october 23 zodiac

    People born on October 23 are withdrawn and prone to alienating themselves from others.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on October 23

    They are stable, caring and considerate people. They display strong will, tact, and struggle for power, and they passionately indulge in contemplation. They fight for inner development and spare no effort to grow as people. They are somewhat withdrawn, prone to alienating themselves from their environment. His strong mind is power and control. They can achieve power over others through self-control. Energetic, decisive: they can exercise power over others. Why should they fight? They must avoid indulgence, giving in to their passions, and seeking pleasure. Your highest calling should be complete control over your feelings, passions, and intellect. It should be added that despite their initial falls or mistakes, they are generally making steady progress and making significant progress. The strong influence they have on their environment can accelerate the development of their loved ones and create better living conditions for them. What threatens them? Danger from your enemies. As soon as they think they have full happiness and security, they may be surrounded by danger. How to raise a child born on this day? They have innate inventive talents, characterized by original thoughts, as well as a knack for drawing and crafts in general. Your educators should not stop your innate originality, but develop and encourage it. These children should be allowed to walk their own path, without limiting their independence; otherwise, their innate abilities could be suppressed. When their words are questioned or ridiculed, they can easily learn to lie or cheat.

    Zodiac sign for those born on October 23

    If your birthday is October 23, your zodiac sign is  Libra

    October 23 - personality and character

    character:  tough, brave, happy, evil, sad, critical; profession:  firefighter, politician, motor driver; colors:  purple, white, yellowish; stone:  amber; animal:  wombat; plant:  hyacinth; lucky numbers:  2,4,18,25,39,47 super lucky number:  27

    Holidays and Observances - October 23

    • World Day of Action for Child Survival.
    • Hungary: National Day (1956 revolution and proclamation of the Republic of Hungary in 1989).
    • Uruguay: Journalist's Day.
    • France: French republican calendar: Celeri day, second day of the month of Brumaire.
    • Thailand: Chulalongkorn Day.
    • Mexico: Doctor's Day and solemn festivities in honor of San Josდ© de Zapotlდ¡n, patron of Zapotlდ¡n el Grande (Jalisco).
    • Astrology: first day of the Scorpio sun sign in western tropical astrology.
    • Chemistry: Mol Day.

    October 23 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1902: Luther H. Evans, American Librarian (d. 1981). 1905: Yen Chia-kan, Chinese politician (d. 1993). 1905: Felix Bloch, Swiss physicist of Jewish origin, 1952 Nobel Prize in Physics (d. 1983). 1908: Iliდ¡ Frank, Soviet physicist and mathematician, 1958 Nobel Prize winner for physics (d. 1990). 1909: Zellig Harris, American linguist (d. 1992). 1915: Simo Puupponen, Finnish writer (d. 1967). 1918: James Daly, American actor (d. 1978). 1919: Max Berliner, Argentine actor of Polish origin. 1920: Gianni Rodari, Italian writer, educator and journalist (d. 1980). 1920: Tetsuya Fujita, Japanese meteorologist, severe storm researcher (d. 1998) 1922: Amდ­lcar Brusa, Argentine boxer and coach (d. 2011). 1922: Fernando Labat, Argentine actor (f. 2004). 1923 - Ned Rorem, American composer. 1923: Hal Warren, American filmmaker, film producer, and screenwriter (d. 1985). 1923: Aslam Farrukhi, Pakistani writer and academic (d. 2016) 1924: Chi Hsin, Taiwanese director and screenwriter (d. 2010) 1925: Johnny Carson, American actor, comedian, television host, and writer (d. 2005). 1925: Manos Hadjidakis, Greek composer (d. 1994). 1927: Leszek Koვ‚akowski, Polish philosopher (d. 2009). 1929: Lucho Alarcდ³n, Chilean actor. 1929: Shamsur Rahman, Bangladeshi poet and journalist. (f. 2006) 1930: Josდ© Castillo Farreras, Mexican philosopher and professor (d. 2008). 1930: Francisco Cumplido, Chilean jurist. 1930: Unto Mononen, Finnish tango composer (f. 1968). 1931: Diana Dors, British actress (d. 1984). 1933: Carlos Lemos Simmonds, Colombian politician and president (d. 2003). 1934: Caitro Soto, Afro-Peruvian musician, cajonero and singer-songwriter (d. 2004). 1936: Philip Kaufman, American filmmaker. 1937: Sandy, Bolivian humorist (f. 2005). 1940: Pelდ© (Edson Arantes do Nacimento), Brazilian soccer player. 1941: Renდ© Metge, French car driver. 1941: Igor Smirnov, Moldovan politician. 1942: Michael Crichton, American writer (d. 2008). 1942: Anita Roddick, British businesswoman (d. 2007). 1943: Carlos Ulanovsky, Argentine journalist. 1946: Alicia Borinsky, Argentine novelist, poet and academic living in the United States. 1946: Graდ§a Machel, Mozambican politician. 1946: Mel Martდ­nez, American politician. 1947: დ?bdel Aziz ar-Rantisi, Palestinian politician (d. 2004). 1948: Jordi Sabatდ©s, Spanish pianist. 1949: Oscar Martდ­nez, Argentine actor. 1949: Wurzel (Michael Burston), British musician, of the band Motდ¶rhead. 1951: დ?ngel de Andrდ©s Lდ³pez, Spanish actor (d. 2016). 1951: Charly Garcდ­a, Argentine rock musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist. 1951: Federico Moura, Argentine singer (d. 1988). 1951: Fatmir Sejdiu, Kosovar president. 1952: Pierre Moerlen, French drummer and percussionist (d. 2005). 1953: Joaquდ­n Lavდ­n, Chilean politician. 1954: Ang Lee, Taiwanese filmmaker. 1955: Ryoko Sakaguchi, Japanese actress (f. 2013) 1956: Dianne Reeves, American jazz singer. 1957: Paul Kagame, Rwandan politician and president. 1957: Adam Nawalka, Polish footballer and coach. 1957: Francisco Josდ© Amparდ¡n Hernდ¡ndez, Mexican short story writer, academic and journalist. 1959: Sam Raimi, American filmmaker. 1959: "Weird Al" Yankovic, American comedian and singer. 1960: Gabriel "Puma" Goity, Argentine actor and comedian. 1960: Vinicio Gდ³mez, Guatemalan politician (f. 2008). 1960 - Wayne Rainey, American motorcycle racer. 1961: Laurie Halse Anderson, American writer. 1961: Andoni Zubizarreta, Spanish footballer. 1962: Antonio Salinero, Spanish writer, novelist and poet. 1963: Anabell Lდ³pez Domდ­nguez, Cuban singer, sister of Silvio Rodrდ­guez. 1963: Rashidi Yekini, Nigerian footballer. 1964: Robert Trujillo, American rocker, of the band Metallica. 1965: Augusten Burroughs, American writer. 1966: Alessandro Zanardi, Italian racing driver. 1967: Omar Linares Izquierdo, Cuban baseball player. 1969: Trudi Canavan, Australian writer. 1970: Jasmin St. Claire, Indian actress. 1970: Kenji Nomura, Japanese voice actor. 1971: Christopher Horner, American cyclist. 1971: Bohuslav Sobotka, Czech politician. 1972: Kate del Castillo, Mexican actress. 1972: Tiffeny Milbrett, American footballer. 1972: Dominika Paleta, Mexican actress of Polish origin. 1972: Eduardo Paret, Cuban baseball player. 1973: Ibon Uzkudun, Spanish actor. 1973: Vivian Bang, American actress (Korean descent) 1974: Sander Westerveld, Danish soccer player. 1975: Odalys Garcდ­a, Cuban actress. 1975: Jessicka, American artist. 1975: Keith Van Horn, American basketball player. 1975: Manuela Velasco, Spanish actress. 1975: Diego S. Velდ¡zquez, Argentine musician, of the Tanghetto band. 1976: Sergio Diduch, Argentine footballer. 1976: Ryan Reynolds, Canadian actor and comedian. 1976: Cat Deeley, British presenter. 1977: Trad Montana, Spanish rapper. 1979: Simon Davies, British footballer. 1979: Ramდ³n Alfredo Castro, Venezuelan baseball player. 1980: Lucas David Sდ¡nchez, Argentine designer. 1981: Daniela Alvarado, Venezuelan actress. 1981: Leticia Dolera, actress and Spanish film director. 1981: Lee Ki-woo, South Korean actor 1982: Valentin Badea, Romanian footballer. 1982: Mirel Radoi, Romanian footballer. 1983: Sayaka Isoyama, Japanese actress 1984: Izabel Goulart, Brazilian model. 1985: Mohammed Abdellaoue, Norwegian footballer. 1986: Emilia Clarke, British actress. 1986: Jessica Stroup, American actress. 1987: Fდ©lix Doubront, Venezuelan baseball player. 1989: Alain Baroja, Venezuelan soccer player. 1989: Andriy Yarmolenko, Ukrainian footballer. 1991: Mako, princess of the Japanese imperial family 1991: Emil Forsberg, Swedish footballer. 1992: დ?lvaro Morata, Spanish footballer. 1995: Ireland Baldwin, American model, daughter of the actors Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin. 1998: Amandla Stenberg, American actress.