october 1 zodiac

    People born on October 1 are sensual, sensitive, and want to be self-reliant.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on October 1

    His demeanor is quite melancholic and prone to withdrawal. They are characterized by their sensitivity, especially to feelings of sympathy or antipathy, experiencing them strongly. Subtle, kind-hearted, harmonious people, they like the good company of cultural and well-educated people; they are consistent in their attachments. They stand out for their sense of colors and good taste. Sensual and emotional, their senses are very subtle, especially taste and smell. Intelligent, skilled, often prone to pity and inclined to look out for the concerns of others. At the same time, they are courageous, persistent, often with violent and destructive tendencies that express themselves from time to time despite their calm and harmonious demeanor on the outside. It should be added that today's birthday brings two extremes. One of them is a person who pursues pleasures, showing great love for accepted ceremonies, formalities, traditions and customs. The other extreme is a subtle, very talented, spiritual person who seeks unity and synthesis in all of existence. The latter type is characterized by great intuition, which can even transform into clairvoyance as your spirituality grows. What threatens them? Your best feelings and tendencies will not be appreciated by the environment. They also run the risk of losing their legacy or loved ones, who may become ill. It is something that will be very painful for them because people born on this day, both women and men, feel bad in solitude, which makes them feel like something incomplete, disposable and abandoned. They are people willing to sacrifice for their loved ones. Marriage, friendship, and close cooperation with others are absolutely necessary for them to achieve full individual development.

    Zodiac sign for those born on October 1

    If your birthday is October 1, your zodiac sign is  Libra

    October 1 - personality and character

    character:  realistic, altruistic, moral, complacent, mean, excitable; profession:  astrologer, railwayman, actuary; colors:  pink, brown, turquoise; stone:  chalcedony; animal:  panda bear; plant:  Columbine flower; lucky numbers:  32,40,45,49,55,57 super lucky number:  26

    Holidays and Observances - October 1

    • International Day of Vegetarianism.
    • National Day of the People's Republic of China.
    • Day of the Most Beautiful Towns of Spain.
    • Recruitment Officer Day, in Chile (in commemoration of the Rancagua Disaster).
    • Architect's Day, in Mexico.
    • Psychoeducation Day.
    • International Day of the Elderly.
    • Day of the Sea and Fishing Wealth, in Argentina.

    October 1 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1903: Vladimir Horowitz, Ukrainian-American pianist (d. 1989). 1904: Otto Robert Frisch, Austrian-British physicist (d. 1979). 1904: AK Gopalan, Indian communist leader (d. 1977). 1905: Alfons Goppel, German politician (d. 1991). 1909: Maurice Bardeche, French fascist (d. 1998). 1909: Miquel Batllori, Spanish historian (f. 2003). 1910: Fritz Kდ¶berle, Austrian physicist (d. 1983). 1910: Bonnie Parker, American outlaw (d. 1934). 1912: Tulio Jacovella, Argentine journalist, book editor and writer (d. 1994). 1912: Kathleen Ollerenshaw, British mathematician and politician (d. 2014). 1913: Hდ©lio Gracie, Brazilian wrestler (f. 2009). 1914: Daniel J. Boorstin, American historian and writer (d. 2004). 1915: Jerome Bruner, American psychologist (d. 2016). 1917: Renდ© de Rooy, Surinamese writer (d. 1974). 1918: Raimundo Blanco, Spanish soccer player (d. 1984). 1920: Walter Matthau, American actor (d. 2000). 1921: James Whitmore, American actor (d. 2009). 1922: Chen Ning Yang, Chinese-American physicist, 1957 Nobel Prize winner in Physics. 1923: Yuki Nambდ¡, Argentine actress (d. 2006). 1923: Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Panamanian businessman and industrialist (d. 2011). 1924: Jimmy Carter, American president, 2002 Nobel Peace Prize winner. 1924: William Rehnquist, American lawyer and judge (d. 2005). 1927: Kazuya Sakai, Argentine painter of Japanese origin (d. 2001). 1927: Tom Bosley, American actor (d. 2010). 1928: Laurence Harvey, British actor of Lithuanian origin (d. 1973). 1928: George Peppard, American actor (d. 1994). 1928: Willy Mairesse, Belgian racing driver (d. 1969). 1928: Zhu Rongji, Chinese politician. 1929: Ernesto Grillo, Argentine soccer player (d. 1998). 1930: Richard Harris, Irish actor (d. 2002). 1930: Philippe Noiret, French actor (d. 2006). 1931: Sylvano Bussotti, Italian composer. 1932: Albert Collins, American guitarist (f. 1993). 1933: Pozzi Escot, American composer and musical theorist of Peruvian origin. 1934: Emilio Botდ­n, Spanish banker (d. 2014). 1935: Julie Andrews, British actress. 1935: Julio Jaramillo, Ecuadorian singer (d. 1978). 1936: Duncan Edwards, British footballer (d. 1958). 1936: Jorge «Cuque» Sclavo, Uruguayan writer, humorist, journalist and publicist (d. 2013). 1936: Stella Stevens, American actress and model. 1936: Edward Villela, American dancer and choreographer. 1940: Julio Cდ©sar Benდ­tez, Spanish soccer player (d. 1968). 1942: Jean-Pierre Jabouille, French motorist. 1942: Gდ¼nter Wallraff, German journalist and writer. 1943: Jean-Jacques Annaud, French film director. 1943: Jerry Martini, American saxophonist, of the band Sly & the Family Stone. 1945: Rod Carew, Panamanian baseball player. 1945: Donny Hathaway, American soul singer (d. 1979). 1947: Francisco დ?lvarez-Cascos, Spanish politician. 1947: Aarდ³n Ciechanover, Israeli biologist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2004. 1947: Stephen Collins, American actor. 1947: Remigio Hermoso, Venezuelan baseball player, coach and politician. 1947: Mariska Veres, Dutch singer, of the band Shocking Blue (d. 2006). 1947: Andrდ©s do Barro, Spanish singer (f. 1989). 1948: Cub Koda, American singer, of the band Brownsville Station (d. 2000). 1949: Gerდ³nimo Saccardi, Argentine soccer player (d. 2002). 1949: Isaac Bonewits, American writer (d. 2010). 1949: Andrდ© Rieu, Dutch violinist and composer. 1950: Randy Quaid, American actor. 1953: Grete Waitz, Norwegian athlete (d. 2011). 1953: Franklin Vდ­rgდ¼ez, Venezuelan television and film actor 1953: Klaus Wowereit, German politician, mayor of Berlin. 1954: Ricardo Solari, Chilean engineer. 1955: Manuel Vicente, Argentine actor. 1956: Marcos Alonso Pena, Spanish footballer and coach. 1956: Andrus Ansip, Estonian politician and prime minister. 1956: Theresa May, British politician and prime minister. 1958: Zeta Bosio, Argentine bassist, of the band Soda Stereo. 1959: Nito Artaza, Argentine actor, humorist and politician. 1959: Youssou N'Dour, Senegalese singer. 1960: Mდ¡xima Apaza, Bolivian indigenous politician and activist. 1961: Rico Constantino, American fighter. 1962: Juana Molina, Argentine singer-songwriter and comic actress. 1962: Inaki Munita, Spanish drums, of the Angels of Hell band. 1963: Mark McGwire, American baseball player. 1963: Jean-Denis Dდ©lდ©traz, Swiss racing driver. 1964: Max Matsuura, Japanese music producer. 1965: Cindy Margolis, American model. 1965: Ted King, American actor. 1966: George Weah, Liberian footballer. 1966: Cuco Ziganda (Josდ© დ?ngel Ziganda), Spanish footballer. 1966: Nina, Spanish actress and singer. 1969: Zach Galifianakis, Greek-American actor and comedian. 1969: Ori Kaplan, Israeli jazz musician. 1969: Marcus Stephen, former president of Nauru. 1971: Sonia Monroy, Spanish singer and dancer. 1974: Keith Duffy, Irish singer and actor, of the band Boyzone. 1974: Nach (Ignacio Fornდ©s Olmo), Spanish rapper. 1975: Bimba Bosდ©, Spanish singer and designer. 1975: Chulpan Khamatova, Russian actress. 1975: Zoltდ¡n Sebescen, German footballer. 1976: დ?mit Karan, Turkish footballer. 1976: Dora Venter, Hungarian porn actress. 1977: Claudia Palacios, Colombian journalist and presenter. 1978: Leticia Cline, American model. 1979: Gilberto Martდ­nez, Costa Rican soccer player. 1981: Jდºlio Baptista, Brazilian soccer player. 1981: Silvio Dulcich, Argentine footballer. 1983: Juan Cominges, Peruvian footballer. 1983: Mirko Vuე?iniე‡, Montenegrin footballer. 1984: Leandro Gioda, Argentine footballer. 1984: Mდ³nica Spear, Venezuelan actress and model, former Miss Venezuela (f. 2014). 1985: Tirunesh Dibaba, Ethiopian athlete. 1986: Sayaka Kanda, singer and Japanese actress. 1986: Ricardo Vaz Tდ©, Portuguese footballer. 1986: Daniela Katzenberger, model and star of German reality TV. 1987: Matthew Daddario, American actor 1988: Cariba Heine, South African actress. 1989: Guido Falaschi, Argentine motor racing driver (d. 2011). 1989: Brie Larson, American actress. 1990: Hazal Kaya, Turkish actress.