Why Pisces Has Feeled Off That You Should Know

Lately, you are that you are not, Pisces. They haven’t been an easy few days because you feel like everything is coming your way. You notice how your patience will reach the limit and that you will not be responsible for your actions when that happens. And even if many people surrounded you, you felt alone, Pisces.

You have realized that no one around you is worth it because everyone is equally hypocritical. Even all the people around you have made you feel that you are useless and not even worth it. In addition, you have come to rethink whether that is true, even knowing it is not.

You have started to get tired of false people who do anything to look good and hide their feelings to see you suffer ...

You couldn’t find meaning in life, or anything around you, Pisces, and all of that is due to the damn moon.

The full moon of October 9 has been the culprit of that state of mind, of that desire to abandon everything.

The best thing about all this is that just as it took away all your energy, it will return it to you from day 9. You will feel much stronger, even wanting to shut up all who do not believe in you.

The moon will give you the energy to give a request to all who have tried to f * CK your life at some point. It will even make you realize that nothing happens if you feel alone because look, better alone than surrounded by people like the one you have around you.

Pisces, blame the moon for everything that happens to you, but also thank her for all that energy she gives you from time to time ...