october 10 zodiac

    People born on October 10 are peaceful in behavior; they are humorous and fond of the arts.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on October 10

    Full of joie de vivre, carefree and fond of everything that is beautiful; they especially defend music. They often have artistic abilities that are coupled with their great sense of romance. They are especially sympathetic to theater and all kinds of performances; also very fond of movies. They are funny people and capable of cleverly making fun of others; they have important critical skills and can become art critics. They can be successful not only in the arts, but also in commerce or industry. They can become especially prominent in the production of products related to games, entertainment, human sensuality, and vanity. They find success in anything for entertainment or fun. Peaceful in behavior, they show significant diplomatic skills. Prone to platonic love. They realize their extensive plans with great energy. The ways of your life are generally changing. A woman born on this day yearns for love and family life. Being a mother is the best vocation and profession for her. When there is something close to his heart that he has come to love and absorbs all of his abilities, drawing his attention, nothing else in the world matters to him. So raising children is very demanding for her. Flaws: As mentioned, people born on this day are characterized by their critical abilities, but it should be added that they tend to be too hasty in their criticism, often criticizing only to challenge others; in other words, they are often pickyჴ€¦. Even when they can't improve anything or change it for the better, they criticize others and existing laws.

    Zodiac sign for those born on October 10

    If your birthday is October 10, your zodiac sign is  Libra

    October 10 - personality and character

    character:  patient, cheerful, well-mannered, suspicious, impulsive, shy; profession:  ophthalmologist, accountant, lawyer; colors:  pink, cream, green; stone:  red emerald; animal:  sea otter; plant:  oleander plant; lucky numbers:  17,18,24,53,54,59 super lucky number:  3

    Holidays and observances - October 10

    • Argentina: National Dance Day.
    • Argentina: National Technician Day.
    • Finland: Aleksis Kivi and Finnish Literature Day.
    • Cuba: Beginning of the Wars of Independence.
    • National holiday of the ROC and, even today, is commemorated as such in Taiwan.
    • Curaდ§ao National Day
    • World Mental Health Day.
    • European Day against the Death Penalty.
    • World Day Against the Death Penalty.

    October 10 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Helen Hayes, American actress (f. 1993). 1901: Alberto Giacometti, Swiss sculptor and painter (d. 1966). 1903: Vernon Duke, American composer (d. 1969). 1906: Paul Creston, American composer (d. 1985). 1908: Johnny Green, American composer (d. 1989). 1908: Merce Rodoreda, Barcelona writer in Catalan (d. 1983). 1910: Gilberto Alzate Avendano, Colombian politician (d. 1960). 1910: Ramდ³n Gaya, Spanish painter and writer (d. 2005). 1911? Clare Hollingworth, journalist and British war correspondent (d. 2017) 1912: Juan Ingallinella, Argentine communist doctor; assassinated (f. 1955). 1912: Arturo Godoy, Chilean boxer (d. 1986). 1912: Julio Saraceni, Argentine filmmaker (d. 1998). 1913: Claude Simon, French writer, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1985 (f. 2005). 1913: Joe Simon, American cartoonist. 1914: Antonio W. Goldbrunner, Venezuelan meteorologist of German origin (d. 2005). 1917: Thelonious Monk, American jazz pianist (d. 1982). 1918: Yigal Alდ³n, Israeli politician (d. 1980). 1919: Josდ© Luis Hidalgo, Spanish poet (d. 1947). 1921: Josდ© Pedro Damiani, Uruguayan businessman, president of the Club Atlდ©tico Penarol (f. 2007). 1922: Raquel Senoret, Chilean poet (f. 1990). 1923: Fernando Heredia, Argentine actor. 1924: Ed Wood, American filmmaker (d. 1978). 1924: James Clavell, Australian author (d. 1994). 1927: Dana Elcar, American actor (d. 2005). 1927: Manuel Hernდ¡ndez Mompდ³, Spanish painter (d. 1992). 1930: Yves Chauvin, French chemist, 2005 Nobel Prize winner for chemistry (d. 2015). 1930: Harold Pinter, British writer, Nobel Prize Winner for literature in 2005 (f. 2008). 1936: Gerhard Ertl, German chemist, 2007 Nobel Prize winner for chemistry. 1938: Daido Moriyama, Japanese photographer 1938: Hilda Anderson Nevდ¡rez, Mexican politician and trade unionist (d. 2011). 1941: Peter Coyote, American actor. 1941: Ken Saro-Wiwa, Nigerian writer and activist (d. 1995). 1942: Radu Vasile, Romanian Prime Minister. 1945: Yuri Razuvდ¡yev, Russian chess player (d. 2012). 1946: Charles Dance, British actor. 1946: Naoto Kan, Japanese politician. 1946: John Prine, American singer. 1946: Ben Vereen, American actor. 1947: Juan Emilio Cheyre, Chilean military man. 1947: Larry Lamb, British actor. 1948: Juan Falდº, Argentine musician, composer and guitarist. 1948: Sდ©verine, French singer. 1949: Hugo Yasky, teacher and Argentine union leader. 1951: Jeanette, Spanish singer of British origin. 1953: David Lee Roth, American singer, of the band Van Halen. 1953: Midge Ure, British musician. 1953: Gus Williams, American basketball player. 1954: Javier Hernდ¡ndez Bonnet, Colombian sports journalist. 1955: Philippe Lioret, French filmmaker. 1956: Fiona Fullerton, English actress. 1957: Rumiko Takahashi, Japanese mangaka (cartoonist). 1958: Tanya Tucker, American singer. 1959: Kirsty MacColl, British singer (d. 2000). 1959: Bradley Whitford, American actor. 1959: Marcelo Ebrard, Mexican politician. 1960: Eric Martin, American singer, of the band Mr. Big. 1960: Karra Elejalde, Spanish actor, Spanish filmmaker and screenwriter. 1961: Julia Sweeney, American actress. 1963: Anita Mui, Hong Kong singer (d. 2003). 1965: Chris Penn, American actor (f. 2006). 1965: Rebecca Pidgeon, American actress. 1965: Toshi, Japanese singer of the band X Japan. 1966: Tony Adams, British footballer. 1966: Luis Dorante, Venezuelan baseball player and coach. 1967: Thomas Muster, Austrian tennis player. 1967: Jonathan Littell, Franco-American writer. 1969: Brett Favre, American football player. 1969: Wendi McLendon-Covey, American actress. 1970: Bai Ling, American actress of Chinese origin. 1970: Dean Kiely, Irish footballer. 1971: Yevgueni Kisin, Russian pianist. 1972: Sebastiდ¡n Claro, Chilean economist. 1973: Mario Lდ³pez, American actor. 1973: Semmy Schilt, Dutch kickboxer. 1974: Dale Earnhardt Jr., American racing driver. 1974: Julio Cruz, Argentine soccer player. 1975: Ramდ³n Morales, Mexican soccer player. 1975: Ihsahn, Norwegian musician. 1976: Bob Burnquist, Brazilian skateboarder. 1977: Clemente Cancela, Argentine journalist. 1977: Paulina Lazareno, Mexican actress (f. 1997). 1978: Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, American actress. 1979: Mya, American singer. 1979: Nicolდ¡s Massდº, Chilean tennis player. 1981: Una Healy, Irish singer, of the band The Saturdays. 1982: Yasser Al Qahtani, Arab footballer. 1982: David Cal, Spanish canoeist. 1984: Chiaki Kuriyama, actress, singer and Japanese model. 1984: Francisco Rodrდ­guez Prat, Chilean model. 1984: Troy Tulowitzki, American baseball player. 1985: Adriდ¡n Gabbarini, Argentine footballer. 1985: Marina and the Diamonds, Welsh singer. 1986: Vadim Demidov, Latvian footballer. 1986: Ezequiel Garay, Argentine soccer player. 1986: Andrew McCutchen, American baseball player 1986: Andrew McCutchen, American baseball player 1987: Luciano Garrido Lemus, Chilean Informatico. 1988: Rose McIver, New Zealand actress. 1990: Alejandro Aguilar (soccer player) Costa Rican. 1990: Shelby Miller, American baseball player. 1991: Gabriella Cilmi, Australian singer. 1991: Lali Espდ³sito, Argentine actress and singer 1991: Mariana Pajდ³n, Colombian cyclist. 1991: Xherdan Shaqiri, Swiss footballer. 1992: Gabrielle Aplin, British singer-songwriter. 1994: Bae Suzy, South Korean actress and singer, of the band Miss A.