What Are Sagittarius's Weak Points?

We all have weaknesses, and that is precisely what makes us different, what makes us human and natural. But we all have our Achilles heel, that weakness from which we differentiate ourselves from others. That weakness is unique in each sign of the Zodiac. Sagittarius, your Achilles heel is your impatience, the one that makes you impulsive. Like a good fire sign, you are a very direct person who always says things without thinking.

You do not usually measure your words or control your impulses, and without realizing it, you do a lot of damage to some people.

You are one of those who acts more from the heart than from the reason, and there is no filter that controls everything you let go through that little mouth.

Your Achilles heel could also ideally be that you are a person who relies too much on his luck. One good thing about you, Sagittarius, is that you are very optimistic, but there are times when you lack a touch of reality. It’s okay to think positively and believe that everything is going to be okay, but you also have to know that not everything always turns out well. You always want to get to the top of the podium, and you trust your luck a lot, but for this reason, you can also get lost along the way.

You dream very tall, Sagittarius, and when your dreams are not fulfilled, the fall hurts. You trust your luck a lot, which makes you make many more mistakes ...

But, Sagittarius, please don’t let your strengths become your weaknesses. You have to be much more humble and, above all, more realistic. Do not let yourself be carried away by what your mind tells you and face reality. As the excellent warrior you are, really fight for everything that resists you. And remember, Sagittarius, try to control a little everything you release from your mouth, especially to avoid hurting people you love ...