october 16 zodiac

    People born on October 16 are ambitious, independent, with neutral judgment.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on October 16

    You have good diplomatic and strategy skills. Careful, systematic, patient and thinking people, excellent analysts. Energetic and ambitious: They are exceptionally intelligent, and their mindset expresses a wide variety of interests. Composed and sensible: They also have important observation skills. They find an interest in scientific studies, often showing a love for pharmaceutical chemistry. When they study the laws of nature, their works can become widely useful, which can give them success and recognition in life. They can make important discoveries in the field of science. It should be added that they also show artistic talents. They travel a lot. They often tend to change their place of residence, not staying in one place for long, and leading a nomadic life. They are always full of hope, which does not abandon them in their life struggles. They often show tendencies towards platonic love. There are quite significant differences between a man and a woman born on this day. A man seeks his own path in life, finds the right partners and work, learning early on how to use his great intuition for financial purposes. A woman, on the other hand, does not display that masculine independence and restlessness. His intentions are, in most cases, noble, but he cannot fulfill his obligations. She finds very little interest in financial matters, often showing carelessness in that area. It should be added that, whether they are men or women, these people are scrupulously honest in financial matters. They can be excellent government officials, especially in areas that require great tact, courtesy, and a variety of talents. It affects them to see the suffering or physical ailments of others, which is why people born on this day are rarely doctors.

    Zodiac sign for those born on October 16

    If your birthday is October 16, your zodiac sign is  Libra

    October 16 - personality and character

    character:  rational, cutting, magnanimous, shy, demanding, bad; profession:  philologist, secretary, agronomist; colors:  purple, beige, baby blue; stone:  alexandrite; animal:  sheep; plant:  Zinnia; lucky numbers:  5,28,45,49,50,52 super lucky number:  2

    Holidays and observances - October 16

    • World Anesthesiologist Day.
    • World Food Day. Proclaimed in 1979 by the Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).
    • Chile: "Teacher's Day" (or "Teacher's Day") is commemorated in all basic and secondary educational establishments nationwide.

    October 16 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1905: Vicente Trueba, Spanish cyclist (d. 1986). 1906: Dino Buzzati, Italian writer and journalist. 1906: Leდ³n Klimovsky, Argentine filmmaker (d. 1996). HODვ½A druhდ¡ mდ­za.jpg Enver Hoxha (1908-1985) 1908: Enver Hoxha, Albanian communist leader (d. 1985). 1911: Mahalia Jackson, American singer. 1912: Gდ©rard Landry, French actor (d. 1999). 1914: Mohammed Zahir Shah, Afghan King (d. 2007). 1917: Alice Pearce, American actress. 1918: Louis Althusser, French philosopher (d. 1990). 1922: Max Bygraves, British actor and singer (d. 2012). 1923: Linda Darnell, American actress (d. 1965). 1923: Bert Kaempfert, German conductor and composer. 1924: Jorge Mobaied, Argentine filmmaker. 1925: Angela Lansbury, British actress. 1927: Gდ¼nter Grass, German writer, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1999 (d. 2015). 1928: Mary Daly, American philosopher and theologian (d. 2010). 1929: Fernanda Montenegro, Brazilian actress. 1930: Francisco Josდ© Madero Gonzდ¡lez, Mexican politician. 1931: Charles Colson, American writer and lawyer (d. 2012). 1931: Carmen Sevilla, actress, television presenter and Spanish singer. 1931: Stefan von Reiswitz, German painter and sculptor. 1931: Rosa Rosal, Filipino actress, awarded for her humanitarian work 1932: Guდ°bergur Bergsson, Icelandic writer and translator. 1936: Andrei Chikatilo, Soviet serial killer. 1936: Gerardo Gandini, Argentine pianist and composer (d. 2013). 1936: Akira Machida, President of the Supreme Court of Japan 2002-2006 (d. 2015) 1938: Nico, German singer-songwriter, model and actress (d. 1988). 1940: Nils Burwitz, German sculptor. 1940: Barry Corbin, American actor. 1940: Dave DeBusschere, American basketball player. 1945: Josდ© Garcდ­a Romდ¡n, Spanish composer and academic. 1945: Iselდ­n Santos Ovejero, Argentine soccer player. 1946: Juan Echecopar, Argentine soccer player (f. 2012). 1946: Suzanne Somers, American actress. 1947: Carlos Ott, Uruguayan architect. 1947: Bob Weir, American musician, of the band Grateful Dead. 1947: David Zucker, American screenwriter, producer and filmmaker. 1948: Hema Malini, Indian actress. 1949: Joan Manuel Gisbert, Spanish writer of children's literature. 1950: Mდ³nica Galდ¡n, Argentine actress. 1951: Oscar Gonzდ¡lez Oro, Argentine announcer, journalist and television host. 1952: Christopher Cox, American politician. 1953: Paulo Roberto Falcდ£o, Brazilian soccer player. 1956: Linard Bardill, Swiss theologian, singer-songwriter and writer. 1956: Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah, Bangladeshi poet (d. 1991) 1958: Tim Robbins, American actor. 1959: Manolo Saiz, Spanish cycling sports director. 1961: Marc Levy, French writer. 1961: Jorge Rial, Argentine journalist. 1962: Manute Bol, American basketball player in the NBA (d. 2010). 1962: Flea (Michael Balzary), Australian bassist, of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers. 1962: Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Russian opera singer (d. 2017). 1965: Tom Tolbert, American basketball player. 1969: Roy Hargrove, American trumpeter. 1970: Kazuyuki Fujita, Japanese fighter. 1970: Vincent Rijmen, Belgian cryptographer. 1970: Mehmet Scholl, German footballer. 1971: Chad Gray, American singer, of the band Mudvayne. 1971: Lawrence Schimel, American writer. 1971: Frank Cuesta, veterinarian, television presenter and former Spanish tennis player. 1972: Tomas Lindberg, Swedish singer and songwriter. 1973: Justin Credible, American wrestler. 1973: Peter Polaco, Polish professional wrestler. 1974: Martდ­n Bossi, Argentine actor, impersonator and comedian. 1974: Aurela Gaდ§e, Albanian singer. 1975: Brynjar Gunnarsson, Icelandic footballer. 1975: Kellie Martin, American actress. 1975: Claudio Nდºდ±ez, Chilean soccer player. 1976: Juan Diego Alvira, Colombian news anchor. 1977: John Mayer, American singer-songwriter. 1978: Kala Savage, American actress and singer. 1980: Sue Bird, American basketball player. 1981: Naდ­m Thomas, Spanish singer. 1981: Bicho Riveros, Paraguayan television host. 1982: Alan Anderson, American basketball player. 1982: Pippa Black, Australian actress. 1982: Frდ©dდ©ric Michalak, French rugby player 1982: დ?lvaro Montes, Spanish rejoneador. 1982: Cristian Riveros, Paraguayan soccer player. 1982: Vincy Chan, Hong Kong singer 1982: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Indian actor and producer 1983: Philipp Kohlschreiber, German tennis player. 1983: Loreen, Swedish singer. 1984: Melissa Lauren, French porn actress. 1984: Shayne Ward, British singer. 1985: Verena Sailer, German athlete. 1985: Laura Sდ¡nchez Soto, Mexican diver. 1985: Casey Stoner, Australian motorcycle racer. 1986: Inna, Romanian singer-songwriter and dancer. 1986: Franco Armani, Argentine footballer. 1988: Zoltდ¡n Stieber, Hungarian footballer. 1991: John and Edward Grimes (twins), Irish singers, of the Jeduard duo. 1991: Vera Spinetta, Argentine singer and actress. 1992: David Castillo, Spanish actor. 1992: Bryce Harper, American baseball player. 1993: Wilmar Barrios, Colombian soccer player.