september 16 zodiac

    People born on September 16 are withdrawn and not very social.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on September 16

    These people are able to issue orders and willingly pressure others to work, but they do not want to exert too much effort themselves, which often makes them enemies in their environment. Many changes await you in life, both in terms of your environment and the people you work with. They continually make new friends and form new relationships. Exceptionally business-savvy, talented in commerce, always ready for new actions and risky endeavors. They are always prepared to take advantage of opportunities that may be socially or financially useful to them. Always ready to improve both your wealth and your life situation. Quite modest, stable, composed, not very sociable, often misanthropic. Eloquent, skillful, and fond of the arts and music. They can offer a good and faithful friend. They go through many romantic adventures in life, not very happy. They find comfort in hard work and often isolate themselves from people. These people generally have few children, but they are attached and deeply concerned about them. They are characterized by their internal sense of purity, which makes them repel anything vulgar, low, and dissolute. They are usually the reason for your own ailments. What threatens them? They will be limited in life by circumstances that they cannot control and cannot overcome. They also don't always have a good understanding of the situation, which makes them easy to fool. Their wrong views cause them a lot of trouble. They are also in danger of being separated from loved ones or relatives or being forced to leave their home country.

    Zodiac sign for those born on September 16

    If your birthday is on September 16, your zodiac sign is  Virgo.

    September 16 - personality and character

    character:  solicitous, sincere, cutting, passive, silent, curious; profession:  gravedigger, doctor, biologist; colors:  cyan, gold, claret; stone:  opal; animal:  hedgehog; plant:  oleander plant; lucky numbers:  8,17,25,26,34,52 super lucky number:  16

    Holidays and observances - September 16

    • Uruguay: Uruguayan Cartoon Day.
    • Mexico: Anniversary of the Beginning of the Independence of Mexico
    • Mexico: Cry of Dolores. Celebration in more than 2,450 cities of the Mexican Republic, in addition to cities in the United States and other countries in America.
    • Spain: Collbatდ³: Patronal feast: San Cornelio.
    • United Nations: International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.

    September 16 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1905: Vladimდ­r Holan, Czech poet. 1906: Jacques Brunius, French actor (d. 1967). 1908: Pedro Geoffroy Rivas, Salvadoran poet, anthropologist and linguist (d. 1979). 1908: Friedrich Torberg, Austrian-Czech writer and editor (b. 1979). 1909: Julio Esteban Suდ¡rez, Uruguayan cartoonist, cartoonist and journalist. 1910: Else Alfelt, Danish painter. 1910 - Karl Kling, German racing driver. 1919: Laurence J. Peter, Canadian pedagogue. 1921: Jon Hendricks, American jazz musician (d. 2017). 1921: Jorge, Spanish cartoonist (f. 1960). 1923: Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's first head of government. 1924: Lauren Bacall, American actress (d. 2014). 1925: Odდ³n Betanzos, Spanish journalist. 1925: Charlie Byrd, American jazz musician (f. 1999). 1925: Charles Haughey, Irish politician (d. 2006). 1925: BB King, American musician. (f 05/2015) 1927: Peter Falk, American actor Columbo (d. 2011). 1927: Alison de Vere, British animation director. (f. 2001). 1928: Diego Catalდ¡n, Spanish philologist (f. 2008). 1930: Ken Coates, British writer (d. 2010). 1930: Anne Francis, American actress (d. 2011). 1934: Elgin Baylor, American basketball player. 1934: George Chakiris, American actor. 1934: Ronnie Drew, Irish singer-songwriter (d. 2008). 1935: Carl Andre, American sculptor. 1936: Juhayman al-Otayb, Saudi militant and activist (d. 1980). 1937: Carlos Spadone, Argentine businessman and criminal. 1939: Breyten Breytenbach, South African writer. 1942: Bernie Calvert, British musician of the band The Hollies. 1943: Andrდ©s Vicente Gდ³mez, Spanish film producer. 1943: Keiichi Noda, Japanese voice actor. 1943: Oskar Lafontaine, German politician. 1945: Jდ¶rg Grunert, German geographer and geomorphologist. 1945: Biagio Marzo, Italian politician and journalist. 1945: Pat Stevens, American actress. 1945: Tanguito, Argentine musician and composer (d. 1972). 1946: Camilo Sesto, Spanish singer-songwriter. 1947: Enrique Krauze, editor, historian, and Mexican essayist. 1948: Rosemary Casals, American tennis player. 1948: Kenney Jones, British musician of the bands Small Faces and The Who. 1948: Susan Ruttan, American actress. 1949: Chrisye, Indonesian singer (d. 2007). 1949: Ed Begley, Jr., American actor. 1950: Loyola de Palacio, Spanish politician. 1952: Mickey Rourke, American actor. 1953: Nancy Huston, Canadian writer. 1953: Manuel Pellegrini, Chilean soccer player, and coach. 1953: Kurt Fuller, American actor. 1954: Earl Klugh, American guitarist. 1955: Yolandita Monge, Puerto Rican singer, and actress. 1956: David Copperfield, American illusionist. 1957: Falcao, Brazilian singer, and musician. 1957: Pierre Moscovici, French politician. 1957: Assumpta Serna, Spanish actress. 1958: Jennifer Tilly, American actress. 1958: Ricardo Camacho, art curator 1958: Willy Wilhelm, Dutch judoka. 1960: Danny John-Jules, British actor. 1960: Hugo Varela, Argentine actor, and comedian. 1961: Inaki Uranga, Spanish singer. 1963: Richard Marx, American singer, and songwriter. 1963: Rafael Reig, Spanish writer. 1964: Molly Shannon, American actress. 1964: Rossy de Palma, Spanish actress. 1965: Cris Mirდ³, actress and Argentine vedette (f. 1999). 1965: Karl-Heinz Riedle, German footballer. 1965: Jasmin Roy, Canadian actor. 1966: Raდºl Magana, Mexican actor and conductor. 1966: Jacob Morild, Danish actor and filmmaker. 1966: Stდ©phane Traineau, French judoka. 1966: Kevin Young, American athlete. 1967: Yayo დ?guila, Filipino actress. 1967: Daniele Balli, Italian footballer. 1967: Hiroya Oku, Japanese manga. 1968: Rafael Alkorta, Spanish footballer. 1968: Marc Anthony, Puerto Rican singer. 1968: Apti Magomedov, Moldovan judoka. 1969: Hernდ¡n Cristante, Argentine soccer player. 1969: Justine Frischmann, British singer and guitarist. 1969: Janno Gibbs, Filipino actor, and singer. 1971: Amy Poehler, American comedian, and actress. 1972: Sprent Dabwido, politician and president of Nauru. 1972: Erik Mana, Filipino magician, and mentalist. 1973: Nguyen Ngoc Bich Ngan, Vietnamese-Canadian actress, and writer. 1973: Luis Larrodera, Spanish journalist. 1973: Alexander Vinokourov, Kazakh cyclist. 1974: Mario Haas, Austrian footballer. 1975: Deborah de Corral, Argentine singer, and conductor. 1975: Gal Fridman, Israeli windsurfer. 1975: Samanta Villar, Spanish journalist. 1975: Candra Wijaya, Indonesian badminton player. 1976: Tina Barrett, singer, actress, and British dancer of the band S Club 7. 1976: Greg Buckner, American basketball player. 1976: Leire Pajდ­n, Spanish politician. 1978: Dan Dickau, American basketball player. 1978: Carolina Dieckmann, Brazilian actress. 1978: Esteban Gonzდ¡lez, Argentine soccer player. 1979: Fanny Biascamano, French singer. 1979: Aileen Celeste Gდ³mez, Venezuelan actress, and model. 1979: Fanny Biascamano, French singer. 1979: Flo Rida (Tramar Dillard), an American rapper. 1979: Oscar Quintero Cruz, Colombian-Costa Rican Industrial Engineer. 1980: Kitchie Nadal, Filipino singer-songwriter for the band Mojofly. 1981: Daniel Martდ­n Alexandre, Spanish footballer. 1981: Fan Bingbing, Chinese actress, singer, and producer. 1981: Alexis Bledel, American actress. 1982: Anselmo Vendrechovsky Jდºnior, Brazilian soccer player. 1982: Ramდ³n Ramდ­rez, Venezuelan baseball player. 1983: Katerine Avgoustakis, Belgian singer of Greek descent. 1984: Sabrina Bryan, American actress, and singer. 1984: Katie Melua, Georgian singer. 1985: Madeline Zima, American actress. 1986: Gordon Beckham, American baseball player. 1986: Ian Harding, American actor. 1986: Farina Pao, Colombian actress, and singer 1987: Daren Kagasoff, American actor. 1987: Louis Ngwat-Mahop, Cameroonian footballer. 1988: Darlan Cunha, Brazilian actor. 1988: Sliimy, French singer and songwriter. 1989: Jorge Villafana, American soccer player. 1991: Jesდºs Zavala, Mexican actor and singer. 1992: Nick Jonas, American singer-songwriter of the Jonas Brothers band. 1995: Aaron Gordon, American basketball player. 1998: Nil Cardoner, Spanish actor (Red bracelets).