october 31 zodiac

    People born on October 31 can do outstanding works.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on October 31

    His mind is very lively, with combative tendencies. Smart, Alert, Practical People - They strive for wealth and show a strong sense of self-confidence. Whatever they do, they do it with great enthusiasm. They are difficult to deal with as they are relentless and distrustful. Eccentric, often fantastic, but they can achieve something outstanding in life. They show a great intensity of feelings in love and friendship, but also an unusual exclusivity. Your nature is predisposed to sudden and very strong likes and dislikes. They despise sentimentality and any ostentation. They often find it difficult to voice their thoughts and feelings, even when they want to, which is rare enough as they are generally quiet, laconic, and withdrawn. But when they experience deep emotion, their feelings can be expressed with unusual force, at which point they can speak more than necessary. They show significant literary skills, with a bit of satirical humor. What threatens them? That they could be involved in various romantic adventures, more than they can face. Flaws: Restless, overly superficial people use their vitality in a risky way, often starting disputes due to small details. It also happens that your goals are not clearly specified and go without a certain direction. They generally care little for accepted customs, unnecessarily dissipating themselves in social life. A woman born on this day does not rush into marriage, she is very demanding and difficult to live with.

    Zodiac sign for those born on October 31

    If your birthday is on October 31, your zodiac sign is  Scorpio

    October 31 - personality and character

    character:  independent, hard-working, frank, mean, insistent, scrupulous; profession:  surgeon, motor driver, engineer; colors:  cream, black, gray battleship; stone:  quartz; animal:  polar bear; plant:  Zinnia; lucky numbers:  6,38,40,41,43,54 super lucky number:  33

    Holidays and observances - October 31

    • Cდ³rdoba, Argentina: "Day of the Evangelical Churches"
    • El Salvador: National Day of the Evangelical Church.
    • Honduras: Firefighter's Day
    • Costa Rica: Day of the Masquerades
    • Chile: National Day of Evangelical and Protestant Churches
    • Halloween
    • Dominican Republic: National Day of the Evangelical and Protestant Community.
    • Ancient Celtic Lands: Samhain, Celtic New Year
    • El Salvador: Day of the Salvadoran Trade Unionist. 5
    • World Cities Day
    • Ecuador: National Shield Day
    • Peru: Creole Song Day
    • World Savings Day
    • Evangelical Christians: Reformation Day, World Bible Day

    October 31 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1902: Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Brazilian poet, writer and journalist (d. 1987). 1902: Abraham Wald, Hungarian mathematician (d. 1950). 1903: Marდ­a Teresa Leდ³n, Spanish writer (d. 1988). 1906: Josდ© Marდ­a Iribarren, lawyer, journalist, lexicographer, paremiologist and Spanish writer (d. 1971). 1910: Catrano Catrani, Italian-Argentine filmmaker and producer (d. 1974). 1910: Eduardo Ortiz de Landდ¡zuri, Spanish doctor and professor (d. 1985). 1911: Juan Manzano y Manzano, Spanish historian (d. 2004). 1912: Jean Amery, Austrian writer (d. 1978). 1912: Dale Evans (Lucille Wood Smith), American actress, writer and singer-songwriter (d. 2001). 1912: Ollie Johnston, American entertainer (d. 2008). 1912: Antonio Vilar, Portuguese actor (f. 1995). 1913: Inდ©s Gebhard, Chilean pianist, teacher and professor (f. 2007). 1914: Robert Smylie, American politician, governor of Idaho (d. 2004). 1916: Carlos Juan Bernadotte, Swedish prince (d. 2012). 1920: Gunnar Gren, Swedish footballer (d. 1991). 1920: Helmut Newton, German photographer (d. 2004). 1920: Fritz Walter, German footballer (d. 2002). 1922: Barbara Bel Geddes, American actress (f. 2005). 1922: Cდ©sar Portillo de la Luz, Cuban guitarist and composer (f. 2013). 1922: Norodom Sihanouk, Cambodian king (d. 2012). 1922 - Illinois Jacquet, American saxophonist (d. 2004). 1923: Arturo Alessandri Besa, Chilean politician. 1925: John Pople, British chemist, 1998 Nobel Prize winner for chemistry (d. 2004). 1926: Mario Abramovich, Argentine violinist and composer (d. 2014). 1927: Lee Grant, American actress. 1929: Luis Feito, Spanish painter. 1929: Bud Spencer, Italian actor (d. 2016). 1930: Michael Collins, American astronaut who orbited the Moon on Apollo XI. 1931: Sergio Obeso Rivera, Mexican Archbishop. 1932: Godofredo Garabito, Spanish writer, academic and politician (d. 2012). 1932: Ricardo Sanabria, Paraguayan theater actor, speaker and poet. 1936: Michael Landon, American actor and director (d. 1991). 1937: Rodolfo Ranni, Argentine actor. 1938: Jaime Arana Campero, Bolivian revolutionary, member of Che's guerrilla (f. 1967). 1938: Luz Marina Zuluaga, Colombian model, director of tourism in Manizales (f. 2015) 1939: Alejandro Gertz Manero, Mexican lawyer and politician. 1939: Ron Rifkin, American actor. 1939: Ali Farka Tourდ©, Malian musician (d. 2006). 1940: Jorge Schussheim, Argentine singer-songwriter, author and humorist. 1941 - Derek Bell, British endurance racing driver. 1941: Abel Matutes, Spanish politician. 1942: Alდ­ Primera, Venezuelan singer-songwriter and poet (d. 1985). 1942: David Ogden Stiers, American actor. 1944: Alberto Fernდ¡ndez de Rosa, Argentine actor. 1945: Gustavo დ?lvarez Gardeazდ¡bal, Colombian writer and politician. 1945: Berugo Carდ¡mbula, Uruguayan actor, comedian and television presenter (d. 2015). 1945: Russ Ballard, British musician. 1945: Brian Doyle-Murray, American comedian. 1946: Stephen Rea, Irish actor. 1947: Carmen Alborch, Spanish politician and writer. 1947: Frank Shorter, American athlete. 1947: Herman van Rompuy, Belgian politician. 1948: Juan Carlos Pugliese, Argentine lawyer. 1949: Bob Siebenberg, American musician, of the band Supertramp). 1950: John Candy, Canadian actor (d. 1994). 1950: Zaha Hadid, Iraqi architect (d. 2016). 1951: Luis Antonio de Villena, Spanish writer. 1952: Bernard Edwards, American bassist, of the band Chic (f. 1996). 1953: John Lucas, former American basketball player and coach. 1957: Jesდºs Caldera, Spanish politician. 1958: Eduardo Feinmann, Argentine journalist. 1958: Jeannie Longo, French cyclist. 1959: Neal Stephenson, American science fiction writer. 1960: Arnaud Desplechin, French filmmaker. 1960: Luis Fortuდ±o, Puerto Rican lawyer and politician. 1961: Alonzo Babers, American athlete. 1961: Peter Jackson, New Zealand filmmaker. 1961: Larry Mullen Jr., Irish drummer, of the band U2. 1963: Mikkey Dee, Swedish musician, of the band Motდ¶rhead. 1963: Dunga, Brazilian soccer player. 1963: Johnny Marr, British guitarist and composer, of the band The Smiths. 1963: Fred McGriff, American baseball player. 1963: Dermot Mulroney, American actor. 1963: Rob Schneider, American actor and comedian. 1964: Marco van Basten, Dutch footballer. 1964: Marty Wright, American professional wrestler. 1965: Julio Cდ©sar de Andrade Moura, Brazilian soccer player. 1965: Ruud Hesp, Dutch footballer. 1966: Adam Horovitz, American musician, of the band Beastie Boys. 1967: Vanilla Ice, American rapper. 1968: Marდ­a Carდ¡mbula, Uruguayan actress. 1968: Antonio Davis, American basketball player. 1969: Ana Nahum, Uruguayan journalist, writer and communicator (f. 2015). 1969: Kim Rossi Stuart, Italian actor and filmmaker. 1970: Linn Berggren, Swedish singer, of the band Ace of Base. 1971: Alphonso Ford, American basketball player. 1971: Ian Walker, British footballer. 1972: Shaun Bartlett, South African footballer. 1972: Noelia Amarillo, Spanish writer. 1972: Matt Dawson, British rugby player. 1974: Cristian Zermatten, Argentine footballer. 1975: Fabio Celestini, Swiss footballer. 1975: Diaw Doudou, Senegalese footballer. 1975: Tonko Yutronic, Chilean musician. 1976: Guti (Josდ© Marდ­a Gutiდ©rrez Hernდ¡ndez), Spanish footballer. 1976: Piper Perabo, American actress. 1978: Martin Verkerk, Dutch tennis player. 1979: Simდ£o Sabrosa, Portuguese soccer player. 1979: Hდ©ctor Ugarte, Mexican singer, of the band Mercurio. 1980: Samaire Armstrong, American actress. 1980: Alejandro Capurro, Argentine soccer player. 1980: Nicole Neumann, Argentine model. 1980: Andre Owens, American basketball player. 1980: Eddie Kaye Thomas, American actor. 1981: Frank Iero, American guitarist, of the band My Chemical Romance. 1988: Ben Bruce, British musician, leader, founder and lead guitarist of the band Asking Alexandria. 1990: Noodle, guitarist and Japanese singer, of the Gorillaz band. 1992: Vanessa Marano, American actress. 1995: Mateo Arias, American actor. 2000: Willow Smith, singer and American actress. 2005: Leonor de Borbდ³n, princess of Asturias.