october 22 zodiac

    People born on October 22 are gifted with imagination and a love of literature.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on October 22

    They have a fascinating influence on others; They are very bright and intelligent people, but they are not free from various weaknesses and character flaws. They can give themselves completely to a cause and are enthusiastic about social networks; they care about your ideas and projects. They often display certain reformatory aspirations and work eagerly for the good of society. They find literature attractive. Although their imaginations are highly developed, they can be excellent analysts. They also defend nature. Full of dignity, they are excellently versed in human characters, and their likes and dislikes are often strongly expressed. Although they are usually very nice and friendly, they can also fiercely defend your rights if necessary. They defend luxury and comfort, and are easily prone to exaggeration in that regard. However, they show benevolence and generosity in relationships with people. They may be more successful as managers or physical workers. They require obedience from their subordinates, as they cannot yield to the order of their superiors. They should strive to look at life only from their own perspective, while being able to evaluate the principles and points of view of others. When they overcome their basic instincts, they become loving parents and faithful partners. Defects: They are hypersensitive, impatient, which makes them unnecessarily disperse their vitality. They also tend to live without a plan, yielding very easily to the influence, fatalism, or inertia of other people. Their behavior sometimes shows certain tendencies to melancholy. They would like to lead a quiet life, focused on mental work. What threatens them? Betrayals of loved ones.

    Zodiac sign for those born on October 22

    If your birthday is October 22, your zodiac sign is  Libra

    October 22 - personality and character

    character:  benevolent, strong, courteous, partial, vehement, fierce; profession:  gravedigger, electrician, office worker; colors:  gold, brown, black; stone:  talc; animal:  elephant; plant:  Columbine flower; lucky numbers:  17,30,32,38,43,58 super lucky number:  4

    Holidays and observances - October 22

    • Spain: Calpe - Santდ­simo Cristo del Sudor (Patron of Calpe)
    • World Stuttering Day
    • Spain: Cathedral Day 6
    • Mexico: Civic-Military Parade for the Appointment of Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla as "Generalissimo of the Americas."
    • International Oscillation Day
    • Spain: Adahuesca - Santas Day
    • Argentina: National Day of the Orillero singer.
    • Mexico: Acდ¡mbaro, Guanajuato: National Celebration

    October 22 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1903: Curly Howard, American actor and comedian. 1903: George Wells Beadle, American geneticist (d. 1989). 1904: Saდºl Calandra, Argentine soccer player (d. 1973). 1905: Karl Guthe Jansky, American radio engineer. 1906: Aurelio Baldor, Cuban lawyer and mathematician. 1907: Gდ¼nther Treptow, German tenor (d. 1981). 1908: Josდ© Escobar Saliente, Spanish cartoonist. 1911: Josდ© Marდ­a Dდ­ez-Alegrდ­a, Spanish priest and theologian (d. 2010). 1913: Robert Capa, Hungarian-born war photographer (d. 1954). 1917: Joan Fontaine, American actress of Japanese origin. 1919: Doris Lessing, British novelist of Iranian origin. 1920: Timothy Leary, American writer and psychologist (d. 1996). 1921: Georges Brassens, French singer-songwriter. 1922: Carlos Estrada, Argentine actor (d. 2001). 1923: Bert Trautmann, German footballer (d. 2013). 1924: Elcira Olivera Garcდ©s, Argentine actress. 1925: Robert Rauschenberg, American painter (d. 2008). 1928: Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Brazilian filmmaker. 1929: Lev Yashin, Soviet footballer. 1930: Estela de Carlotto, president of the association Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo. 1930: Josდ© Guardiola, Spanish singer (d. 2012). 1933: Carlos Alberto Sacheri, Argentine academic and theologian. 1933: Helmut Senekowitsch, Austrian footballer (d. 2007). 1937: Josდ© Larralde, Argentine singer-songwriter of folk music. 1938: Derek Jacobi, British actor. 1938: Christopher Lloyd, American actor. 1939: Joaquim Alberto Chissano, Mozambican politician. 1939: Jean-Pierre Desthuilliers, French writer and poet. 1942: Annette Funicello, American actress and singer (d. 2013). 1943: Jan de Bont, Dutch filmmaker. 1943: Catherine Deneuve, French actress. 1945: Tom Lupo, Argentine psychoanalyst and poet. 1946: Jaime Nebot, Ecuadorian politician. 1946: Elizabeth Connell, South African soprano (d. 2012). 1947: Godfrey Chitalu, former Zambian footballer (d. 1993). 1948: Pierre Lartigue, French rally driver. 1949: Stiv Bators, American musician (d. 1990). 1949: Arsდ¨ne Wenger, French soccer coach. 1950: Donald Ramotar, Guyanese president. 1952: Jeff Goldblum, American actor. 1953: Renდ© Arce Islas, Mexican politician. 1955: Susana Roccasalvo, Argentine journalist and television host. 1956: Alejandro Kuropatwa, Argentine photographer (f. 2003). 1957: Daniel Melingo, Argentine musician. 1959: Pedro Barthe, Spanish journalist. 1959: Roberto Navarro, Argentine economic journalist. 1962: Pocholo (Josდ© Marდ­a Martდ­nez Bordiდº), entertainer and Spanish disc yდ³quey. 1963: Brian Boitano, American skater. 1964: Draვ¾en Petroviე‡, Croatian basketball player. 1964: TobyMac, American Christian singer-songwriter. 1964: Craig Levein, Scottish footballer and coach. 1967: Rita Guerra, Portuguese singer. 1968: Shaggy, Jamaican musician. 1969: Julio Borges, Venezuelan politician and lawyer. 1969: Spike Jonze, American filmmaker and producer. 1970: Gabriel Amato, Argentine soccer player. 1970: Coque Malla, Spanish actor and singer, of the band Los Ronaldos. 1971: Josდ© დ?ngel Maდ±as, Spanish writer. 1972: Vდ­ctor Saldaდ±o, Argentine criminal sentenced to death in the United States. 1972: Saffron Burrows, British actress. 1973: Andrდ©s Palop, Spanish footballer. 1973: Ichiro Suzuki, Japanese baseball player. 1974: Jeff McInnis, American basketball player. 1975: Martდ­n Cardetti, Argentine footballer. 1975: Mდ­chel Salgado, Spanish footballer. 1976: Laidback Luke, Filipino-Dutch producer and DJ. 1978: Dion Glover, American basketball player. 1978: Chaswe Nsofwa, Zambian footballer (d. 2007). 1979: Doni, Brazilian soccer player. 1981: Olivier Pla, French racing driver. 1982: Robinson Canდ³, Dominican baseball player. 1983: Plan B, British musician and singer. 1984: Horacio Agulla, Argentine rugby player. 1985: Federico დ?greda, Venezuelan musician. 1986: Kyle Gallner, American actor. 1986: ვ?tefan Radu, Romanian footballer. 1990: Nicolდ¡s Francella, Argentine actor. 1990: Jonathan Lipnicki, American actor. 1990: Mariana di Girolamo, Chilean actress. 1992: Sofia Vassilieva, American actress.