october 5 zodiac

    People born on October 5 know a lot about others and can cooperate with others.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on October 5

    They do not like to make hasty decisions and most of the time they procrastinate when there is a need for a quick decision. The background of his personality hides a powerful will that, when awakened, is fully developed; it could enable you to do something truly great. They are people well versed in human characters and are capable of understanding the nature of everyone, perceiving their characteristics. They show significant skills in cooperation with others. When they undertake something for themselves, they need the compassion and sympathy of their environment; otherwise, they are easily discouraged. They are generally popular and liked by others. Emotional, often romantic in behavior, they enjoy company and form friendships easily, especially with people of the opposite sex. Noble, withdrawn, but full of sympathy for others; rational, logical, they also show significant sensitivity, subtlety, and intuition. They like to lose themselves in the past. They fight for luxury in life. Profession: People born on this day often display scientific or artistic abilities: they are capable of achieving excellent results in poetry, music or painting. They can also be critical, and their strategic and tactical skills can give them the opportunity to make a career in the military. They usually enter the marriage early. Love and friendship play a prominent role in his life, and people born on this day do not lose their charm even in old age. Therefore, they can be excellent partners, affectionate, tender, who do not unnecessarily hinder the life of their spouse. The only danger they are in is premature marriage, as they fall in love too easily. It should be added that today's birthday is better in this regard for men than for women, who may find disappointment in love and disharmony in marriage. Flaws: they tend to be indecisive people and do not maintain the necessary caution in life. They do not prevent adequately; they do not care about the past and find comfort in the present.

    Zodiac sign for those born on October 5

    If your birthday is October 5, your zodiac sign is  Libra

    October 5 - personality and character

    character:  perfect, brave, prudent, reserved, immoral, playful; profession:  astronaut, doorman, singer; colors:  brown, gold, brown; stone:  opal; animal:  goat; plant:  lily; lucky numbers:  7,14,32,37,41,54 super lucky number:  5

    Holidays and observances - October 5

    • Peru: Peruvian Medicine Day.
    • Paraguay: Day of the rural road.
    • Mexico: Day of the Abolition of Slavery.
    • Spain: Leდ³n: feast of San Froilდ¡n.
    • Unesco: World Teachers' Day.
    • Spain: Lugo: feast of San Froilდ¡n.
    • Argentina: Day of the Camino.
    • International: World James Bond Day.

    October 5 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: John Alton, American film director. 1902: Larry Fine, American actor and comedian. 1902: Ray Kroc, American businessman. 1903: M. King Hubbert, American geographer and physicist. 1908 - Joshua Logan, American writer and film producer. 1916: Stetson Kennedy, American writer and activist (d. 2011). 1917: Magda Szabდ³, Hungarian writer, novelist and poet (d. 2007). 1917: Demetrio Zorita Alonso, Spanish soldier and aviator (d. 1956). 1919: Donald Pleasence, British actor (d. 1995). 1922: Josდ© Froilდ¡n Gonzდ¡lez, Argentine Formula 1 driver (f. 2013). 1922: Ricardo Laviდ©, Argentine actor (d. 2010). 1922: Jock Stein, Scottish footballer and coach. 1924: Anდ­bal Di Salvo, Argentine filmmaker (d. 2010). 1924: Josდ© Donoso, Chilean writer. 1925: Emiliano Aguirre, Spanish paleontologist. 1925: Julio Rodrდ­guez Reyes, Puerto Rican singer, of the Los Panchos trio. 1926: Mariano Ozores, Spanish actor and comedian. 1930: Cristina Berys, Argentine actress (d. 1994). 1930: Miguel Bდ¡ez and Espuny "El Litri", Spanish bullfighter. 1930: Reinhard Selten, German economist (d. 2016). 1931: Ismael Rivera, Puerto Rican singer (d. 1987). 1931: Fernando Siro, Argentine actor (d. 2006). 1933: Carmen Salinas, Mexican actress. 1936: Vaclav Havel, Czech writer and president (d. 2011). 1939: Marie Laforet, French actress and singer of Armenian origin. 1939: AR Penck, German painter and sculptor. 1941: Orlando Barone, Argentine journalist. 1941: Eduardo Duhalde, Argentine president between 2002 and 2003. 1944: Marდ­a Azambuya, Uruguayan actress and theater director (d. 2011). 1945: Carlos Castro, LGBT activist and Portuguese journalist (d. 2011). 1947: Brian Johnson, British singer, of the band AC / DC. 1949; Klaus Ludwig, German motorsport driver. 1950: Eddie Clarke, British guitarist, of the band Motდ¶rhead. 1950: Jeff Conaway, American actor (d. 2011). 1950: Laura Gemser, Dutch porn actress, model and designer. 1951: Karen Allen, American actress. 1951: Bob Geldof, Irish musician and political activist. 1952: Clive Barker, British writer. 1952: David Lebდ³n, Argentine musician. 1952: Emomali Rahmon, president of Tajikistan. 1957: Bernie Mac, American actor and comedian (d. 2008). 1957: Lee Thompson, British musician, saxophonist and writer, of the band Madness. 1958: Viviane Senna, Brazilian businesswoman. 1959: Ernesto Laguardia, actor and Mexican presenter. 1960: Daniel Baldwin, American actor. 1960: Careca, Brazilian soccer player. 1962: Michael Andretti, American racing driver. 1963: Charlotte Link, German writer. 1964: Dave Dederer, American guitarist, of the bands The Presidents of the United States of America and Loaded. 1964: Keiji Fujiwara, Japanese voice actor. 1965: Carlos Alberto Mayor, Argentine footballer and coach. 1965: Mario Lemieux, Canadian ice hockey player. 1966: Xabier Carbayeda, Spanish cyclist. 1967: Johnny Gioeli, American rock singer 1967: Guy Pearce, British actor. 1968: Sam Rockwell, American actor. 1968: Fabiდ¡n Estay, Chilean footballer. 1970: Josie Bissett, American actress. 1971: Alfredo Berti, Argentine footballer. 1971: Ale Sergi, Argentine singer, of the Miranda band. 1971: Mauricio Pellegrino, Argentine footballer and coach. 1972: Grant Hill, American basketball player. 1975: Parminder Nagra, British actress of Indian origin. 1975: Kate Winslet, British actress. 1976: Kდ¡tia Aveiro, Portuguese singer. 1976: Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechen president. 1977: დ?ngel Martდ­n, comedian, scriptwriter, actor and presenter on Spanish television. 1977: Wendy Vera, Ecuadorian composer, singer-songwriter and music producer. 1978: James Valentine, American guitarist, of the band Maroon 5. 1978: Gustavo Biscayzacდº, Uruguayan soccer player. 1979: Vincenzo Grella, Australian footballer. 1979: Julio Cდ©sar Cდ¡ceres, Paraguayan soccer player. 1979: Patricia Conde, comedian, screenwriter, actress and Spanish television presenter. 1979: Ximena Herrera, Bolivian-Mexican actress. 1980: Paul Thomas, American bassist, of the band Good Charlotte. 1981: Tito el Bambino, Puerto Rican singer 1981: Cecilia Galliano, actress, model and Argentine television host. 1983: Nicky Hilton, socialite (social woman), professional model and American designer. 1983: Jesse Eisenberg, American actor. 1983: Alexi Ogando, Dominican baseball player. 1983: Noot Seear, Canadian model and actress. 1983: Juan Manuel Vargas, Peruvian soccer player. 1984: Kenwyne Jones, Trinidadian soccer player. 1984: Glenn McMillan, Brazilian actor. 1985: Nicola Roberts, British singer, of the band Girls Aloud. 1987: Kevin Mirallas, Belgian footballer. 1987: Park Soyeon, South Korean singer, of the band T-ara 1987: Javier Villa, Spanish GP2 pilot. 1988: Sam Warburton, Welsh rugby player. 1989: Naoto, Japanese bassist, of the band Exist Trace. 1989: Gerardo Ortiz, singer and author of the Mexican genre. 1990: Federico Delbonis, Argentine tennis player. 1992: Mercedes Lambre, Argentine actress and singer. 2006: Jacob Tremblay, Canadian actor.