september 11 zodiac

    People born on September 11, while a bit harsh sometimes, are there for whoever needs them.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on September 11

    Active, benevolent, very interested in other people's affairs, in the interests of their friends, and especially in their romantic adventures; They cheerfully mediate the formation or breakdown of relationships. They can sacrifice for their environment and work eagerly for the good of others, caring for and helping them if necessary. They carefully keep their secrets, as well as those of their friends. Talented and skilled people formulate excellent plans and projects in everything they do. They can become excellent scholars or talented musicians. Solid, organized people are interested in medicine and capable of becoming great doctors. His mind is intelligent, sharp, hardworking, and capable of great perseverance in scientific studies. Flaws: Although its behavior is generally simple and natural, it can also be harsh. His character is a bit fantastic, critical, and, at times, bitter; they often show a lack of finesse. Even so, they are characterized by their accuracy and rectitude, which makes them respect their environment. They will be there when someone needs them. They enjoy sports and rural life, agriculture, gardening, and animal and plant breeding. They want to maintain their independence in life but find it difficult to acquire it. By working hard, their efforts will bring them positive results, but it must be added that they are better as subordinates than as managers. A woman born on this day dresses carefully and gladly guides others in matters of fashion. Emotional and prone to sacrifices for her family, she displays significant social ambition and is a defender of the aristocracy. You have the best of intentions and strive for high goals but are easily discouraged. The best relationships are with people born from December 22 to January 21 and from April 20 to May 21.

    Zodiac sign for those born on September 11

    If your birthday is on September 11, your zodiac sign is  Virgo.

    September 11 - personality and character

    character:  cautious, judicious, passionate, gloomy, excessive, scrupulous; profession:  tailor, secretary, sociologist; colors:  olive, cyan, beige; stone:  orthoclase; animal:  anteater; plant:  Cleome flower; lucky numbers:  11,18,46,52,56,58 super lucky number:  28

    Holidays and Observances - September 11

    • Argentina: Teacher's Day commemorating in this way also the Argentine teacher and president Domingo Sarmiento.
    • Venezuela: Our Lady of Coromoto, patroness of Venezuela.
    • Spain: Penalver (Alcarra, Spain): traditional confinement in the countryside in the locality.
    • Ethiopia: Enkutatash, the Ethiopian New Year, is celebrated.
    • Chile: it was commemorated for more than 25 years after the military coup carried out on September 11, 1973, between 1981 and 1998, as the National Liberation Day; this date was marked by protests against the military dictatorship and, after its term, as a date to commemorate the human rights violations committed between 1973 and 1990. In 1998, as a gesture of progress in the democratic transition process, then-Senator Pinochet promoted a political agreement for the repeal of this day, replacing it with the Day of National Unity.
    • Spain: Ocana (Toledo): patron saint festivities in honor of Our Lady Virgen de los Remedios.
    • Peru: Public Accountant Day, instituted by Supreme Resolution No. 003 DT - Lima of the then Ministry of Labor and Indigenous Affairs. The date was established on September 11, 1959, during the government of Manuel Prado Ugarteche; Law 13253, known as the "Public Accountant Professionalization Law," was enacted.
    • Spain: Catalonia: Day of Catalonia.
    • Spain: La Algaba (Seville, Spain): La Algaba fair and popular festivities.
    • World First Aid Day.

    September 11 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Katri Vala, Finnish poet (d. 1944). 1903: Theodor Adorno, German philosopher, and musicologist (d. 1969). 1904: Lyman B. Smith, botanist, and curator of the Gray Herbarium (d. 1997). 1904: Josდ© Marდ­a Bueno Monreal, Spanish priest (d. 1987). 1907: Julio Pereira Larraდ­n, Chilean lawyer (d. 1978). 1910: Manuel Mujica Lainez, Argentine writer, art critic, biographer, and journalist (d. 1984). 1911: Bola de Nieve (Ignacio Villa), Cuban singer-songwriter and pianist (d. 1971). 1911: Conchita Montenegro, Spanish model, dancer, and actress (d. 2007). 1912: Apa Sahib Pant, Indian politician, diplomat, and writer (d. 1992). 1913: Jacinto Convit, Venezuelan doctor and scientist (d. 2014). 1915: Raდºl Alberto Lastiri, Argentine politician and president (d. 1978). 1917: Ferdinand Marcos, Philippine dictator (d. 1989). 1917: Jessica Mitford, British writer (d. 1996). 1917: Carlos Puebla, Cuban singer-songwriter (d. 1989). 1918: Cდ©sar Mendoza Durდ¡n, Chilean military (f. 1996) 1918: Brian Vickery, American chemist (f. 2009). 1924: Tom Landry, American soccer coach (d. 2000). 1924: Rudolf Vrba, Canadian Jewish professor, Holocaust survivor (d. 2006). 1928: Myrtha Raia, an Argentine pianist, was assassinated for testifying against the civic-military dictatorship (d. 2013). 1929: David S. Broder, American journalist (d. 2011). 1929: Luis Camaleდ³n Garcდ­a, Venezuelan baseball player (d. 2014). 1929: Birgitta Trotzig, Swedish writer (d. 2011). 1933: Alejandro Paternain, Uruguayan writer (d. 2004). 1935: Arvo Pდ¤rt, Estonian composer. 1935: Gherman Titov, Russian astronaut (d. 2000). 1937: Paola Ruffo, Belgian queen. 1937: Robert Crippen, American astronaut. 1940: Brian De Palma, American filmmaker. 1942: Eusebio Leal, Cuban historian. 1944: Everaldo, Brazilian soccer player. 1945: Franz Beckenbauer, German footballer. 1945: Lidia Catalano, Argentine actress. 1945: Salo Pasik, Argentine actor (d. 2016). 1948: John Martyn, British musician (d. 2009). 1950: Pablo Pinera, Chilean economist. 1950: Barry Sheene, British motorcyclist (d. 2003). 1951: Hugo Porta, former Argentine rugby player. 1957: Miguel დ?ngel Martდ­nez-Gonzდ¡lez, Spanish professor of medicine, epidemiologist, nutritionist. 1958: Scott Patterson, American actor. 1960: Carlos Chდ¡vez Navarrete, Peruvian singer (f. 1997). 1961: Virginia Madsen, American actress. 1962: Julio Salinas, Spanish soccer player. 1962: Jorge Aedo, Chilean radio, and television host. 1964: Victor Wooten, American musician. 1965: Moby (Richard Melville Hall), American musician. 1965: Fernando Gდ³mez, Spanish soccer player. 1965: Bashar al-დ?sad, the Syrian president. 1967: Harry Connick, Jr., American singer. 1967: Arpad Miklos, Hungarian gay pornographic film actor (d. 2013). 1968: Kay Hanley, American musician. 1968: Paul Mayeda Berges, American screenwriter, and film director. 1970: Taraji P. Henson, American actress, and singer. 1971: Richard Ashcroft, British singer of the band The Verve. 1971: Alessandra Rosaldo, Mexican singer and actress. 1976: Elephant Man (Oneal Bryan), Jamaican homophobic musician. 1976: Tomდ¡ვ¡ Enge, Czech racing driver. 1977: Ludacris (Christopher Brian Bridges), an American rapper. 1977: Jon Buckland, British guitarist of the band Coldplay. 1978: Dejan Stankoviე‡, Yugoslav footballer. 1979: დ‰ric Abidal, French footballer. 1979: Andols Herrick, American trumpeter of the Chimaira band. 1979: Ariana Richards, American actress, and professional painter. 1979: David Pizarro, Chilean soccer player. 1979: Cameron Richardson, American actress, and model. 1980: Antდ´nio Pizzonia, Brazilian Formula 1 driver. 1981: Luscious Lდ³pez, Mexican pornographic actress. 1981: Andrea Dossena, Italian footballer. 1981: Alejo Corral, Uruguayan rugby player. 1981: Dylan Klebold, an American student. 1983: Ike Diogu, American basketball player. 1985: Shaun Livingston, American basketball player. 1990: Jorge Alejandro Castro, Costa Rican soccer player. 1991: Jordan Ayew, French footballer. 1991: Kygo, Norwegian Disc Jockey. 1992: Maria Gabriela de Farდ­a, Venezuelan actress, singer, and fashion designer.