october 17 zodiac

    People born on October 17 should strive to develop their own strength.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on October 17

    They are independent and have self-confidence. Proud people - They long for honors and decorations. However, their behavior is passive and shows a great tendency to indulgence and tolerance of their own weaknesses. They fight for the satisfaction of their whims, they are quite restless and sensitive to everything new, and life exerts an attractive influence on them. They do not like everything that is routine and show impatience towards work. They rarely get angry, but when they do, they tell the whole truth without beating around the bush. Ambitious, full of wishes and desires, but your priorities in life are not realized most of the time. Flaws: They also easily succumb to news, and their enthusiasm causes a stir. They unnecessarily worry about details, which are especially visible in their emotional life. After all, they don't go through great emotional tragedies, as they quickly forget. A man born on this day shows great courtesy, gentleness, and even weakness for women. When he leaves the marriage for a long time or spends some time abroad, he easily falls under the influence of the first woman who is suitably energetic, unscrupulous and who wishes to dominate. If she exerts enough effort, she can control it completely. What threatens people born on this day? They may be in danger of emotional struggles and fights with cunning and wicked enemies. At the same time, they show excessive self-confidence, and when they finally reach the best position in life they can get, their enemies can seriously harm them. Various struggles and losses await them. Why should they fight? Develop a strong will to control your character and fight sensual temptations. Illnesses: They often struggle with nervous breakdowns and malaise. They may also experience some gastric ailments, especially caused by excessive worry and impatience.

    Zodiac sign for those born on October 17

    If your birthday is October 17, your zodiac sign is  Libra

    October 17 - personality and character

    character:  alert, incorruptible, honest, melancholic, despicable, suspicious; profession:  economist, tram driver, postman; colors:  pink, olive, purple; stone:  amber; animal:  ostrich; plant: Wisteria plant  ; lucky numbers:  1,12,34,48,52,58 super lucky number:  25

    Holidays and observances - October 17

    • International Day Against Pain
    • International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
    • Argentina: Peronist Loyalty Day
    • Mexico: Acquisition of civil and political rights of Mexican women.
    • El Salvador: Day of the Salvadoran Architect.

    October 17 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Jean Arthur, American actress (d. 1991). 1901: Emma Gamboa Alvarado, Costa Rican educator (d. 1976). 1903: Andrდ©s Espinosa, Spanish climber (d. 1985). 1903: Andrei Grechko, Soviet military man (d. 1976). 1903: Nathanael West, American screenwriter and writer (d. 1940). 1904: Josდ© Marდ­a Hinojosa, Spanish poet (d. 1936). 1904: Prospero Palazzo, Argentine aviator (d. 1936). 1905: Andrew Bembel, Belarusian sculptor (d. 1986). 1905: Leopoldo Benites, Ecuadorian diplomat (f. 1996). 1907: John Marley, American actor (d. 1984). 1908: Marina Nდºდ±ez del Prado, Bolivian sculptor (d. 1995). 1908: Kenji Miyamoto, Japanese politician (d. 2007). 1908: Dmitri Ustდ­nov, Soviet military man (d. 1984). 1909: Cozy Cole, American drummer (d. 1981). 1909: Leopoldo Panero, Spanish poet (d. 1962). 1909: Joaquდ­n Satrდºstegui, Spanish lawyer and politician (f. 1992). 1909: Carme Serrallonga, Spanish teacher and translator (f. 1997). 1911: Pascual Pery, Spanish military (d. 1989). 1912: John Paul I, Italian Catholic Pope in 1978 (d. 1978). 1912: Toდ±a la Negra, Mexican singer (d. 1982). 1913: Robert Lowery, American actor (d. 1971). 1913: Marian Marsh, American actress (d. 2006). 1914: Jerry Siegel, American cartoonist (f. 1996). 1915: Guillermo Lohmann, Peruvian historian and lawyer (f. 2005). 1915: Arthur Miller, American playwright (d. 2005). 1916: Josდ© Lდ³pez Rega, Argentine politician (d. 1989). 1917: Alfred Benlloch Llorach, Spanish inventor (d. 2013). 1917: Verne Grant, American botanist (d. 2007). 1917: Manuel Molina, Spanish poet (d. 1990). 1918: Rita Hayworth, American film actress (d. 1987). 1918: Luis Alberto Solari, Uruguayan painter (d. 1993). 1919: Zhao Ziyang, Chinese politician (d. 2005). 1920: Cდ©sar Albiდ±ana, Spanish jurist (d. 2007). 1920: Montgomery Clift, American actor (d. 1966). 1920: Miguel Delibes, Spanish teacher, journalist, novelist and playwright (d. 2010). 1920: Alva Day Grant, American botanist. 1920: Zully Moreno, Argentine actress (f. 1999). 1920: Sauveur Rodrდ­guez, French soccer player (d. 2013). 1920: Carlos de Rokha, Chilean poet (d. 1962). 1921: Enrique Fontana Codina, Spanish politician and businessman (d. 1989). 1921: Maria Gorokhovskaya, Soviet gymnast (d. 2001). 1921: Tom Poston, American actor (d. 2007). 1921: Samuel Yankelevich, Argentine businessman and television producer (d. 1998). 1923: Barney Kessel, American guitarist and composer (d. 2004). 1924: Giacomo Mari, Italian footballer 1924: Rolando Panerai, Italian baritone. 1924: Antდ³nio Rosa, Portuguese poet. 1926: Beverly Garland, American actress (f. 2008). 1927: Luis Alberto Acuდ±a Gatillon, Chilean writer (f. 2005). 1927: Friedrich Hirzebruch, German mathematician (d. 2012). 1927: Rodolfo Rivademar, Argentine sailor. 1928: Ali Kafi, Algerian politician (d. 2013). 1928: Josდ© Marდ­a Peralta Lდ³pez, Mexican politician. 1928: Santiago Stevenson, Panamanian singer and songwriter (d. 2007). 1928: Alejandro Vდ©gh Villegas, Uruguayan politician and economist. 1930: Robert Atkins, American cardiologist and dietitian (d. 2003). 1930: Freimut Bდ¶rngen, German astronomer. 1930: Hდ©ctor Azar, Mexican writer (d. 2000). 1931: Josდ© Alencar, Brazilian politician and businessman (d. 2011). 1931: Pierre Dubois, Chilean priest (d. 2012). 1931: Juan Josდ© Hernდ¡ndez, Argentine writer (d. 2007). 1931: Anatoli Pristavkin, Russian writer and activist (d. 2008). 1931: Gerd Seifert, German horn player. 1932: Paul Edward Anderson, American strongman (d. 1994). 1932: Juan Manuel Arza Muდ±azuri, Spanish politician. 1932: Alfredo Carlino, Argentine boxer and writer. 1933: William Anders, American general and astronaut. 1933: Sr. Sonrisa (Jeannine Deckers), Belgian nun and singer (d. 1985). 1934: Alan Garner, British writer. 1934: Johnny Haynes, British footballer (d. 2005). 1934: Javier Moscoso, Spanish politician. 1934: Rico Rodrდ­guez, American trombonist. 1935: Carlos Pairetti, Argentine racing driver. 1936: Hiroo Kanamori, Japanese seismologist. 1936: Santiago Navarro, Spanish basketball player (d. 1993). 1937: Josდ© Marდ­a დ?lvarez del Manzano, Spanish politician. 1937: Aდ­da Navarro, Venezuelan mezzo-soprano. 1937: Renato Prada Oropeza, Bolivian-Mexican scientist (d. 2011). 1937: Yoshio Taniguchi, Japanese architect. 1938: Antდ³nio Calvდ¡rio, Portuguese singer. 1938: Evel Knievel, American acrobat (d. 2007). 1939: Amancio Amaro, Spanish footballer. 1940: Stephen Kovacevich, American pianist and conductor. 1940: Carlos Heller, Argentine politician and sports leader. 1941: Paul Ellison, American double bass player. 1941: Herდ³n Pდ©rez Martდ­nez, Mexican writer and academic. 1942: Mario Emilio Delfino, Argentine guerrilla (d. 1972). 1943: Ignacio Rupდ©rez Rubio, Spanish politician. 1944: დ?ngel Cristo, Spanish tamer of beasts (d. 2010). 1944: Reinaldo Sდ¡nchez Olivares, Chilean businessman and sports manager. 1945: Francisco Javier Elorza, Spanish aristocrat and diplomat. 1945: Omar Azziman, Moroccan politician. 1946: Manuel "Flaco" Ibდ¡დ±ez, Mexican humorist. 1946: Cameron Mackintosh, British theater producer. 1946: Adam Michnik, Polish journalist. 1946: Julio Miranda, Argentine politician. 1946: Daniela Payssდ©, Uruguayan politician. 1946: Josდ© Perramდ³n Acosta, Spanish handball player. 1946: Jaime Ravinet, Chilean politician. 1946: Juan Camilo Restrepo, Colombian politician. 1946: Rდ¼diger Wittig, German ecologist and geobotanist. 1947: Osvaldo Castro, Chilean soccer player. 1947: Michael McKean, American actor. 1947: Manuel Pდ©rez Barriopedro, Spanish photographer. 1947: Tetango Pouchi, Ivorian musician. 1948: Robert Jordan, American writer (d. 2007). 1948: Margot Kidder, Canadian actress. 1948: Akira Kushida, Japanese singer. 1949: Owen Arthur, Barbadian Prime Minister. 1949: Renata Schussheim, Argentine plastic artist. 1949: James Trussell, American mathematician and economist. 1950: Philippe Barbarin, French cardinal. 1950: Carlos Pდ©rez Merinero, Spanish writer (d. 2012). 1950: Sandra Reemer, Dutch singer. 1951: Dirck Beheydt, Belgian footballer. 1951: Marcelo A. Moreno, Argentine journalist. 1951: Roger Pontare, Swedish singer. 1953: Joseph Bowie, American trombonist, of the band Defunkt. 1953: Domenico Penzo, Italian footballer. 1953: Jorge Trasante, Uruguayan percussionist. 1955: Mike Bratz, American basketball player. 1955: Ulises Gorini, Argentine journalist. 1956: Mae Jemison, American astronaut. 1957: Nelson Barrera, Mexican baseball player. 1957: Lawrence Bender, American producer. 1957: Antonio Galdo, Italian writer and journalist. 1957: Vდ­ctor Lichtinger, Mexican economist. 1957: Javier Matდ©, Spanish footballer and coach. 1957: Pino Palladino, American bassist. 1958: Howard Alden, American guitarist. 1958: Alan Jackson, American singer-songwriter. 1958: Melchor Miralles, Spanish journalist. 1958: Sandra Mozarowsky, Spanish actress (d. 1977). 1958: Craig Murray, British diplomat. 1958: Eleftherდ­a Arvanitდ¡ki, Greek singer. 1959: Mustafa Aberchდ¡n, Spanish-Moroccan politician. 1959: Francisco Flores, Salvadoran politician. 1959: Eugenio Hernდ¡ndez Flores, Mexican politician and engineer. 1959: Richard Roeper, American film critic. 1960: Rob Marshall, American filmmaker. 1962: Lდ¡szlდ³ Darvasi, Hungarian poet and journalist. 1962: Jay Humphries, American basketball player. 1962: Mike Judge, producer, entertainer, and American actor of Ecuadorian origin. 1963: Mario Carrillo Inchaდºstegui, Mexican singer. 1963: Raდºl Escobar Poblete, Chilean politician. 1963: Sergio Goycochea, Argentine footballer. 1963: Beatriz Hernanz, Spanish poet. 1963: Norm Macdonald, Canadian comedian and actor. 1964: Margarita Liborio Arrazola, Mexican politician. 1964: Giovanni Marchese, Italian footballer. 1965: Rhys Muldoon, Australian actor, 1966: Danny Ferry, American basketball player. 1966: Mark Gatiss, British actress and writer. 1967: Renდ© Dif, Danish musician, of the band Aqua. 1967: Pedro Gonzდ¡lez Vera, Chilean footballer. 1967: Nathalie Tauziat, French tennis player. 1968: Alejandra დ?valos, Mexican singer. 1968: Graeme Le Saux, British footballer. 1968: Ziggy Marley, Jamaican reggae musician. 1968: David Muდ±oz, Spanish filmmaker. 1969: Ernie Els, South African golfer. 1969: Wyclef Jean, Haitian rapper and composer, of the band Fugees. 1969: Wood Harris, American actor. 1969: Natalia Lobo, Argentine actress and model. 1970: Mitsukazu Mihara, Japanese cartoonist, illustrator. 1970: Blues Saraceno, American guitarist, of the band Poison. 1971: Martin Heinrich, American politician. 1971: Chris Kirkpatrick, American singer, of the band N 'Sync. 1971: Derrick Plourde, American drummer, of the band Lagwagon and The Ataris (f. 2005). 1972: Jorge Arreola, Mexican soccer player. 1972: Eminem, rapper and American film actor. 1972: Musashi, kickboxer and Japanese karateka. 1972: Tarkan, Turkish musician of German origin. 1972: Sდ¡ndor Tirpდ¡k, Hungarian painter. 1973: Rubდ©n Garcდ©s, Panamanian basketball player. 1973: Quique Gonzდ¡lez, composer, singer and Spanish rock musician. 1974: Obdulio დ?vila Mayo, Mexican politician. 1974: Ariel Levy, American writer. 1974: Matthew Macfadyen, British actor. 1974: Bდ¡rbara Paz, Brazilian actress. 1974: Janne Puurtinen, Finnish keyboardist, of the band HIM. 1974: Darდ­o Sala, Argentine soccer player. 1974: Gabriel Silberstein, Chilean tennis player. 1975: Jericდ³ Abramo Masso, Mexican politician. 1975: Viდ±a Morales, Filipino actress and singer. 1975: Macarena Tondreau, Chilean actress and singer. 1976: Sebastiდ¡n Abreu, Uruguayan soccer player. 1976: Seth Etherton, American baseball player. 1976: Carlos Loret de Mola, Mexican journalist and economist. 1976: Brooke Richards, American model. 1977: Dudu Aouate, Israeli footballer. 1977: Walter Calderდ³n, Ecuadorian soccer player. 1977: Marko Antonio Cortდ©s Mendoza, Mexican politician. 1977: Katrina Kraven, American pornographic actress. 1977: Henry Quinteros, Peruvian soccer player. 1977: Andrდ© Villas-Boas, Portuguese soccer coach. 1978: Pablo Iglesias, Spanish politician. 1978: Erin Karpluk, Canadian actress. 1979: Kimi Rდ¤ikkდ¶nen, Finnish motorsport driver. 1979: Deanna Russo, American actress. 1979: Kostas Tsartsaris, Greek basketball player. 1979: Marcela Bovio, Mexican singer-songwriter and violinist. 1979: Alexandros Nikolaidis, Greek taekwondo athlete. 1980: Ekaterina Gamova, Russian volleyball player. 1980: Marina Glezer, Argentine actress. 1980: Noemდ­ Jordana, Spanish basketball player. 1980: Isaac Mina, Ecuadorian soccer player. 1980: Angel Parker, American actress. 1980: Justin Shenkarow, American actor. 1981: Horacio Cervantes, Mexican soccer player. 1981: Kurumi Enomoto, Japanese singer-songwriter. 1981: Nate Lawrie, American football player. 1981: Ben Rothwell, American professional wrestler. 1982: Rubდ©n Ramდ­rez, Argentine soccer player. 1982: Marion Rolland, French skier. 1983: Felicity Jones, British actress. 1983: Ivan Saenko, Russian footballer. 1984: Michelle Ang, Australian actress. 1984: Elias Kozas, Greek singer. 1984: Chris Lowell, American actor. 1984: Randall Munroe, American cartoonist. 1984: Gottfrid Svartholm, Swedish hacker. 1984: Asami Usuda, actress, model and Japanese talent. 1985: Jennifer Colino, Spanish gymnast. 1985: Carlos Gonzდ¡lez, Venezuelan baseball player. 1985: Max Irons, British actor. 1985: Collins John, Dutch footballer. 1985: Riyu Kosaka, Japanese singer-songwriter. 1985: Baran Kosari, Iranian actress. 1986: Luis Eduardo Baquero, Colombian footballer. 1986: Alexandre Bonnet, French footballer. 1986: Chris Motionless, singer from Scranton, Pennsylvania 1986: Toni Bou, Spanish trial rider. 1986: Constant Djakpa, Ivorian footballer. 1986: Nicolდ¡s Richotti, Argentine basketball player. 1987: Elliot Grandin, French footballer. 1987: Priscila Trejo, model and presenter of Mexican television. 1988: Javier Caso, Mexican soccer player. 1988: Sergiy Gladyr, Ukrainian basketball player. 1988: Marina Salas, Spanish actress. 1988: Tori Matsuzaka, Japanese actor and model. 1988: Yვ«ko Oshima, Japanese actress and singer, AKB48 graduate member. 1989: Dდ©bora Garcდ­a, Spanish soccer player. 1989: Sophie Luck, Australian actress. 1989: Marquinhos, Brazilian soccer player. 1989: David Timor, Spanish footballer. 1990: Maica Garcდ­a, Spanish water polo player. 1990: Ronald Gonzდ¡lez Tabilo, Chilean soccer player. 1991: Brenda Asnდ­car, Argentine actress and singer. 1991: Rachel Watson, Australian actress. 1992: Sam Concepcion, Filipino actress and singer. 1993: Kenneth Omeruo, Nigerian footballer. 1993: Norran Jno Hope, Dominican soccer player.