november 8 zodiac

    People born on November 8 can overcome their shortcomings.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on November 8

    They are strong of character, full of quiet inner power that grows with age. Their great sensitivity to the mental emanations of other people allows them to find their way excellently in life situations. When irritated, they become sharp, sarcastic, and maybe even persistent. They begin to show interest in mysticism later in life. When these people reach their full potential for growth, they overcome their deficiencies and become valuable people. Their tendencies are generally very humanitarian: they are happy to give friendly favors and to comfort those in mental or physical anguish, showing them kindness and mercy. If they get sick, their strong sense of reality immediately pushes them to counter it, and their exceptional energy causes them to use drastic measures. They fight disease in the same way that they don't back down from any fight in life. They are not ignorant of their suffering as they try to fight the disease by whatever means at their disposal. Such people do not tolerate half measures. Their capacity for physical and spiritual renewal is very high, giving them health and rapid recovery even after relatively severe suffering. It is curious that they gladly make use of surgical procedures whenever they can get them. Its radical nature is expressed in a similar way.

    Zodiac sign for those born on November 8

    If your birthday is on November 8, your zodiac sign is  Scorpio

    November 8 - personality and character

    character:  self-sufficient, good-hearted, reasonable, curious, gloomy, conceited; profession:  architect, teacher, director; colors:  gray, teal, green; stone:  talc; animal:  arctic fox; plant:  linden trees; lucky numbers:  3,12,18,25,32,45 super lucky number:  9

    Holidays and observances - November 8

    • World Urban Planning Day, declared in 1949 by the United Nations.
    • Chile: The Month of Mary begins in the Catholic Church.
    • Argentina: Radiologist Technician Day.
    • World Radiology Day.
    • Argentina: Municipal Employee and Worker Day.
    • Argentina: National Day of Afro-Argentines and Afro Culture.
    • World Dyslexia Day.

    November 8 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Margaret Mitchell, American writer (d. 1949). 1900: Charlie Paddock, American athlete (d. 1943). 1901: Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, Romanian president (d. 1965). 1908: Martha Gellhorn, American journalist and writer (d. 1998). 1914: George Dantzig, American mathematician (d. 2005). 1916: Peter Weiss, German writer and playwright (d. 1982). 1918: Kazuo Sakamaki, Japanese naval officer (d. 1999). 1918: Hermann Zapf, German designer and printer (d. 2015). 1919: Sergio Ossa, Chilean engineer (d. 2012). 1920: Esther Rolle, African-American actress (d. 1998). 1922: Christiaan Barnard, South African surgeon (d. 2001). 1922: Ademir Marques de Menezes, Brazilian soccer player (f. 1996). 1923: Jack Kilby, American electrical engineer, inventor of the microchip, Nobel Prize in Physics in 2000 (d. 2005). 1925: Tomდ¡s Zori, Spanish actor (f. 2002). 1925: Asunciდ³n Balaguer, Spanish actress. 1925: Nina Miranda, Uruguayan singer (d. 2012). 1927: Nguyen Khanh, Vietnamese Prime Minister (d. 2013). 1927: Patti Page, American singer-songwriter (d. 2013). 1929: Dragoljub Miloვ¡eviე‡, Serbian footballer and coach (d. 2005). 1929: Jona Senilagakali, Fijian politician (d. 2011). 1930: Manuel Piti Fajardo, Cuban doctor, and commander of the Sierra Maestra (d. 1960). 1931: Darla Hood, American actress (d. 1979). 1932: Stephane Audrდ¡n, French actress. 1932: Felipe Mellizo, Spanish journalist (f. 2000). 1935: Alain Delon, French film actor. 1935: Alfonso Lდ³pez Trujillo, Colombian cardinal (f. 2008). 1936: Claudio Bravo, Chilean painter (d. 2011). 1936: Virna Lisi, Italian actress (d. 2014). 1938: Driss Basri, Moroccan politician (d. 2007). 1942: Sara Gდ³mez, filmmaker and Cuban black feminist (d. 1974). 1942: Sandro Mazzola, Italian footballer. 1943: Juan Ferrara, Mexican actor. 1943: David Roger Given, British botanist (d. 2005). 1946: John Farrar, Australian singer-songwriter and producer. 1946: Guus Hiddink, Dutch football coach. 1946: Roy Wood, British composer and musician, of the Electric Light Orchestra and The Move bands. 1947: Minnie Riperton, American singer (d. 1979). 1949: Bonnie Raitt, American singer, songwriter and guitarist. 1949: Russell Mittermeier, American primatologist. 1951: Angelina Abbona, Argentine lawyer and politician. 1951: Alfredo Astiz, Argentine sailor and criminal. 1952: Jan Raas, Dutch cyclist. 1952: Alfre Woodard, American actress. 1953: John Musker, American animation director. 1954: Kazuo Ishiguro, British writer. 1954: Rickie Lee Jones, American singer. 1955: Patricia Barber, American blues singer-songwriter and pianist. 1956: Fernando de Villena, Spanish writer. 1956: Mari Boine, Norwegian musician. 1957: Porl Thompson, British musician, of the band The Cure. 1958: Don Byron, American clarinetist. 1960: Oleg Menshikov, Russian actor and singer. 1960: Michael Nyqvist, Swedish actor. 1963: Alicia Miyares, Spanish philosopher and writer. 1965: Matthew Biondi, American swimmer winner of 7 Olympic medals. 1965: Horacio Villalobos, actor and Mexican television presenter. 1966: Gordon Ramsay, cook and British presenter. 1967: Josდ© Luis Pდ©rez Caminero, Spanish footballer. 1967: Courtney Thorne-Smith, American actress. 1968: Parker Posey, American actress. 1968: Zara Whites (Esther Kooiman), Dutch porn actress. 1968: Sergio Porrini, Italian footballer. 1968: Josდ© Offerman, Dominican baseball player. 1969: Hernდ¡n Caire, Argentine television host and singer. 1970: Josდ© Francisco Porras, Costa Rican soccer player. 1970: Diana King, Jamaican singer. 1970: Horacio Villalobos, Mexican actor, writer and presenter. 1971: Carlos Atanes, Spanish filmmaker. 1972: Gretchen Mol, American actress. 1973: Edgardo Alfonzo, Venezuelan baseball player. 1974: Masashi Kishimoto, Japanese mangaka. 1974: Seishi Kishimoto, Japanese mangaka. 1974: Matthew Rhys, British actor. 1975: Brevin Knight, American basketball player. 1975: Josდ© Manuel Pinto, Spanish footballer. 1975: Tara Reid, American actress. 1975: დ?ngel Corella, Spanish dancer. 1978: Alდ­ Karimდ­, Iranian footballer. 1978: Julio Sergio, Brazilian soccer player. 1978: Tim de Cler, Dutch footballer. 1979: Dania Ramდ­rez, Dominican actress. 1979: Aaron Hughes, Northern Irish footballer. 1979: Dash Berlin, Dutch DJ and producer of trance music. 1979: Ana Morgade, Spanish presenter, comedian and actress 1980: Ana Vidovic, classical guitarist. 1980: Luდ­s Fabiano, Brazilian soccer player. 1980: Sebastiდ¡n Battaglia, Argentine footballer. 1981: Joe Cole, British footballer. 1981: Bradley "Brad" Davis, American footballer. 1981: Azura Skye, American actress. 1982: Theodore DiBiase, Jr., American professional wrestler. 1982: Mika Kallio, Finnish motorcyclist. 1982: Lynndie England, American soldier, abuser and torturer (related to Abu Ghraib jail). 1982: Sam Sparro, Australian singer-songwriter, presenter and children's ex-actor. 1982: Ted DiBiase Jr., American wrestler. 1983: Remko Pasveer, Dutch footballer. 1983: Chris Rankin, New Zealand actor. 1983: Blanka Vlasich, Croatian athlete. 1983: Pდ¡vel Pogrebniak, Russian footballer. 1985: Magda Apanowicz, Canadian actress. 1985: Jack Osbourne, British actor. 1986: Aaron Swartz, American programmer and activist (d. 2013). 1987: Kazuchika Okada, Japanese professional wrestler. 1988: Jessica Lowndes, Canadian actress. 1989: Morgan Schneiderlin, French footballer. 1989: Giancarlo Stanton, American baseball player. 1990: Denise Rosenthal, Chilean singer and actress. 1991: Riker Lynch, American singer, bassist, actor and dancer. 1993: Przemek Karnowski, Polish basketball player. 2000: Jade Pettyjohn, American actress. 2000: Jasmine Thompson, British singer.