978: MC HotDog, Taiwanese rapper. 1978: Shy Love, German-American porn actress. 1978: Jimmy Rollins, American baseball player. 1978: Radek ვ tე›pდ¡nek, Czech tennis player. 1978: The Streets, American rapper. 1978: Unax Ugalde, Spanish actor. 1978: Tim Yeung, American drummer (Vital Remains). 1979: Sebastiდ¡n Blდ¡zquez, Argentine footballer. 1979: Liz Gallardo, Mexican actress. 1979: Hilary Hahn, American violinist. 1979: Brendan Haywood, American basketball player. 1979: Radoslav Kovდ¡ე?, Czech footballer. 1979: Eero Heinonen, Finnish bassist, songwriter and singer (The Rasmus). 1979: Manuel Lombo, Spanish flamenco singer. 1979: Teemu Tainio, Finnish footballer. 1979: Aleksandar Vasoski, Macedonian footballer and coach. 1980: Francesco Chicchi, Italian cyclist. 1980: Vladimir Malდ¡jov, Russian chess player. 1980: Manda Ophuis, Dutch singer. 1981: Bruno Alves, Portuguese footballer. 1981: Uzziel Lozano, Mexican soccer player. 1981: Franco Luciani, Argentine musician. 1981: Matthew Taylor, British footballer. 1982: David Bellion, French footballer. 1982: Aleksandr Kerzhakov, Russian footballer. 1983: Professor Green, British rapper. 1983: Miguel დ?ngel Perera, Spanish bullfighter. 1984: Sanna Nielsen, Swedish singer. 1984: Juan Josდ© Paredes, Guatemalan soccer player. 1985: Norman Kamaru, Indonesian singer. 1985: Lauren C. Mayhew, American actress and singer. 1985: Alison Pill, Canadian actress. 1986: Diego Fainello, Italian composer of the duet Sonohra. 1986: Gabriel Hauche, Argentine footballer. 1987: Andoni Erburu, Spanish actor. 1987: Santiago Giraldo, Colombian tennis player. 1987: Luigi Datome, Italian basketball player. 1988: Miroslav ვ majda, Slovak singer. 1989: Sercan Sararer, German footballer. 1990: Josh Dubovie, British singer. 1990: Bisma Karisma, Indonesian singer. 1990: Kelsey Martinovich, Australian model. 1991: Chloe Bridges, American actress. 1991: Marდ­a del Pilar Pდ©rez, Colombian actress. 1992: Alex Neuberger, American actor. 1992: Anuel AA, Puerto Rican singer. 1992: Chanyeol, singer, rapper, and South Korean actor.