september 17 zodiac

    People born on September 17 are prone to the opposition and difficult to satisfy.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on September 17

    Very fond of the military, they will most likely forge their path in life with force, which will give them success due to their energy and executive skills. Inflexible people - quite invasive in their behavior. Therefore, they often bring duality and misunderstandings to their environment or among their friends, causing a commotion. Withdrawn, sensitive and nervous, difficult to satisfy. They are quite strange, and their true inner self is generally unknown to others ... And yet they are attractive people and surrounded by people. Calculators: They think about everything in advance and carefully, and they rarely act impulsively. They are deeply affected by physical and sensual beauty, as they are loving and subtle. Sensitive to the arts and spiritually inspired. Their shortcomings include their willingness to control others, get involved in other people's affairs, and unjustifiably criticize the shortcomings and mistakes of their environment. They have great respect for wealthy and high-ranking people, which is why they often express false pride and unhealthy ambitions. They love money for being money, and they care little about the pleasure or comfort it can bring. These are all characteristic traits of the undeveloped type, who complains about his limiting living conditions, does not want to fulfill his duties, and blames everyone around him for his failures. He would like to achieve practical success, but when he fails, he becomes impatient, irritable, and dissatisfied. The developed type, on the other hand, easily overcomes life's struggles and achieves success. Very aggressive, he will be victorious over his influential and numerous enemies. You may even earn fame, but your fighting nature can cost you happiness in life.

    Zodiac sign for those born on September 17

    If your birthday is on September 17, your zodiac sign is  Virgo.

    September 17 - personality and character

    character:  uncompromising, defined, judicious, sanguine, mischievous, without guts; profession:  tram driver, photographer, politician; colors:  cyan, silver, gray; stone:  scarlet emerald; animal:  wolf; plant:  juniper; lucky numbers:  3,14,16,33,36,55 super lucky number:  17

    Holidays and Observances - September 17

    • Geologist's Day in Peru.
    • Argentina: Teacher's Day in honor of Josდ© Manuel Estrada (1842-1894).
    • National Huaso Day (in Chile)?
    • National Holidays in Chile (eve).

    September 17 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1903: George Koltanowsky, Belgian chess player. 1904: Frederick Ashton, Ecuadorian dancer, and choreographer. 1915: Adolfo Sდ¡nchez Vდ¡zquez, Mexican philosopher and writer (d. 2011). 1919: Vincenzo Torriani, Italian sports manager (d. 1996). 1918: Chaim Herzog, Israeli president. 1921: Virgilio Barco Vargas, Colombian president between 1986 and 1990. 1922: Agostinho Neto, first Angolan president. 1923: Hank Williams, American country singer. 1926: Hდ©ctor Gros Espiell, Uruguayan politician (d. 2009). 1927: Hდ©lene Langevin-Joliot, French nuclear physicist. 1928: Roddy McDowall, British actor. 1928: Alberto Gonzდ¡lez, Cuban humorist (f. 2012). 1929 - Stirling Moss, British motor racing driver. 1929: Eliseo Prado, Argentine soccer player. 1930: David Huddleston, American actor (d. 2016). 1930: Enrique Alejandro Mancini, Argentine journalist (d. 2008). 1931: Anne Bancroft, American actress (f. 2005). 1934: Maureen Connolly, American tennis player. 1935: Ken Kesey, American writer. 1936: Melcochita, Peruvian actor, comedian, and singer. 1936: Rolv Wesenlund, Norwegian actor (d. 2014). 1939: David Souter, American judge. 1942: Lupe Ontiveros, American actress (d. 2012). 1944: Reinhold Messner, Italian mountaineer. 1945: Phil Jackson, American basketball coach. 1945: Bruce Spence, New Zealand actor. 1948: Didith Reyes, Filipino singer. 1948: John Ritter, American actor (f. 2003). 1951: Cassandra Peterson, American actress. 1949: Chela Arias, Colombian actress. 1949: Miguel დ?ngel Gდ³mez Martდ­nez, Spanish conductor and composer. 1950: Soledad Alvear, Chilean politician. 1950: Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister. 1951: Mariano Cდ­vico Puerto Rican singer and musician (f. 2013). 1952: El Nino de la Capea (Pedro Gutiდ©rrez Moya), Spanish bullfighter. 1955: Charles Martinet, American voice actor. 1956: Francesc Capdevila "Max," Spanish cartoonist, illustrator, and editor. 1956: Almazbek Atambayev, Kyrgyz President. 1958: Nancho Novo, Spanish actor. 1960: Damon Hill, British Formula 1 driver. 1961: Ty Tabor, American musician of the band King's X. 1962: Baz Luhrmann, Australian filmmaker. 1963: Rami Saari, Israeli poet. 1965: Bryan Singer, American filmmaker. 1965: Yuji Naka, programmer of the original game Sonic the Hedgehog. 1966: Doug E. Fresh, American rapper, producer, and beatboxer. 1966: Stდ©phane Rousseau, Canadian actor and comedian. 1968: Marie Chantal of Greece, Danish princess. 1968: Anastacia, American singer, and songwriter. 1968: Paul Tracy, Canadian racing driver. 1968: Tito Vilanova, Spanish footballer, and coach (f. 2014). 1969: Claudio დ?beda, Argentine footballer. 1969: Keith Flint, British vocalist of the band The Prodigy. 1971: Adriana Karembeu, Slovakian model. 1971: Jens Voigt, German cyclist. 1972: Bobby Lee, American actor, and comedian. 1973: Demis Nikolaidis, Greek footballer. 1974: Darდ­o Rodrდ­guez, Uruguayan soccer player 1974: Rasheed Wallace, American basketball player. 1975: დ?lvaro Fuentes, Spanish musician of the band La Oreja de Van Gogh. 1975: Austin St. John, American actor. 1975: Jimmie Johnson, American stock car driver. 1977 (the date it was noted by its appropriators): Victoria Donda, an Argentine politician, was born in captivity in early August. 1977: Mდ³nica Ergueta, Bolivian singer. 1977: Juan Antonio Flecha, Spanish cyclist. 1977: Denis Kang, French mixed martial arts fighter. 1977: Francisco Pancho Maciel, Argentine soccer player. 1977: Simone Perrotta, Italian footballer. 1978: Cristina Alcდ¡zar, Spanish actress. 1979: Chuck Comeau, Canadian musician of the band Simple Plan. 1979: Ingrid Martz, Mexican actress, and model. 1979: Robby Navarro, Filipino singer. 1981: Julio Alcorsდ©, Argentine footballer. 1981: Bakari Konდ©, ivory footballer. 1983: Knox Cameron, American footballer. 1983: Jennifer Pena, American singer. 1984: De la Ghetto, Puerto Rican singer. 1985: Jon Walker, American bassist of the band Panic at the Disco. 1989: Dijon Talton, American actor, singer, and dancer. 1996: Youngjae, South Korean actor, singer, and dancer, member of the boy band Got