october 26 zodiac

    People born on October 26 are serious and profound, they influence their environment.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on October 26

    They like to study deep truths and can easily dispense with the company of others. They are not pessimistic or misanthropic, but they perceive the affairs of life from the correct perspective, and each event and each person is judged on their true worth. They are people of an odd double character. Periods of activity are intertwined with periods of passivity. They keep someone as their friend for as long as it takes. People born today can make their mark on their environment, often on their society. They demand respect. They generally live a long time and have a strong organism. In the event of an ailment, the most vulnerable parts of your body are the bladder, throat, and mucous system. In their youth, they go through periods of restlessness and many changes, but a change for the better can occur after the age of 30. Their material situation often improves due to the marriage, which is likely to be successful. What threatens them? A loss of a loved one, often in their youth. Relations with family members are usually unfavorable. Why should they fight? They must always remember that a faithful friend is worth more than a hundred sycophants. By analyzing your inner life every day, you can more easily become aware of your subconscious weaknesses and tendencies.

    Zodiac sign for those born on October 26

    If your birthday is October 26, your zodiac sign is  Scorpio

    October 26 - personality and character

    character:  seeker, emotional, cautious, prejudiced, malevolent, excitable; profession:  turner, beautician, structural engineer; colors:  red, cream, claret; stone:  garnet; animal:  dog; plant:  Larkspur flower; lucky numbers:  7,9,16,23,44,46 super lucky number:  21

    Holidays and observances - October 26

    • Nauru: Angam Day is celebrated.
    • Peru: The procession of the Lord of Miracles from Nazarenas to Callao takes place.
    • Argentina: Chemist's Day.
    • Austria: National holiday commemorating the declaration of neutrality by the Austrian government in 1955.
    • Spain: National Brain Damage Day.

    October 26 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Karin Boye, Swedish poet and novelist (d. 1941). 1904: Josefina de Vasconcellos, English sculptor (d. 2005). 1906: Cousin Carnera, Italian boxer (d. 1967). 1908: Miguel Otero Silva, Venezuelan writer, journalist and politician (d. 1985). 1908: Pilar Careaga Basabe, Spanish engineer and politician (f. 1993). 1909: Dante Quinterno, Argentine comic book creator, known for his character Patoruzდº (f. 2003). 1911: Mahalia Jackson, American gospel alto singer (d. 1972). 1912: Don Siegel, editor, producer and American filmmaker. 1913: Charlie Barnet, American jazz musician (d. 1991). 1914: Jackie Coogan, American actor (d. 1984). 1915: Lindsay Pryor, Australian botanist (d. 1998). 1915: Ramდ³n Sabatდ©s i Massanell, Spanish cartoonist. 1916: Franდ§ois Mitterrand, French politician, president between 1981 and 1995 (f. 1996). 1917: Diana Ingro, Argentine actress. 1919: Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Iranian aristocrat and dictator, last Shah of Iran (d. 1980). 1919: Edward Brooke, American politician. 1922: Darcy Ribeiro, Brazilian anthropologist, writer and politician (f. 1997). 1923: Joan Orდ³, Spanish biochemist. 1924: Mდ¡ximo Pacheco Gდ³mez, Chilean lawyer. 1925: James V. McConnell, American animal biologist and psychologist (d. 1990). 1925: Jan Wolkers, Dutch writer. 1927: Fernando Gutiდ©rrez Barrios, Mexican politician (d. 2000). 1928: Francisco Solano Lდ³pez, Argentine cartoonist (d. 2011). 1929: Cleofდ© Elsa Calderდ³n, Argentine botanist (d. 2007). 1933: Josდ© Moreno, Spanish actor. 1934: Jacques Loussier, French pianist and composer. 1936: Shelley Morrison, American actress. 1937: Rafael Moneo, Spanish architect. 1940: Josდ© Marდ­a Arancedo, Argentine bishop. 1942: Bob Hoskins, British actor (d. 2014). 1944: Fernando Ortiz Arana, Mexican lawyer and politician. 1945: Jaclyn Smith, American actress. 1947: Hillary Clinton, American politician, wife of former American President Bill Clinton. 1947: Christian Ude, German politician. 1950: Ana Marდ­a Cores, Argentine actress and singer. 1950: Viviana Gorbato, Argentine journalist and essayist (f. 2005). 1952: Lars Peter Hansen, American economist. 1955: Olivia Bucio, Mexican actress. 1955: Baltasar Garzდ³n, Spanish judge. 1955: Laura Mintegi, Basque writer. 1956: Rita Wilson, American actress. 1957: Manuel Rivas, Spanish writer, poet, essayist and journalist. 1958: Narciso Agდºndez Montaდ±o, Mexican politician. 1959: Canito, Spanish drummer, of the band Los Secretos (d. 1980). 1959: Evo Morales, Bolivian president. 1961: Manuel Estiarte, Spanish water polo player. 1961: Dylan McDermott, American actor. 1961: Gustavo Polidor, Venezuelan baseball player. 1961: Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenyan president. 1962: Cary Elwes, British actor. 1962: Elkin Ramდ­rez, Colombian musician, composer and singer. 1963: Tom Cavanagh, Canadian actor and singer-songwriter. 1963: Ted Demme, American film director. 1963: Natalie Merchant, American singer. 1964: Josდ© Gregorio Vielma Mora, Venezuelan politician and military man. 1965: Kelly Rowan, Canadian actress. 1966: Steve Valentine, British actor. 1967: Keith Urban, New Zealand singer. 1968: Jesდºs Gდ³mez Cos, Spanish footballer and coach. 1968: Robert Jarni, Croatian footballer. 1970: Lisa Ryder, Canadian actress. 1972: Daniel Elena, rally co-driver 9 times world champion 1972: Shan Sa, Chinese-French poet and novelist. 1973: Seth MacFarlane, American cartoonist, screenwriter, producer, director and voice actor. 1973: Matდ­as Santoianni, Argentine actor. 1975: Carlos Pardo, Spanish poet. 1977: Louis Crayton, Liberian footballer. 1978: Lisandro Aristimuდ±o, Argentine musician and singer-songwriter. 1978: Phil Brooks, "CM Punk", American professional wrestler. 1979: Melanie Vallejo, Australian actress. 1980: Cristian Chivu, Romanian footballer. 1981: Gabriela Sari, Argentine actress. 1981: Girl Talk, American musician. 1982: Adam Carroll, British racing driver. 1982: Caleb Folan, British footballer. 1983: Dmitri Sychev, Russian footballer. 1984: Adriano Correia Claro, Brazilian soccer player. 1984: Jefferson Farfდ¡n, Peruvian soccer player. 1984: Jesდºs Flores, Venezuelan baseball player. 1985: Andrea Bargnani, Italian basketball player. 1985: Monta Ellis, American basketball player. 1985: Asin Thottumkal, Indian actress. 1986: Marco Ruben, Argentine footballer.