october 2 zodiac

    People born on October 2 rule over others and conquer their enemies.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on October 2

    Characterized by great willpower. Their behavior is intelligent, impulsive, aggressive, and quite angry, which often causes misunderstandings in life and inharmonious cooperation. Persistent, warlike, implacable people; they don't back down from a fight. They can skillfully organize everything and determine the right place for everyone. They are also great analysts: serious, forward-thinking, insightful. Where other more superficial observers cannot see flaws, people born today instantly perceive all flaws. Characterized by their diplomatic, strategic and tactical skills, which can be of great help in life and relationships with others, especially in the military career. They generally manage to secure their power over others. They rule and triumph over their enemies. It should be added that they are faithful and honest people who always seek the best in life. They relentlessly adhere to their principles and methods of practical action. They fight for balance and harmony through all the shifting twists of earthly destiny, to finally reach them. Their intuition makes it easy for them to find the correct path of spiritual development. They want to achieve a harmony between feelings and thoughts. As soon as they achieve inner harmony, they quickly make a run thanks to skillful moves on the chessboard of life. What threatens them? They must be careful of the dangers that await them in battles. Health: Born people have an infallible instinct that leads to good health and a strong organism. Their balanced character allows them to avoid extremes and excess. However, your health could suffer due to great emotional turmoil, especially when your inner sense of justice is damaged. They may also suffer from an excessive focus on their own specialty and one-sided views.

    Zodiac sign for those born on October 2

    If your birthday is October 2, your zodiac sign is  Libra

    October 2 - personality and character

    character:  tough, bright, friendly, dissipated, parsimonius, demanding; profession:  welder, poet, sculptor; colors:  red, blue, gray battleship; stone:  peridot; animal:  sea otter; plant:  Yarrow; lucky numbers:  6,7,12,14,22,55 super lucky number:  17

    Holidays and Observances - October 2

    • India: Gandhi Jayanti
    • United Nations: International Day of Non-Violence.
    • Chile: Day of the medical technologist.
    • Chile: National Environment Day.
    • Argentina: Day of the Building Manager.
    • Mexico: Anniversary of the Tlatelolco Massacre. against a group of students belonging to the UNAM General Strike Council.
    • Argentina: Villa Urquiza Day (Buenos Aires).

    October 2 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Alice Prin, French model, singer and actress (d. 1953). 1902: Leopold Figl, Austrian politician (d. 1965). 1904: Graham Greene, British novelist (d. 1991). 1904: Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indian Prime Minister (d. 1966). 1905: Alberto Martდ­n-Artajo დ?lvarez, Spanish politician (d. 1979). 1907: Vდ­ctor Paz Estenssoro, Bolivian politician and president (f. 2001). 1907: Alexander Robert Todd, British chemist, 1957 Nobel Prize winner (d. 1997). 1911: Jack Finney, American author (d. 1995). 1913: Karl Miller, German footballer (d. 1967). 1914: Jack Parsons, American scientist (d. 1952). 1916: Josდ© Manuel Isla, Chilean politician (d. 1971). 1917: Christian de Duve, Belgian scientist, 1974 Nobel Prize in Medicine (f. 2013). 1917: Charles Drake, American actor (d. 1994). 1921: Edmund Crispin, English writer (d. 1978) 1921: Robert Runcie, British religious (d. 2000). 1923: Eugenio Cruz Vargas, Chilean painter and poet (d. 2014). 1925: Josდ© Martდ­nez, Argentine filmmaker, older brother of Mirtha Legrand. 1926: Jan Morris (James Humphrey Morris), British writer, woman since 1972. 1928: George McFarland, American actor (d. 1993). 1928: Wolfhart Pannenberg, German theologian (d. 2014). 1929: Moses Gunn, African-American actor (d. 1993). 1929: Peter Bronfman, Canadian businessman (d. 1996). 1929: Cesare Maestri, Italian climber. 1929: Howard Roberts, American guitarist (d. 1992). 1930: Antonio Gala, Spanish writer. 1935: Omar Sდ­vori, Argentine soccer player (f. 2005). 1936: Dick Barnett, American basketball player. 1936: Fernando Sდ¡nchez Dragდ³, Spanish writer and literary critic. 1937: Roberto Herlitzka, Italian actor. 1938: Rex Reed, American actor. 1941: Ray Tomlinson, American programmer, implemented email (f. 2016). 1942: Steve Sabol, American audiovisual producer (d. 2012). 1943: Franklin Rosemont, American artist. 1943: Eduardo Serra, Portuguese director of photography. 1944: Vernor Vinge, American writer. 1945: Don McLean, American singer-songwriter. 1945: Regina Tornდ©, Mexican actress. 1946: Sonthi Boonyaratglin, Thai general. 1946: Marie-Georges Pascal, French actress (d. 1985). 1946: Eric Peterson, Canadian actor. 1947: Olga Lucas, Spanish writer, poet and translator. 1948: Donna Karan, American fashion designer. 1948: Trevor Brooking, British footballer. 1948: Siim Kallas, Estonian politician, prime minister between 2002 and 2003. 1948: Persis Khambatta, Indian actress and model (f. 1998) 1949: Richard Hell, American musician. 1949: Annie Leibovitz, American photographer. 1949: Carlos Slepoy, Argentine jurist, human rights activist (f. 2017). 1950: Mike Rutherford, British musician, of the band Genesis. 1951: Romina Power, Italian-American actress and singer. 1951: Sting (Gordon Sumner), singer, bassist and British multi-instrumentalist, of the band The Police. 1954: Lorraine Bracco, American actress. 1955: Philip Oakey, British singer, of the band The Human League. 1957: Janry, Belgian cartoonist of comics. 1960: Robbie Nevil, American musician. 1960: Massimo Gramellini, Italian journalist. 1962: Sigtryggur Baldursson, Icelandic drummer, of the band The Sugarcubes. 1963: Patricia Janiot, Colombian journalist and presenter. 1966: Rodney Anoai, American professional wrestler. 1967: Frankie Fredericks, Namibian athlete. 1967: Bud Gaugh, American musician, of the Sublime band. 1967: Thomas Muster, Austrian tennis player. 1968: Jana Novotnდ¡, Czech tennis player (d. 2017). 1968: Range Murata, Japanese artist and designer. 1969: Badly Drawn Boy, British singer-songwriter. 1969: Damon Gough, British singer. 1970: Kelly Ripa, American actress. 1970: Maribel Verdდº, Spanish actress. 1971: James Root, American guitarist, of the band Slipknot. 1971: Tiffany, American singer. 1972: Aaron McKie, American basketball player. 1973: Lene Nystrom, Norwegian singer, of the band Aqua. 1973: Proof, American rapper, of the band D12. 1973: Andriy Danilko, Ukrainian singer and comedian. 1973: Maria Wetterstrand, Swedish politician. 1973: Susana Gonzდ¡lez, Mexican actress. 1974: Simon Gregson, British actor. 1974: Michelle Krusiec, American actress. 1978: Ayumi Hamasaki, Japanese singer. 1979: Francisco Fonseca, Mexican soccer player. 1979: Primoვ¾ Brezec, Slovenian basketball player. 1979: Maja Ivarsson, Swedish singer, of the band The Sounds. 1979: Morante de la Puebla, Spanish bullfighter. 1980: Lucas Castromდ¡n, Argentine footballer. 1980: Edison Charდ¡, Colombian soccer player (f. 2011). 1980: Rubდ©n Darდ­o Gigena, Argentine footballer. 1981: Sidney Samson, Dutch DJ and producer. 1981: Luke Wilkshire, Australian footballer. 1982: Tyson Chandler, American basketball player. 1984: Marion Bartoli, French tennis player. 1985: Elsa Pinilla, Spanish actress and singer. 1986: Camilla Belle, American actress. 1986: Kiko Casilla, Spanish footballer, Real Madrid goalkeeper. 1989: George Hotz, American hacker. 1989: Lydia Fairen, Spanish actress and singer. 1990: Samantha Barks, British actress and singer. 1993: Rodrigo Noya, Argentine actor.