october 19 zodiac

    People born on October 19 are intelligent, subtle, they excellently understand what is happening around them.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on October 19

    His temperament is subtle, artistic, somewhat sensual and a bit ironic. They are very interesting people: they look for everything new and they are willing to make discoveries. Their great intuition allows them to experience things that are not comprehensible to their surroundings, which sometimes makes them seem inconsequential in their actions. Intelligent, alert, cautious, but also decisive: they have a great understanding of life situations and can sense their surroundings. These character traits make it easier for them to triumph over adversity, because they are people who cannot remain passive in any situation in life. Exceptionally sensitive: easily go to the extreme. Very brave, but they underestimate their opponents. Even so, their courage will allow them to triumph over the most powerful of their enemies. Stable and relentless, both in defense of their own affairs and of their country. Thus, they can succeed in the military and possibly earn honors during a war. Your inner strength is based on a certain element of common sense, balance, and a sense of wholeness that overwhelms your physical, mental, and moral nature. They despise injustice and miserable actions, and everything that is ugly and disproportionate annoys them; They dislike any exaggeration and try to dismiss feelings of depression or restlessness. They naturally strive for all that is normal and natural, and are interested in the arts, especially music. Singing has a special influence on these people, a very good one when they are tired, sad, or unwell. Flaws: Despite their strong will, they sometimes act recklessly under the influence of their surroundings. Neglected in everyday life: they easily lose all kinds of trinkets, forget to return borrowed books, etc. They don't like to be scolded or criticized for it. It's true: they always crave general respect, and even the smallest details can affect them strongly.

    Zodiac sign for those born on October 19

    If your birthday is October 19, your zodiac sign is  Libra

    October 19 - personality and character

    character:  wise, silent, judicious, nervous, scruffy, rough; profession:  programmer, mathematician, baker; colors:  green, red, daffodil; stone:  red beryl; animal:  panda bear; plant:  Japanese holly; lucky numbers:  10,16,32,42,47,52 super lucky number:  15

    Holidays and observances - October 19

    • International Day to Fight Breast Cancer.
    • Festivities in honor of San Pedro de Alcდ¡ntara, in Arenas de San Pedro, დ?vila.

    October 19 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Erna Berger, German soprano (d. 1990). 1902: Theodoro Valcდ¡rcel, Peruvian composer (d. 1942). 1903: Tor Johnson, Swedish wrestler and actor (d. 1971). 1905: Pedro Antonio Ramos, Venezuelan musician (d. 1977). 1906: Pedro Estrada, Venezuelan politician (d. 1989). 1908: დ?ngel L. Cabrera, Spanish-Argentine botanist (f. 1999). 1908: Olga Lengyel, Hungarian nurse and writer (d. 2001). 1909: Marguerite Perey, French physicist (d. 1975). 1910: Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, American physicist of Hindu origin (d. 1995). 1910: Paul Robert, French lexicographer and publicist (d. 1980). 1913: Haxhi Lleshi, Albanian politician (d. 1998). 1913: Vდ­ctor Manuel Mendoza, Mexican actor (f. 1995). 1913: Vinდ­cius de Moraes, Brazilian musician (d. 1980). 1913: Vasco Pratolini, Italian writer (d. 1991). 1913: Santiago Vera Izquierdo, Venezuelan politician and engineer (d. 2006). 1914: Juanita Moore, American film, television and theater actress (d. 2014). 1915: Farid al-Atrash, Syrian musician and actor (d. 1974). 1915: Lyuba Berlin, Soviet paratrooper (d. 1936). 1915: Alfredo Fernდ¡ndez Simდ³, Dominican writer (d. 1991). 1916: Josდ© Charlet, French architect, sculptor and painter (d. 1993). 1916: Jean Dausset, French immunologist (d. 2009). 1916: Emil Gilels, Soviet pianist (d. 1985). 1916: Josდ© Marდ­a Revuelta Prieto, Spanish politician (d. 2006). 1917: Yevguenia Antდ­pova, Soviet painter (d. 2009). 1917: Ismael Rodrდ­guez, Mexican filmmaker (d. 2004). 1918: Russell Kirk, American writer (d. 1994). 1918: Bob Sweeney, American actor and filmmaker (d. 1992). 1919: Micheline Francey, French actress (d. 1969). 1919: David Pritchard, British writer (d. 2005). 1920: Guadalupe Dueდ±as, Mexican short story writer (f. 2002). 1920: LaWanda Page, American actress (d. 2002). 1921: George Nader, American actor (f. 2002). 1921: Gunnar Nordahl, Swedish footballer (d. 1995). 1922: Alfredo Dias Gomes, Brazilian playwright (d. 1999). 1922: Carlos Lდ³pez Garcდ­a-Picos, Spanish composer (d. 2009). 1922: Shanta Shelke, Indian writer (d. 2002). 1923: Karl Olov Hedberg, Swedish botanist (d. 2007). 1924: Carlos Blasco de Imaz, Basque politician (f. 1996). 1924: Patricio Bunster, Chilean dancer, choreographer, actor, and political activist (d. 2006). 1925: Raymond Impanis, Belgian cyclist (d. 2010). 1925: Emilio Eduardo Massera, Argentine military, dictator and criminal (d. 2010). 1926: Arne Bendiksen, Norwegian musician (d. 2009). 1927: Pierre Alechinsky, Belgian artist. 1927: Pedro Marდ­a Arsuaga, Spanish footballer. 1927: Jorge Bellizzi, Argentine writer (f. 2002). 1927: Miguel de Anda Jacobsen, Mexican writer. 1928: Lou Scheimer, American animator. 1929: Raul Solnado, Portuguese humorist (d. 2009). 1930: Luis Batlle Ibდ¡დ±ez, Uruguayan pianist. 1930: Aldo Neri, Argentine doctor and politician. 1930: Hდ©ctor Rდ­os Ereდ±დº, Argentine military man. 1930: Sergio Vuskovic, Chilean politician and writer. 1931: Manolo Escobar, Spanish singer and actor (d. 2013). 1931: John le Carrდ©, British novelist, specialized in suspense and espionage. 1932: Mariano Grondona, Argentine writer and professor. 1932: Robert Reed, American actor (d. 1992). 1933: Geraldo Majella Agnelo, Brazilian cardinal. 1934: Flurin Caviezel, Swiss writer (d. 2008). 1934: Yakubu Gowon, Nigerian military leader. 1934: Glდ³ria Menezes, Brazilian actress. 1935: Agne Simonsson, Swedish footballer. 1936: Eliana Aranდ­bar Figueroa, Chilean politician (f. 2013). 1936: Sylvia Browne, American psychic and con artist (d. 2013). 1936: Beatriz Dდ­a Quiroga, Argentine radio and television actress. 1936: Tony Lo Bianco, American actor. 1936: Aleida March, Cuban guerrilla, ex-wife of Che Guevara. 1938: Eugenio Montejo, Venezuelan poet and essayist (f. 2008). 1939: Gladys Zender, Peruvian model. 1940: Larry Chance, American singer, of the band Larry Chance and the Earls. 1940: Michael Gambon, Irish actor. 1940: Juan Carlos Maccarone, Argentine bishop. 1941: Eddie Daniels, American musician. 1941: Luiz Felipe Lampreia, Brazilian sociologist and diplomat. 1941: Pedro Felipe Ramდ­rez, Chilean politician. 1942: Iდ±aki Gabilondo, Spanish journalist. 1942: Andrew Vachss, American writer. 1943: Adolfo Aristarain, Argentine filmmaker and screenwriter. 1943: Adდ¡n Martდ­n Menis, industrial engineer and Spanish politician (d. 2010). 1944: Billy Bond, Italian-Argentine musician. 1944: Alfonso Chase, Costa Rican writer. 1944: Francisco Gonzდ¡lez Rodrდ­guez, Spanish banker. 1944: Agustდ­n Tamames, Spanish cyclist. 1944: Peter Tosh, Jamaican reggae musician, of the band The Wailers (d. 1987). 1945: Divine, American actor, singer and drag queen (d. 1988). 1945: John Lithgow, American actor. 1945: Angus Deaton, Scottish American economist. 1946: Robert Hue, French politician. 1946: Ernesto Palacio, Peruvian tenor. 1946: Philip Pullman, British writer. 1947: Giorgio Cavazzano, Italian cartoonist. 1947: Bდ¡rbara Jacobs, Mexican writer. 1947: Leonardo Posada, Colombian leader (d. 1986). 1948: Carmen Fraga Estდ©vez, Spanish politician. 1949: Jდ¼rgen Croy, German footballer. 1949: Fiorella Faltoyano, Spanish actress. 1950: Mike Barr, American basketball player. 1950: Carlos Marდ­a Bonaparte, French politician. 1950: Cდ©sar Bono, Mexican actor. 1950: Josდ© Luis Castejდ³n Garruდ©s, Spanish politician (d. 2006). 1950: Patrick Cowley, American musician. 1950: George Fenton, British composer. 1950: Nდ©stor Jofrდ©, Chilean businessman and politician. 1951: Julio Dittborn, Chilean politician. 1951: Pablo Yrarrდ¡zaval, Chilean magnate. 1952: Verდ³nica Castro, Mexican actress. 1952: Perico Fernდ¡ndez, Spanish boxer. 1953: Lionel Hollins, American basketball player and coach. 1954: Sam Allardyce, English footballer and coach. 1954: Carmen Andrade, Chilean politician. 1954: Joe Bryant, American basketball player. 1954: Ken Stott, Scottish actor. 1955: Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Mexican businessman. 1955: Lonnie Shelton, American basketball player. 1956: Arდ³n Claudio Bitrდ¡n Goren, Chilean violinist. 1956: Sunny Deol, Indian actor and director. 1956: Bruce Weber, American basketball coach. 1957: Magaly Espinosa, Chilean economist. 1957: Olaf Heredia, Mexican soccer player. 1957: Plinio Olano, Colombian politician. 1958: Lou Briel, Puerto Rican musician and actor. 1958: Pedro Chinchay, Peruvian soccer player. 1958: Javier Corcuera, Argentine politician. 1958: Dario Franceschini, Italian politician. 1958: Michael S. Steele, American politician. 1959: Nir Barkat, Israeli politician. 1959: Riccardo Nencini, Italian politician. 1960: Frank Delgado, Cuban singer-songwriter. 1960: Beate Eriksen, Norwegian actress. 1960: Ignacio Gonzდ¡lez Gonzდ¡lez, Spanish politician. 1961: Marდ­a Adela Alvarado, Venezuelan choir director. 1961: Josდ© Rosas Aispuro, Mexican lawyer and politician. 1961: Juan Carlos Navarro, Panamanian politician. 1962: Tracy Chevalier, American writer. 1962: დ?lvaro Garcდ­a Linera, Bolivian politician. 1962: Evander Holyfield, American boxer. 1962: Marco Aurelio Odio, Costa Rican bowling player (f. 2008). 1962: Juan Ramდ³n Sდ¡enz, Mexican radio host (d. 2011). 1963: Mauricio Montero, Costa Rican soccer player. 1964: Ty Pennington, American carpenter and model. 1964: Katie Viqueira, Argentine tango singer. 1965: Brad Daugherty, American basketball player. 1965: Ty Pennington, American television character. 1966: Roger Cross, Jamaican-Canadian actor. 1966: Jon Favreau, American actor and director. 1966: Manuel Inostroza, Chilean doctor and politician. 1966: Pedro Muდ±oz de la Torre, Mexican soccer player. 1967: Yanitzia Canetti, Cuban writer. 1967: Yვ?ko Shimomura, Japanese composer. 1968: Kacey Ainsworth, British actress. 1968: Ricardo Mendiguren, Spanish footballer. 1969: Moncho Fernდ¡ndez, Spanish basketball coach. 1969: Omar Lefosse, Argentine actor. 1969: Karina Mazzocco, Argentine television host and actress. 1969: Trey Parker, American actor and comedian; creator of South Park. 1969: DJ Sammy, Spanish music producer. 1969: Erwin Sდ¡nchez, Bolivian soccer player. 1970: Chris Kattan, American humorist. 1970: Fabiდ¡n Roncero, Spanish athlete. 1972: Tinieblas Gonzდ¡lez, Spanish filmmaker. 1972: Pras, American rapper. 1973: Jorge Alarte, Spanish politician. 1973: Hicham Arazi, Moroccan tennis player. 1973: Paulo Brunetti, Argentine actor. 1973: Daniel McDevitt, American wrestler. 1973: Hხ»“ Lხ»‡ Thu, Vietnamese singer. 1974: Pablo Bello, Chilean economist. 1974: Luis Fernando Hidalgo, Peruvian rapper and actor. 1974: Vicente Valcarce, Spanish footballer. 1975: Natalia Carulias, Argentine actress. 1975: Hilde Gerg, German skier. 1975: Carlos de la Mota, Dominican actor. 1975: Cდ©sar Sanmartდ­n, Spanish basketball player. 1976: Joe Duplantier, French guitarist, of the Cavalera Conspiracy band. 1976: Mauricio Durდ¡n, Chilean guitarist, of the band Los Bunkers. 1976: Omar Gooding, American actor. 1976: Desmond Harrington, American actor. 1976: Paul Hartley, Scottish footballer. 1976: Pete Loeffler, American guitarist, of the band Chevelle. 1977: Habib Beye, Senegalese footballer. 1977: Joemy Blanco, Puerto Rican actress. 1977: Jason Reitman, American filmmaker. 1977: David Rubდ­n, Spanish cartoonist. 1977: Raდºl Tamudo, Spanish footballer. 1978: Enrique Bernoldi, Brazilian Formula 1 driver. 1978: Ruslan Chagaev, Uzbek boxer. 1978: Nicolდ¡s Peric, Chilean soccer player. 1979: Ignacio Achurra, Chilean actor. 1979: Marc Elliott, British actor. 1979: Pablo Islas, Argentine footballer. 1979: Lei Jia, Chinese singer. 1979: Josდ© Luis "Parejita" Lდ³pez, Mexican soccer player. 1979: Mariano Pasini, Argentine soccer player. 1980: Fidel Amado Pდ©rez, Paraguayan soccer player. 1980: Josდ© Bautista, Dominican baseball player. 1980: Albert Meyong, Cameroonian footballer. 1980: Benjamin Salisbury, American actor. 1980: Eloi Yebra, Spanish comedian. 1981: Christian Bautista, Filipino actor and singer. 1981: Heikki Kovalainen, Finnish Formula 1 driver. 1981: Ken Niimura, Spanish cartoonist. 1981: Gonzalo Pineda, Mexican soccer player. 1981: Jonathan Santana, Argentine soccer player. 1981: Daniel Vega, Argentine soccer player. 1982: Ana Arias, Spanish actress. 1982: Marდ­a Fernanda Neil, Argentine actress. 1982: Gillian Jacobs, American actress. 1982: Pekka Lagerblom, Finnish footballer. 1982: Danny Pugh, British footballer. 1983: Jorge Valdivia, Venezuelan-Chilean soccer player. 1984: Saki Fujita, Japanese actress. 1984: Damiდ¡n Malrrechauffe, Uruguayan soccer player. 1985: Bernardita Pizarro, Chilean cyclist. 1986: Joel Carli, Argentine footballer. 1986: Isabel Fernდ¡ndez Ibarra, Chilean presenter and broadcaster. 1986: Karlee Pდ©rez, model and American fighter. 1987: Odemaris Ruiz, Mexican actress. 1987: Cristian Ugalde, Spanish handball player. 1987: Fumino Kimura, Japanese actress. 1988: Irene Escolar, Spanish actress. 1989: Miroslav Stoch, Slovak footballer. 1990: Janet Leon, Swedish singer, of the band Play. 1991: Colton Dixon, American pianist and singer.