october 4 zodiac

    People born on October 4 are perceptive, harmonious - they show comparative, tactical, and diplomatic skills.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on October 4

    They are very intelligent people, who can carry their love for nature and rural life together with a significant mental expansion. They have diplomatic skills that they use aptly, skillfully selecting co-workers. His mind is unusually absorbing, with broad interests. A little changeable, but characterized by their tact and ability to adapt to every situation in life. They show a lot of subtlety in relation to people, and their love for justice is quite pronounced. Very irritable, although they want to positively influence others and are generally liked by people. They are people of even character, who try to be on the good side of everyone and it is very pleasant to talk with them. Ambitious, noble, harmonious - they have great intuition and are characterized by comparative abilities; they can simultaneously capture two opposite sides of each subject. They are exceptionally perceptive, nothing that happens in their environment escapes them, most of the time. They have literary skills, although they rarely struggle to reach their highest level of development. In this sense, women are superior to men and can write very captivating letters to their friends and relatives. Thanks to keen observation, they can make even the smallest details interesting and give them special meaning. People born on this day are always well disposed, educated and balanced; usually shows an ability to overcome the struggles of the parties and assume a neutral position. Today's birthday often brings a certain tendency towards disharmony with parents, whose influence is not very good. It also happens that they seem a bit capricious to other people, as if they were dual in nature; however, it is only an illusion.

    Zodiac sign for those born on October 4

    If your birthday is October 4, your zodiac sign is  Libra

    October 4 - personality and character

    character:  trustworthy, gifted, dedicated, selfish, careless, ruthless; profession:  anthropologist, accountant, janitor; colors:  cyan, cream, turquoise; stone:  hematite; animal:  hyena; plant:  Celosia; lucky numbers:  15,24,30,38,43,47 super lucky number:  1

    Holidays and Observances - October 4

    • Dominican Republic: National Agronomist Day.
    • Chile: Chilean Music Day. (In commemoration of the birth of Violeta Parra).
    • Colombia: National Day of the Forest Engineer.
    • World Animal Day.

    October 4 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1902: Roberto Airaldi, Argentine actor (d. 1977). 1903: John Atanasoff, American computational pioneer (d. 1995). 1906: Lდ­ber Falco, Uruguayan writer (d. 1955). 1912: Francisco de Asდ­s Cabrero, Spanish architect (f. 2005). 1912: Joaquდ­n Vallejo Arbelდ¡ez, Colombian civil and mining engineer (f. 2005). 1914: Brendan Gill, American film, theater and architecture critic (d. 1997). 1914: Pedro F. Quintanilla, Mexican politician (f. 1992). 1915: Silvina Bullrich, Argentine writer (d. 1990). 1916: Vitaly L. Ginzburg, Russian physicist (d. 2009). 1916: George Sidney, American filmmaker (f. 2002). 1917: Violeta Parra, Chilean singer-songwriter (d. 1967). 1917: Marდ­a Teresa Sesდ©, Spanish writer. 1917: Yakov Pavlov, famous Russian soldier (d. 1981). 1921: Francisco Morales Bermდºdez, Peruvian president. 1921: Gianni Poggi, Italian tenor (f. 1989). 1922: Francisca Adame Hens, Spanish activist for the recovery of historical memory and poet. 1923: Antდ³n Canellas, Spanish politician (f. 2006). 1924: Charlton Heston, American actor (d. 2008). 1926: Miguel Espinosa, Spanish writer (d. 1982). 1927: Virginia Luque, Argentine actress and singer (d. 2014). 1928: Javier Basilio, Spanish journalist (f. 1992). 1931: Richard Rorty, American philosopher (d. 2007). 1937: Violeta Rivas, Argentine singer and actress. 1937: Franz Vranitzky, Austrian Chancellor. 1938: Kurt Wდ¼thrich, Swiss chemist, 2002 Nobel Prize winner for chemistry. 1939: Lucero Galindo, Colombian actress (d. 2013). 1940: Silvio Marzolini, Argentine footballer and coach. 1941: Anne Rice, American writer. 1942: დ?lvaro del Amo, Spanish writer, playwright and filmmaker. 1942: Johanna Sigurdardottir, Icelandic Prime Minister. 1943: Daniel Mendoza, Argentine journalist (f. 1992). 1944: Rocდ­o Dდºrcal, Spanish singer (d. 2006). 1946: Susan Sarandon, American actress. 1947: Fernando Betancourt, historian, Romanist and prominent academic. 1947: Jim Fielder, American bassist, of the band Blood, Sweat & Tears. 1948: Linda McMahon, American professional and political wrestling mogul. 1949: Armand Assante, American actor. 1951: Truck Robinson, former American basketball player. 1952: Franco Volpi, Italian philosopher (d. 2009). 1953: Josep Cunდ­, Catalan journalist. 1953: Tchდ©ky Karyo, French actor. 1953: Andreas Vollenweider, Swiss musician. 1955: Jorge Valdano, Argentine soccer player. 1955: Luis Herrero, Spanish journalist. 1956: Hans van Breukelen, Dutch footballer. 1956: Christoph Waltz, Austrian and German actor. 1959: Chris Lowe, British keyboardist, of the band Pet Shop Boys. 1959: Patxi Lდ³pez, Spanish politician. 1961: Kazuki Takahashi, Japanese manga artist. 1961: Juan Francisco Ordდ³nez, Dominican guitarist and composer. 1961: Silvina Garrდ©, Argentine singer-songwriter. 1961: Jon Secada, Cuban singer. 1963: Marcelo Buquet, Uruguayan actor. 1963: AC Green, American basketball player. 1964: Claudia Fontდ¡n, Argentine actress. 1964: Francis Magalona, Filipino actor, rapper and singer-songwriter (d. 2009). 1965: Yevgeny Kaspersky, Russian computer entrepreneur. 1965: Fidel Nadal, Argentine regue musician and singer. 1966: Federico D'Elდ­a, Argentine actor. 1967: Liev Schreiber, American actor. 1970: David de Jorge, Spanish cook. 1971: Brian Transeau (BT), American music producer and DJ. 1971: Pablo Trapero, Argentine filmmaker. 1972: Kurt Thomas, American basketball player. 1974: Gonzalo Aloras, Argentine musician. 1974: Paco Leდ³n, Spanish actor and director. 1975: Cristiano Lucarelli, Italian footballer. 1976: Mauro Camoranesi, Italian footballer. 1976: Alicia Silverstone, American actress. 1977: Lola Berthet, Argentine actress. 1979: Rachael Leigh Cook, American actress. 1980: Me'Lisa Barber, American athlete. 1980: Tomდ¡ვ¡ Rosickდ½, Czech footballer. 1980: Giovanni Federico, German footballer of Italian origin. 1980: James Andrew Jones, American basketball player. 1983: Kurt Suzuki, American baseball player. 1984: Lena Katina, Russian singer, of the band tATu 1985: Joseba Garmendia, Spanish footballer. 1986: Yuridia, Mexican singer. 1987: Ribair Rodrდ­guez, Uruguayan soccer player. 1988: Derrick Rose, American basketball player. 1988: Melissa Benoist, singer and American actress. 1989: Dakota Johnson, actress and American model. 1989: Lil Mama, American rapper and singer-songwriter. 1989: Stacey Solomon, British singer. 1991: Marijose Salazar, Mexican actress. 1991: Leigh-Anne Pinnock, British singer, of the band Little Mix. 1994: Ignazio Boschetto, Italian singer, of the band Il Volo.