october 20 zodiac

    People born on October 20 are happy to help those in need.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on October 20

    His behavior is simple and not forced. They gladly give favors to others when it comes to matters of everyday life; They are meticulous and methodical people, they strive for comfort and peace. They always have a certain problem that absorbs them a lot. They like to help those in need, they are polite and attentive to them, but without forgetting their family and friends. They like children and gardening. Without fear of danger. Unrelenting on the battlefield - they display great serene courage. They are quite combative in behavior. At the same time, they are sensitive, not deprived of internal dissonances, which often makes their character dual. A woman who was born on this day has many friends and is very popular with the opposite sex due to her kind and attractive demeanor. She is friendly and with a kind demeanor, she would not like to hurt anyone's feelings. Therefore, when she is loved and does not feel the same, she hesitates and postpones the final "no" ... However, this kindness is easily misinterpreted. She can be an ideal wife as her whole nature yearns to love someone, even with children, who are often second only to her husband. People born today have a fairly strong and harmoniously built organism. Flaws: They are often troubled by gloomy and chaotic moods. They surrender too easily to the arguments of their opponents, unnecessarily dispersing their skills and talents. They would always like to support everyone, but they cannot understand that being able to help others efficiently comes from self-control. Why should they fight? By overcoming your bad moods, to which you will eventually succeed.

    Zodiac sign for those born on October 20

    If your birthday is October 20, your zodiac sign is  Libra

    October 20 - personality and character

    character:  tolerant, bright, emotional, touchy, tight-lipped, willing; profession:  watchmaker, janitor, sociologist; colors:  silver, black, beige; stone:  alexandrite; animal:  seagull; plant:  Boxwood shrub; lucky numbers:  18,27,35,40,44,49 super lucky number:  2

    Holidays and Observances - October 20

    • World Osteoporosis Day.
    • Cuba: Day of Cuban Culture.
    • Guatemala: Day of the Revolution.
    • Chile: Churrasco Day.
    • International Air Traffic Controller Day.
    • International Chef's Day.
    • Bolivia: Foundation of Our Lady of La Paz.
    • World Statistics Day, every five years.

    October 20 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1902: Felisberto Hernდ¡ndez, Uruguayan writer (d. 1964). 1903: Irineo Leguisamo, Uruguayan yდ³quey (d. 1985). 1903: Juan Rejano, Spanish poet (d. 1976). 1905: Frederic Dannay (David Daniel Nathan), Jewish-American writer, who with his cousin Manfred Bennington Lee used the pseudonym Ellery Queen (d. 1982). 1907: Christopher Caudwell, British writer, poet, intellectual and political theorist (d. 1937). 1913: Alejandro de la Sota, Spanish architect (d. 1996). 1915: Juan Carlos Migliavacca, Argentine painter (d. 2004). 1917: Stდ©phane Hessel, French diplomat, writer, and political activist (d. 2013). 1917: Jean-Pierre Melville, French filmmaker (d. 1973). 1919: Mariano Martდ­n, Spanish soccer player (d. 1998). 1920: Bernardo Capდ³, Spanish cyclist (d. 2000). 1920: Janet Jagan, Guyanese president between 1997 and 1999 (d. 2009). 1920: Fanny de Sivers, Estonian linguist (d. 2011). 1923: Robert Craft, American conductor and musician (d. 2015). 1923: Cameron Macauley, American photographer (d. 2007). 1925: Art Buchwald, American journalist and humorist (d. 2007). 1925: Antonio Bonet Correa, Spanish art critic and professor. 1925: Roger Hanin, French actor, director and writer (d. 2015). 1927: Abel Santamarდ­a, Cuban politician and revolutionary (d. 1953). 1928: Pedro Ferrდ¡ndiz, Spanish basketball coach. 1929: Herminio Iglesias, Argentine leader and politician (d. 2007). 1929: Horacio Malvicino, Argentine guitarist. 1931: Mickey Mantle, American baseball player (d. 1995). 1932: Julia Gutiდ©rrez Caba, Spanish actress. 1932: Rokurვ? Naya, Japanese voice actor (d. 2014). 1933: Hilda Herrera, Argentine pianist, composer and educator. 1934: Michiko aristocrat and Japanese empress. 1934: Eddie Harris, American jazz musician (d. 1996). 1935: Jerry Orbach, American actor (d. 2004). 1937: Wanda Jackson, British singer. 1937: Juan Marichal, Dominican baseball player. 1938: Cდ©sar Isella, Argentine musician, singer and composer. 1940: Robert Pinsky, American poet. 1942: Christiane Nდ¼sslein-Volhard, German biologist, Nobel Prize winner for physiology or medicine in 1995. 1944: Josდ© Eulogio Gდ¡rate, Argentine footballer. 1946: Elfriede Jelinek, Austrian writer, feminist activist and playwright. 1946: Lucien Van Impe, Belgian cyclist. 1947: Angela Brambati, Italian singer, of the Ricchi e Pდ³veri band. 1947: Mario Mutis, Chilean musician, of the band Los Jaivas. 1949: Valeri Borzov, Soviet athlete specialist in speed tests. 1950: Tom Petty, American musician (d. 2017). 1951: Alma Muriel, Mexican actress (d. 2014). 1951: Claudio Ranieri, Italian soccer coach. 1952: Bill Nunn, American actor (d. 2016). 1955: Thomas Newman, American composer. 1956: Danny Boyle, British filmmaker and producer. 1957: Susanna Haavisto, Finnish singer and actress. 1957: Manuel Huerga, Spanish filmmaker. 1957: Anouar Brahem, Tunisian musician. 1958: Dave Finlay, Irish professional wrestler. 1958: Scott Hall, American professional wrestler. 1958: Francisco Javier Illდ¡n Vivas, Spanish poet. 1958: Mark King, British musician, of the band Level 42. 1958: Viggo Mortensen, Danish-Argentine actor. 1958: Ivo Pogorelich, Croatian pianist. 1961: Ian Rush, Welsh footballer. 1962: Renდ© Strickler, Mexican actor of Argentine origin. 1965: Carlos Iturgaiz, Basque politician. 1965: William Zabka, American actor. 1966: Abu Musab al Zarqawi, Salafi Muslim, Jordanian terrorist. 1966: Stefan Raab, German actor, presenter and composer. 1966: Patrick Volkerding, American computer scientist. 1966: Fred Coury, American drummer, of the Cinderella band. 1967: Quique Andreu, Spanish basketball player. 1967: Luigi Lo Cascio, Italian actor. 1967: Ted Chiang, American writer of speculative fiction. 1969: Juan Gonzდ¡lez, Puerto Rican baseball player. 1969: Guillermo Pდ©rez Roldდ¡n, Argentine tennis player. 1970: Chavo Guerrero Jr, Mexican-American professional wrestler. 1970: Sander Boschker, Dutch footballer. 1971: Jimi Westbrook, American guitarist, of the band Little Big Town. 1971: Snoop Dogg, American rapper. 1971: Dannii Minogue, Australian singer and actress. 1974: Mauro Navas, Argentine soccer player. 1975: Rafel Sastre, Spanish footballer. 1976: Nicola Legrottaglie, Italian footballer. 1977: Leila Josefowicz, Canadian classical violinist. 1977: Miguel Augusto Rodrდ­guez, Venezuelan actor. 1978: Paul Wilson, Irish musician, of the Snow Patrol band. 1979: John Krasinski, American actor. 1979: Lucas Martდ­, Argentine indie pop musician. 1979: Francisco Javier Rodrდ­guez, Mexican soccer player. 1982: Josდ© Acasuso, Argentine tennis player. 1983: Luis Saritama, Ecuadorian soccer player. 1984: Florient Sinama-Pongolle, French footballer. 1984: Mitch Lucker, American lead singer of Suicide Silence (d. 2012). 1987: Denis Stracqualursi, Argentine footballer. 1988: Risa Niigaki, Japanese singer. 1988: Candice Swanepoel, South African model. 1988: ASAP Ferg, American rapper. 1989: Lamine Gassama, French footballer. 1989: Jess Glynne, British singer.