Why Sagittarius Can't Let Go?

As surprising as it may seem, it is very difficult for Sagittarius to let go of that person that he loves so much, even if he knows that with that act, that person will have more happiness, it costs him millions because that means that that person will leave his life forever.

Sagittarius is a very independent and free person does not mean that he does not reap good friendships and loves throughout his life. That does not mean that Sagittarius does not care about the whereabouts of all these people; being independent does not mean that you love going by the pound without taking others into account. Sagittarius does not let that thing disappear that he thinks does so much good for him, but that actually causes so much damage because affection makes affection. When Sagittarius grips affection tightly, there is nothing or nobody that can break it because When Sagittarius loves, it is for real. Be it people, things, pets, or situations, and if Sagittarius loves with all his might, he does not care what may come because he will fight to the end to keep it in his life.

The good thing about Sagittarius is its character, okay? He knows that if a door closes, they open more. He knows that opportunities fly but that many others can also arise.

Sagittarius doesn’t let go quickly but ends up doing it. He does it when he sees transparency, and he lets something or someone go when he knows that something or that someone is going to go to a good place. His generosity is born when the time comes to say goodbye, even if there are no tears, even if Sagittarius holds the guy as long as he can; he is like a small child when a wish or a dream annoys him. Still, he knows what he is doing, and he knows to be strong so that parting is not so painful.