november 29 zodiac

    People born on November 29 want to learn and analyze everything.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on November 29

    Its characteristic feature is its exceptional mental activity. They consider every event they observe and would like to understand and analyze everything, putting all problems in the simplest terms. They easily establish relationships with other people, find interest in their life, their past and their education. When their nature is properly balanced, and the environment does not present significant limitations for their development, they advance rapidly and become a center of help and education for others. His demeanor is peaceful and harmonious, often causing his opponents to become friends. They indulge in work that requires a seated lifestyle, uncomplaining despite their innate passion for physical activity of all kinds of exercise. What threatens them? A danger of accidents or unfortunate cuts during sports activities. What should they be wary of? Do not waste your strength unnecessarily due to your lack of organized mental life and a large number of innate abilities, because you can achieve success thanks to the skillful use of your talents. Women born today are excellent wives and wise housewives, mothers full of love. However, it should be noted that today's birthday makes these people predisposed to two marriages and several long relationships. Their souls are always hopeful, sensitive, and merciful, linked to the quiet joys of family life.

    Zodiac sign for those born on November 29

    If your birthday is on November 29, your zodiac sign is  Sagittarius

    November 29 - personality and character

    character:  energetic, loyal, firm, disrespectful, careless, impetuous; profession:  artist, railway man, cashier; colors:  blue, orange, gray battleship; stone:  beryl; animal:  cockatoo; plant:  Cleome flower; lucky numbers:  3,11,18,28,31,53 super lucky number:  25

    Holidays and Observances - November 29

    • Dominican Republic: Day of the Fumigator.
    • Venezuela: Writer's Day.
    • International Day of Women Human Rights Defenders.
    • Flag of Albania Albania: Liberation Day.
    • Spain: Pamplona: Feast of San Saturnino, patron saint of the city.
    • International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

    November 29 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Mildred Harris, American actress (d. 1944). 1902: Carlo Levi, Italian writer and painter (d. 1975). 1904: Giuseppe Cavalli, Italian photographer (d. 1961). 1904: Carlos Torre Repetto, Mexican chess player (d. 1978). 1904: Hდ©ctor Castro, Uruguayan soccer player and coach (d. 1960). 1905: Marcel Lefebvre, French ultra-conservative bishop (d. 1991). 1908: Nedda Francy, Argentine actress (d. 1982). 1909: Hდ©ctor Gagliardi, Argentine poet and tango lyricist (f. 1984). 1909: Kinuyo Tanaka, Japanese actress (d. 1977). 1912: John Templeton, British financier and philanthropist of American origin (d. 2008). 1913: Marდ­a Esperanza Morales Mდ©rida, Mexican teacher (d. 1990). 1914: Taisen Deshimaru, Japanese Buddhist teacher (d. 1982). 1915: Oscar Reutersvდ¤rd, Swedish artist (d. 2002). 1915: Luis Tomasello, Argentine plastic artist (d. 2014). 1916: Francisco Martდ­nez Bermell, Spanish winemaker (f. 2008). 1917: Merle Travis, American singer-songwriter (d. 1983). 1918: Madeleine L'Engle, American writer (d. 2007). 1919: Manuel Pelegrina, Argentine soccer player (d. 1992). 1919: Joe Weider, Canadian bodybuilder and businessman (d. 2013). 1919: Raდºl Campero, soldier and Mexican Olympic medalist (d. 1980). 1919: Frank Kermode, British literary critic (d. 2010). 1919: Josდ© Yglesias, American writer and journalist (d. 1995). 1920: Joaquდ­n Gutiდ©rrez Cano, Spanish politician and diplomat (d. 2009). 1922: Miguel Ocampo, Argentine painter, architect and diplomat (d. 2015). 1922: Hans-Werner Grosse, German aviator. 1922: Joan Colomines, Spanish physician, writer and politician (d. 2011). 1924: Domingo Liotta, Argentine cardiologist, one of the inventors of the artificial heart. 1925: Ernst Happel, Austrian footballer and coach (d. 1992). 1925: Ignacio Sanuy, Spanish journalist, jurist and music critic and historian (f. 1995). 1925: Andrდ©s Cuenca Saldდ­var, Paraguayan composer and musician (f. 1986). 1928: Joan Martდ­ i Alanis, Spanish bishop, co-prince of Andorra (f. 2009). 1932: Jacques Chirac, French politician. 1932: Fernando Guillდ©n, Spanish actor (f. 2013). 1933: Julio Alemდ¡n, Mexican actor (d. 2012). 1933: John Mayall, British musician. 1933: James Rosenquist, American painter (d. 2017). 1934: Guillermo Sepდºlveda "El Tigre", Mexican soccer player. 1934: Nicდ©phore Soglo, Beninese politician, President of the country between 1991 and 1996. 1934: Shiro Kuramata, Japanese designer (d. 1991). 1934: Mary Carter Reitano, Australian tennis player. 1935: Diane Ladd, American actress. 1935: Carlos Alonso Bedate, Spanish researcher. 1938: Carlos Lapetra, Spanish soccer player (f. 1995). 1938: Eduardo Suger, Swiss-Paraguayan businessman and academic. 1939: Concha Velasco, Spanish actress. 1939: Abdelmajid Lakhal, Tunisian actor and director (d. 2014). 1939: Sandro Salvadore, Italian footballer (d. 2007). 1940: Arturo «Zambo» Cavero, Peruvian musician (d. 2009). 1940: Denny Doherty, Canadian musician, of the band The Mamas & the Papas (d. 2007). 1940: Chuck Mangione, American trumpeter and composer. 1940: Luis Alvarado Constenla, Chilean geographer and politician. 1941: Roberto Munoz, Venezuelan baseball player (d. 2012). 1942: Marco Martos, Peruvian writer, poet and journalist. 1942: Kunio Lemari, politician and President of the Marshall Islands (d. 2008). 1942: Nelson დ?vila, Chilean politician. 1943: Maurizio Berlincioni, Italian photographer. 1943: Josep Vicent Marquდ©s, Spanish sociologist and writer (f. 2008). 1945: Edmundo Rojas Soriano, Mexican politician (d. 1987). 1945: Manel Comas, Spanish basketball coach (f. 2013). 1946: Juan Alberto Badდ­a, Argentine conductor and journalist (d. 2012). 1946: Silvio Rodrდ­guez, Cuban singer-songwriter. 1946: Carlos Leopardi, Argentine cartoonist and illustrator (d. 2004). 1946: Sergio Kreვ¡iე‡, Spanish-Croatian soccer player and coach. 1947: Petra Kelly, German peace activist (d. 1992). 1947: Ronnie Montrose, American guitarist. 1947: Vდ­ctor Batallდ©, Spanish writer, translator and playwright. 1948: Yoichi Masuzoe, Japanese politician. 1949: Mariana Karr, Argentine actress (d. 2016). 1949: Edmundo Arrocet von Lohse (Arrocet Mustache), Chilean comedian of Argentine origin. 1949: Jerry Lawler, American professional wrestler. 1951: John Stagliano, American porn director. 1952: Pedro Damiდ¡n, Mexican producer, actor, director and writer. 1952: John David Barrow, British mathematician, cosmologist and science popularizer. 1952: Gustavo Moncayo, Colombian activist. 1952: Jeff Fahey, American actor. 1952: Josდ© Obdulio Gaviria, Colombian lawyer and politician. 1953: Alex Gray, American artist. 1953: Rosemary West, British serial killer. 1953: Alfredo Meckievi, Argentine politician. 1953: Marდ­a Paz Andrდ©s Sდ¡enz de Santa Marდ­a, Spanish jurist. 1954: Joel Coen, American filmmaker. 1955: Casimiro Curbelo, Spanish politician. 1955: Carlos Amador Marchant, Chilean writer and journalist. 1955: Howie Mandel, Canadian television presenter and actor. 1956: Jorge Telerman, Argentine politician. 1956: Lene Tranberg, Danish architect. 1957: Mario Salieri, director and producer of Italian porn cinema. 1957: Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Belgian writer and filmmaker. 1957: Janet Napolitano, American politician and lawyer. 1958: Michael Dempsey, British musician, of the band The Cure. 1958: Marდ­a Elena Moyano, Peruvian social activist and neighborhood leader (f. 1992) 1959: Richard Ewen Borcherds, British mathematician. 1959: Urs Zimmermann, Swiss cyclist. 1959: Manuel Espino, Mexican businessman and politician. 1959: Rahm Emanuel, American politician. 1961: Tom Sizemore, American actor. 1961: Tom Carroll, Australian surfer. 1962: Josდ© Carlos Martდ­nez, Argentine politician (d. 2011). 1962: Santiago Luna, Spanish golfer. 1962: Petra Lang, German mezzo-soprano. 1962: Ricardo Buryaile, Argentine businessman and politician. 1964: Don Cheadle, American actor. 1965: Yutaka Ozaki, Japanese singer-songwriter (d. 1992). 1965: Jaume Canellas, Spanish psychiatrist. 1966: John Layfield, American wrestler. 1966: Marcelo Birmajer, Argentine film writer and screenwriter. 1967: Gabriel Brazenas, Argentine soccer referee. 1967: Ursula Cavalcanti, Italian porn actress (f. 2005). 1968: Dee Brown, American basketball player. 1968: Matt Darey, DJ and producer of British origin. 1968: Jonathan Knight, American singer, of the band New Kids on the Block. 1969: Kasey Keller, American footballer. 1969: Mariano Rivera, Panamanian baseball player. 1969: Pierre van Hooijdonk, Dutch footballer. 1969: Gabriel Guerrisi, Argentine guitarist. 1970: Frank Delgado, American musician, of the band Deftones. 1970: Paola Turbay, Colombian-American actress and model. 1971: Laura Seco, Spanish politician. 1972: Jamal Mashburn, American basketball player. 1972: Diego Ramos, Argentine actor. 1972: Roger Shah, German electronic music composer and producer. 1972: Rodrigo Pessoa, Brazilian rider. 1973: Ryan Giggs, Welsh footballer. 1974: Risto Mejide, Spanish publicist and presenter. 1974: Roman ვ ebrle, Czech athlete. 1974: Esther Lდ³pez, Spanish volleyball player. 1974: Cyril Dessel, French cyclist. 1975: Patrick Matthews, Australian bassist, of the bands The Vines and Youth Group. 1975: Twiggy (Sandra Mariela Vდ¡zquez), Argentine singer. 1976: Anna Faris, American actress. 1976: Michalis Kakiouzis, Greek basketball player. 1976: Esteban Meloni, Argentine actor. 1976: Greg Emslie, South African surfer. 1976: Adriana Vargas, Colombian journalist. 1976: Veronica Rayne, American porn actress. 1977: Ivდ¡n Heyn, Argentine economist and politician (d. 2011). 1977: Juan Josდ© Gurruchaga, Chilean actor and presenter. 1977: Andrew Panko, American basketball player. 1978: Cristian Ledesma, Argentine soccer player. 1978: Ludwika Paleta, Polish-Mexican actress. 1978: Benjamდ­n Vicuna, Chilean actor and businessman. 1978: Josდ© Luis Acciari, Argentine footballer and coach. 1978: Andriy Vorobey, Ukrainian footballer. 1979: The Game, American rapper. 1979: Michael Lamey, Dutch footballer. 1979: Vanessa Rodrდ­guez Vega, Spanish soccer player. 1979: Horacio Ramდ³n Cardozo, Argentine footballer. 1980: Juan David Rodrდ­guez, Chilean singer. 1980: დ“scar McFarlane, Panamanian soccer player. 1981: Guillermo Quiroz, Venezuelan baseball player. 1981: Silvia Bonastre, Spanish field hockey player. 1981: Christina Bella, Hungarian porn actress and model. 1982: John Mensah, Ghanaian footballer. 1982: Krystal Steal, American porn actress. 1982: Souleymane Youla, Guinean footballer. 1982: Lucas Black, American actor. 1983: Yauheni Hutarovich, Belarusian cyclist. 1984: Rasmus Lindgren, Swedish footballer. 1984: Katlego Mphela, South African footballer. 1984: Cristian Pinzდ³n, Colombian soccer player. 1984: Beatrice Rosen, French-American actress. 1985: Shannon Brown, American basketball player. 1987: Marდ­a del Rosario Espinoza, Mexican taekwondoina. 1987: Renae Cruz, American porn actress. 1987: Wayne Ellington, American basketball player. 1988: Damon Harrison, American football player. 1989: Dominic Adiyiah, Ghanaian footballer. 1990: Diego Boneta, Mexican actor and singer. 1994: Julius Randle, American basketball player. 1995: Laura Marano, American actress.