september 12 zodiac

    People born on September 12 will be successful in trade and cooperation with others.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on September 12

    Alert, intelligent, always protecting your interests, and ready to defend yourself from your enemies. However, they are not afraid of other people, and they are deeply convinced of their own superiority and strength. They do not avoid opponents but wait patiently for their attacks, even provoking them at times. These people are not the first on the battlefield, but they are not the last. Wise, characterized by mental superiority over others. Critically disposed, fascinated by all kinds of studies. They enjoy reading and are a treasure trove of information. Serious and contemplative, they have a thoughtful personality. At the same time, they are unusually sensitive to their surroundings. Characterized by perseverance, very meticulous in everything they do, and able to rise high thanks to their merits. They are talented in trading, including accounting and mathematics, for which they show great intuition. Your body is sensitive. They know this and often express excessive concern in terms of diet, purity of food, and methods of preparation. The most sensitive part of your body is your intestines. Their health is quite good, allowing them to work hard and persistently. Flaws: They get unnecessarily involved in other people's affairs. They easily challenge others and cause opposition. All of that could create a major upheaval that can damage your career. What threatens them? They may be in danger of having to fight secret enemies. Their tendency to misunderstandings and disputes is especially pronounced in relation to other countries or foreign people. Most of the time, they don't have a great run.

    Zodiac sign for those born on September 12

    If your birthday is on September 12, your zodiac sign is  Virgo.

    September 12 - personality and character

    character:  benevolent, sober, honest, disdainful, susceptible, strict; profession:  poet, economist, audit or; colors:  pink, silver, beige; stone:  amber; animal:  pigeon; plant:  coconut palm; lucky numbers:  4,17,26,31,47,57 super lucky number:  11

    Holidays and Observances - September 12

    • Spain: Mallorca: diada de Mallorca commemorates the oath of Jaime II of the privileges of the kingdom of Mallorca.
    • Programmers' day, in leap years, is not celebrated on September 13.
    • Spain: El Viso del Alcor (Seville): Patron Saint festivities in honor of Santa Marდ­a del Alcor.
    • Spain: Cimballa: Festivities of the Holy Mystery. The corporal saint from which blood flowed in 1370 is taken out in procession.
    • Spain: Benameji: Day of Our Lady of Grace.
    • Spain: Miranda de Ebro: patron saint festivities in honor of the Virgin of Altamira.
    • Spain: Yuncos: Party in honor of the Virgen del Consuelo
    • Spain: El Sexmo: Procession of the Virgin Mary. Fairs of the Cartameno neighborhood.
    • United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation.

    September 12 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Haskell Curry, American mathematician (d. 1982). 1901: Ramდ³n Serrano Sდºner, Spanish lawyer and politician (f. 2003). 1902: Juscelino Kubitschek, Brazilian president (d. 1976). 1913: Jesse Owens, American athlete (d. 1980). 1914: Desmond Llewelyn, Welsh actor (f. 1999). 1916: Jesდºs Romeo Gorrდ­a, Spanish politician and businessman (d. 2001). 1917: Han Suyin, Anglo-Chinese writer, translator, and physician (d. 2012). 1921: Stanisვ‚aw Lem, Polish science fiction writer (d. 2006). 1922: Antonio Cafiero, Argentine politician (d. 2014). 1925: Yiye დ?vila, Puerto Rican evangelist (f. 2013). 1926: Riccardo Pazzaglia, Italian writer. 1926: Germდ¡n Sდ¡nchez Ruipდ©rez, Spanish publisher and patron businessman. (f. 2012). 1927: Mathდ© Altდ©ry, French soprano. 1928: Anდ­bal Nazoa, Venezuelan poet and humorist (f. 2001). 1928: Ernie Vandeweghe, Canadian basketball player, and physicist. 1931: Ian Holm, British actor. 1931: George Jones, American singer-songwriter. 1931: Alberto Migrდ©, screenwriter and Argentine television producer (d. 2006). 1931: Silvia Pinal, Mexican actress. 1932: Bernard Delcampe, French footballer (d. 2013). 1934: Jaegwon Kim, South Korean philosopher. 1934: Ana Bertha Lepe, Mexican actress (f. 2013). 1935: Andrდ©s Bianchi, Chilean lawyer and economist. 1937: George Chuvalo, Canadian boxer. 1938: Tatiana Troyanos, American soprano (d. 1993). 1940: Linda Gray, American actress. 1942: Tomდ¡s Marco, Spanish composer. 1943: Michael Ondaatje, writer from Sri Lanka. 1944: Leonard Peltier, American activist. 1944: Vladimir Spivakov, Russian violinist and conductor. 1944: Barry White, American singer (f. 2003). 1945: Milo Manara, Italian comic book author, and cartoonist. 1948: Luis Lima, Argentine tenor. 1948: Olga Riutort, Argentine politician. 1951: Bertie Ahern, Irish politician. 1951: Joe Pantoliano, American actor. 1951: Sabდº, Argentine singer and actor (f. 2005). 1951: Gerald Stano, American serial killer (d. 1998). 1952: Gerry Beckley, American musician of the band America. 1952: Neil Peart, American drummer and author of the band Rush. 1954: Vicente Belda, Spanish cyclist. 1956: Leslie Cheung, Chinese actor and singer. 1956: Sam Brownback, American politician. 1957: Michael Hegstrand, WWF wrestler (d. 2003). 1957: Hans Zimmer, German composer. 1958: Wilfred Benდ­tez, Puerto Rican boxer. 1959: Scott Brown, American politician. 1959: Sigmar Gabriel, German politician. 1960: Jorge Lanata, Argentine journalist. 1961: Kazem Al Sahir, Iraqi singer-songwriter and poet. 1961: Mylene Farmer, French composer. 1962: Dino Merlin, Bosnian musician. 1962: Amy Yasbeck, American actress. 1964: Tomდ¡s Bulat, Argentine journalist and economist (d. 2015). 1965: Vernon Maxwell, American basketball player. 1966: Ben Folds, American singer-songwriter and pianist. 1967: Beto Cuevas, Chilean singer-songwriter of the band La Ley. 1967: Louis CK, American comedian. 1968: Larry LaLonde, American guitarist of the Primus band. 1969: დ?ngel Cabrera, Argentine golfer. 1969: Mariana Carbajal, Argentine journalist. 1969: James Frey, American writer. 1970: Josh Hopkins, American actor. 1971: Younes El Aynaoui, Moroccan tennis player. 1971: Chandra Sturrup, Bahamian athlete. 1973: Paul Walker, American actor (f. 2013). 1974: Eduardo Coudet, Argentine footballer. 1974: Jennifer Nettles, singer of American country music, of the band Sugarland. 1974: Nuno Valente, Portuguese soccer player. 1975: Luis Castillo, Dominican baseball player. 1975: Carina Zampini. Argentine actress. 1976: Bizzy Bone, an American rapper. 1976: 2 Chainz, American rapper. 1976: Lauren Stamile, American actress. 1976: Maciej ვ»urawski, Polish footballer. 1977: James McCartney, British singer. 1977: Idan Raichel, Israeli singer and keyboardist. 1978: Benjamin McKenzie, American actor. 1978: Sebastiდ¡n Porto, Argentine motorcyclist. 1978: Michael Paget, Welsh guitarist. 1979: Denisse Van Lamoen, Chilean goalkeeper. 1980: Gus G, Greek guitarist of the bands Firewind, Dream Evil, and Mystic Prophecy. 1980: Maicer Izturis, Venezuelan baseball player. 1980: Yao Ming, Chinese basketball player. 1981: Jennifer Hudson, American actress, and singer. 1982: Amiel Tena Hernდ¡ndez, Mexican singer, of the Jeans band. 1982: Nana Ozaki, Japanese gravure-idol. 1982: Zoran Planiniე‡, Croatian basketball player. 1983: Sergio Parisse, Argentine rugby player. 1983: Carly Smithson, Irish singer and actress of the band We Are the Fallen. 1984: Nashat Akram, Iraqi soccer player. 1984: September, Swedish singer. 1984: Junior dos Santos, Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter. 1985: Jonatan Cerrada, Belgian actor and singer. 1986: Ana Ibდ¡nez, Panamanian model. 1986: Yuto Nagatomo, Japanese soccer player. 1986: Emmy Rossum, American actress. 1986: Yang Mi, Chinese actress and singer. 1987: Yaroslava Shvდ©dova, Russian tennis player. 1988: Amanda Jenssen, Swedish singer. 1988: Ximo Navarro Armero, Spanish footballer. 1989: დ?lvaro Cervantes, Spanish actor. 1989: Freddie Freeman, American baseball player. 1993: Kelsea Ballerini, American singer, and songwriter. 1994: Rap Monster, South Korean singer member of the group Bangtan Boys.