october 11 zodiac

    People born on October 11 are gentle, courteous, attached to their home.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on October 11

    They are generally liked by others for their kindness and uprightness of feelings. They are calm people, happy with themselves. They have a lot of calm, controlled strength and perseverance. Friendly, forward-thinking, always ready to help more distant friends or acquaintances. They quickly learn the ins and outs of human characters, but it must be added that they rely too much on this ability, which could put them at risk of defamation. They are characterized by a sense of beauty and attachment to home. They often have special talents in the arts, and just as they can be colorful painters, they also become word painters with their very colorful, expressive, and pictorial style. Their marriage, which they enter quite early, is often preceded by friendship. They show great stability and perseverance in attending to housework. Their romantic experiences, despite being quite numerous, are usually calm and do not leave any agitation. His parents sometimes die early. They usually have few children. They may be at risk of misunderstandings with family members. They surround themselves with friends and loved ones, they live life to the fullest. They are people satisfied with life, eventually they become owners of real estate. What threatens them? Bad experiences caused by subordinates. Flaws: They tend to delay, delay and waver, especially when the current situation calls for energetic and direct action. Although they have tactile and diplomatic skills, they appear indecisive and show moral cowardice at such times. They are also sometimes too shallow and glide across the surface of life's events, avoiding the depths.

    Zodiac sign for those born on October 11

    If your birthday is October 11, your zodiac sign is  Libra

    October 11 - personality and character

    character:  seeker, comfortable, bright, conceited, disrespectful, excitable; profession:  tram driver, bookbinderjoiner, judge; colors:  cream, gray, black; stone:  orthoclase; animal:  squirrel; plant:  Zinnia; lucky numbers:  14,18,25,31,44,57 super lucky number:  16

    Holidays and observances - October 11

    • Spain: in Leganდ©s the feast of San Nicasio is celebrated.
    • United States, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Latin American countries such as Argentina: Coming Out Day is celebrated ('Day to come out of the closet', that is, to confess gay).
    • International Girl's Day.
    • Bolivia: Bolivian Women's Day, commemorating the birth of Adela Zamudio, a pioneer in the fight against discrimination.
    • Day of Solidarity with the Political Prisoners of South Africa
    • Argentina: Dulce de Leche, Referee, Auctioneer and Public Broker Day
    • World Sight Day.

    October 11 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1904: Tita Merello, Argentine actress and singer (d. 2002). 1910: Pedro Aleandro, Argentine actor (d. 1985). 1910: Adolfo Rincდ³n de Arellano Garcდ­a, Spanish cardiologist and politician (d. 2006). 1911: Changampuzha Krishna Pillai, Hindu poet (d. 1948). 1913: John T. Parsons, American engineer (d. 2007). 1913: Joe Simon, American writer and illustrator (d. 2011). 1918: Fred Bodsworth, Canadian journalist (d. 2012). 1918: Jerome Robbins, American choreographer and director (d. 1998). 1919: Art Blakey, American jazz drummer (d. 1990). 1920: დ‰dgar Negret, Colombian sculptor (d. 2012). 1921: Fernando Garrido Falla, Spanish jurist (f. 2003). 1925: Luis Gonzდ¡lez y Gonzდ¡lez, Mexican historian (f. 2003). 1925: Elmore Leonard, American writer and screenwriter. 1926: Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese monk and writer. 1927: Josefina Carlota of Belgium, Belgian princess (d. 2005). 1927: William Perry, American engineer. 1928: Alfonso de Portago, Spanish Formula 1 driver (d. 1957). 1929: Curtis Amy, American saxophonist (f. 2002). 1929: Luis Banchero Rossi, Peruvian businessman (d. 1972). 1935: Daniel Quinn, American environmental activist. 1936: Billy Higgins, American drummer (d. 2001). 1936: Alberto Vდ¡zquez-Figueroa, Spanish writer. 1936: Tom Zდ©, Brazilian composer and musician. 1937: Bobby Charlton, British footballer. 1939: Maria Bueno, Brazilian tennis player. 1941: Lester Bowie, American trumpeter and composer (d. 1999). 1941: Eugenio Jofra Bafalluy, Spanish humorist (f. 2001). 1941: Charles Shyer, American filmmaker, film producer and screenwriter. 1942: Amitabh Bachchan, Indian actor. 1943: Zahur Klemath Zapata, American poet and philosopher. 1944: Joan Gaspart, Spanish businessman. 1944: Javier Sდ¡enz de Cosculluela, Spanish politician. 1946: Daryl Hall, American musician, of the band Hall & Oates. 1947: Al Atkins, British singer, of the band Judas Priest. 1947: Lukდ¡s Papadimos, Greek economist, vice president of the European Central Bank. 1948: Cecilia, Spanish singer (d. 1976). 1948: Peter Turkson, Ghanaian cardinal. 1950: Rene Bond, American pornographic actress (f. 1996). 1950: Amos Guitai, Israeli filmmaker. 1951: Jean-Jacques Goldman, French singer and songwriter. 1952: Bernardo Valencia, Venezuelan bullfighter (d. 2011). 1953: David Morse, American actor. 1954: Vojislav ვ eვ¡elj, Serbian lawyer and politician. 1955: Norm Nixon, American basketball player. 1956: Nicanor Duarte Frutos, Paraguayan president. 1957: Paul Sereno, American paleontologist. 1959 - Wayne Gardner, Australian motorcycle racer. 1960: Randy Breuer, American basketball player. 1960: Nicola Bryant, British actress. 1961: Hany Abu-Assad, Dutch filmmaker of Palestinian origin. 1961: Neil Buchanan, American guitarist and actor, of the band Marseille. 1961: Amr Diab, Egyptian singer. 1961: Gilda (Miriam Alejandra Bianchi), Argentine singer (f. 1996). 1961: Steve Young, American football player. 1962: Joan Cusack, American actress. 1962: Gustavo Luza, Argentine tennis player. 1963: Ronny Rosenthal, Israeli footballer. 1963: Jordi Villacampa, Spanish basketball player and manager. 1965: Juan Ignacio Cirac Sasturain, Spanish physicist. 1965: Orlando Hernდ¡ndez, Cuban baseball player. 1965: Sean Patrick Flanery, American actor. 1965: Luke Perry, American actor. 1966: Pau Donდ©s, Spanish musician. 1966: Rikishi, American wrestler. 1967: Josდ© დ?ngel Hevia, Spanish piper. 1967: Tazz, American wrestler. 1967: Tony Chimel, American sportscaster. 1968: Josდ© Antonio Fortea Cucurull, Spanish religious and theologian. 1968: Jane Krakowski, American actress. 1969: Stephen Moyer, American actor and director. 1970: Gerardo Chendo, Argentine actor. 1970: U-God, American rapper, of the band Wu-Tang Clan. 1970: Andy Marriott, British footballer. 1971: Jason Ellis, Australian skateboarder. 1971: Petra Haden, American violinist and singer, of the bands Tito and Tarantula and The Decemberists. 1972: Claudia Black, Australian actress. 1972: Cherokee Parks, American basketball player. 1973: Daisuke Sakaguchi, Japanese voice actor. 1973: Mike Smith, American guitarist, of the Limp Bizkit band. 1973: Takeshi Kaneshiro, Japanese actor and singer. 1974: Terje Haakonsen, Norwegian snowboarder. 1974: Hდ©ctor Berenguel, Spanish soccer player, 1976: Emily Deschanel, American actress. 1976: Baby Rasta, Puerto Rican reggaeton singer, of the band Baby Rasta & Gringo. 1976: Diego Topa, Argentine actor and television host. 1977: Matthew Bomer, American actor. 1977: Laura Gallego Garcდ­a, Spanish writer. 1977: Desmond Mason, American basketball player. 1977: Claudia Palacios, Colombian journalist. 1978: Kali, Angolan footballer. 1978: Trevor Donovan, American actor. 1979: Gabe Saporta, Uruguayan singer, of the band Cobra Starship. 1979: Bae Doona, South Korean model and actress. 1980: Nyron Nosworthy, British footballer. 1980: Tomokazu Sugita, Japanese actor. 1980: Ahmed al-Haznawi, Saudi terrorist who participated in 9/11 (d. 2001). 1981: Beau Brady, Australian actor. 1982: Juan Ojeda, Argentine soccer player. 1982: Terrell Suggs, American football player. 1982: Mauricio Victorino, Uruguayan soccer player. 1983: Bradley James, British actor. 1983: Ruslდ¡n Ponomariov, Ukrainian chess player. 1984: Martha MacIsaac, Canadian actress. 1985: დ?lvaro Fernდ¡ndez, Uruguayan soccer player. 1985: Michelle Trachtenberg, American actress. 1987: Mike Conley, Jr., American basketball player. 1987: Pablo Mouche, Argentine footballer. 1988: Omar Gonzდ¡lez, American soccer player. 1989: Henry Lau, Canadian singer-songwriter, of the band Super Junior-M. 1992: Cardi B, American rapper. 1993: Brandon Flynn, American actor.