13/09 Birthday - Zodiac Information

September 13 Zodiac

People born on September 13 are characterized by their diplomatic skills and can be excellent mediators.

Horoscope and personality for those born on September 13

They are not prone to extremes but generally balanced, with a clear and open mind. They approach their work calmly, without ostentation or pretentiousness.

They are not particularly ambitious and do not strive for fame or respect but act naturally. They act in the simplest possible way when faced with the opportunities that appear in their lives. Its nature is very sensitive, both in body and soul. They are internally prone to purity but nevertheless face many temptations caused in part by the life that they are forced to lead due to their business and commitments.

They have excellent ideas and are capable of skillfully implementing them. Good public speaking skills: able to express their thoughts well on paper. They are also excellent mediators, usually with relationships in the highest spheres. Able to conduct negotiations skillfully, showing their diplomatic skills. They like ostentation and big shows. They care deeply about material issues. They calculate the costs of each thing in advance, anticipate and want to make sure that each project is profitable.

They would like to obtain wealth in the simplest way possible, without too much effort. They have an attachment to money, which often comes fairly easily to them. His financial transactions are crowned with success, and his speculations are almost always correct. It should be added that their sensitivity makes their environment have a great influence on these people, and their relatives want to control them.

Zodiac sign for those born on September 13

If your birthday is on September 13, your zodiac sign is  Virgo.

September 13 - personality and character

character:  perceptive, hard-working, well-mannered, careless, irritable, carefree;

profession:  dentist, tiler, inventor;

colors:  white, gold, beige;

stone:  hematite;

animal:  meerkat;

plant:  lily of the valley;

lucky numbers:  2,15,26,28,31,35

super lucky number:  8

Holidays and observances - September 13

  • World Arepa Day.
  • International Chocolate Day.
  • Swimming Teacher’s Day.
  • Programmers’ Day (Programmer and IT), in non-leap years.
  • Librarian’s Day.
  • Professional Event Organizer Day (in Argentina).

September 13 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

1901: Mario Gruppioni, Italian sportsman specializing in Greco-Roman wrestling.

1903: Claudette Colbert, French-American actress.

1904: Gladys George, American actress.

1905: Hans Jakob Polotsky, Israeli orientalist, linguist, and Egyptologist of Swiss origin.

1908: Mae Questel, American actress.

1908: Carlos Peucelle, Argentine soccer player.

1916: Roald Dahl, British writer.

1922: Yma Sumac, Peruvian soprano (d. 2008).

1924: Maurice Jarre, American film composer of French origin (d. 2009).

1925: Mel Tormé, American jazz singer (d. 1999).

1927: Tzannis Tzannetakis, Greek politician and prime minister in 1989.

1929: Nikolái Giaúrov, Bulgarian bass-baritone singer (d. 2004).

1932: Delio Amado León, Venezuelan sports narrator (f. 1996).

1932: Fernando González Pacheco, Colombian presenter of Spanish origin (f. 2014).

1936: Werner Hollweg, German tenor (d. 2007).

1936: Jorge Martínez Busch, Chilean admiral (d. 2011).

1936: Marifé de Triana, Spanish singer of couplets.

1939: Arleen Augér, American soprano.

1939: Richard Kiel, American actor (d. 2014).

1939: Elizabeth Killian, Argentine actress.

1939: Guntis Ulmanis, Latvian politician and president.

1941: Óscar Arias Sánchez, Costa Rican president, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1987.

1941: Ahmet Necdet Sezer, Turkish president.

1941: David Clayton-Thomas, Canadian singer of the band Blood, Sweat & Tears.

1941: Tadao Ando, a Japanese architect.

1943: Luis Eduardo Aute, Hispanic-Filipino singer-songwriter.

1943: Adolfo Zaldívar, Chilean politician (f. 2013).

1944: Jacqueline Bisset, British actress.

1944: Peter Cetera, American singer.

1944: Juan Manuel Gozalo, Spanish sports journalist (d. 2010).

1946: Silvia Mariscal, Mexican actress.

1947: Juan Cruz Sol, Spanish footballer.

1951: Jorge Maestro, Argentine screenwriter.

1951: Sven-Ake Nilsson, Swedish cyclist.

1952: Christine Estabrook, American actress.

1952: Randy Jones, American musician of the band Village People.

1956: Alain Ducasse, French chef.

1956: Moraíto Chico, Spanish flamenco guitarist (d. 2011).

1957: Vinny Appice, American musician of the bands Dio and Black Sabbath.

1958: Robert Millar, Scottish cyclist.

1960: Kevin Carter, South African photographer.

1961: Fiona, singer of American rock of Irish origin.

1961: Dave Mustaine, American guitarist and singer of the band Megadeth.

1961: Lucy O’Brien, British journalist, and writer whose work focuses on women within the music industry.

1963: Isidro Ortiz, Spanish director, and filmmaker.

1964: Ana García Lozano, Spanish journalist

1965: Andrea Echeverri, Colombian singer-songwriter of the Aterciopelados band.

1965: Pablo Granados, Argentine actor, humorist and singer.

1965: Zak Starkey, British musician of the band Oasis.

1966: La Barby, drag queen, comedian, television presenter, and Argentine singer.

1966: Francine Gálvez, Spanish journalist and presenter.

1967: Michael Johnson, American athlete.

1967: Tim Owens, American singer of the band Judas Priest.

1968: Santi Millán, Spanish actor.

1969: Daniel Fonseca, Uruguayan soccer player.

1970: Martín Herrera, Argentine soccer player.

1971: Goran Ivanišević, Croatian tennis player.

1971: Stella McCartney, British fashion designer.

1972: Jaime Anglada, Spanish singer-songwriter.

1973: Fabio Cannavaro, Italian footballer.

1973: Harald Cerny, Austrian footballer.

1973: Christine Arron, French athlete.

1974: Keith Murray, an American rapper.

1974: Lil ‘1/2 Dead, American rapper.

1974: Jonny Walker, former American footballer.

1975: Abdelnacer Ouadah, Algerian footballer.

1975: Idan Tal, Israeli footballer.

1976: Alejandro Tous, Spanish actor.

1976: Puma Swede, American pornographic actress.

1977: Fiona Apple, American singer-songwriter.

1977: Daisuke Tsuda, Japanese singer of the band Maximum the Hormone.

1979: Geike Arnaert, Belgian Hooverphonic singer.

1979: Lidia Ávila, Mexican actress and singer of the band OV7.

1979: Manuel Friedrich, German footballer.

1979: Ben Savage, American actor.

1979: Catalina Cruz, American porn model, and actress.

1979: Lina van de Mars, German presenter, and musical artist.

1979: Julio César de León, Honduran soccer player.

1980: Daisuke Matsuzaka, Japanese baseball player.

1981: Koldo Fernández, Spanish cyclist.

1981: Antonio López Guerrero, Spanish footballer.

1982: Clara Serra Sánchez, Spanish feminist politician.

1982: Nene, Brazilian basketball player.

1982: Soraya Arnelas, Spanish singer.

1983: James Bourne, British guitarist and singer of the bands Busted and Son Of Dork.

1984: Tom Pestock, aka Baron Corbin, WWE company professional wrestler

1986: Kamui Kobayashi, Japanese Formula 1 driver.

1986: Sean Williams, American basketball player.

1987: Fraizer Campbell, British footballer.

1989: Thomas Müller, German footballer.

1990: Aoi Nakabeppu, actress, model, and Japanese talent.

1991: Macarena Paz, Argentine actress, model, and host.

1991: CJ Fair, American basketball player.

1993: Niall Horan, Irish singer of the band One Direction.

1995: Robbie Kay, British actor.