september 19 zodiac

    People born on September 19 are serious, characterized by their patriotism.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on September 19

    Open, fair, and kind to others. At the same time, they are quite ambitious and intelligent, showing significant business insight, which they are lucky for. They show a social and altruistic disposition, and they would like to serve their country and humanity. Their diligence, skill in practical matters, excellent knowledge of life situations, and critical skills draw the attention of the environment to these people. They often work alone in their studio or workshop because, although they criticize others with appreciation, they do not like to be told what to do unless it involves purely practical advice. One of their defects is a certain recklessness that they show when they are insufficiently developed. When that happens, their behavior is also unbalanced and uncomfortable, which can put them at risk of loss. Their excessive passivity can make them the victims of more active and cunning people. Why should they fight? Avoid superficiality through self-analysis and solid foundations of education. In general, however, it must be concluded that they are quite happy people born under favorable circumstances. Your family life is going to be fine. Your health requires a harmonious environment and regularity of habits, as well as order. When they are in an unfriendly environment, they become irritated and angry, at which point their nervousness affects their digestion and causes ailments. A woman born on this day displays a skill for craftsmanship, good taste, and artistic sense. How to raise a child born on this day? You must continually direct your attention to the clear and good aspects of life, point out the positive traits of other people, and develop admiration for all that is beautiful, good, and pure. The child must learn from early childhood to look for positive aspects in everything since his critical skills are very strong, and it is very easy for him to start judging everything negatively.

    Zodiac sign for those born on September 19

    If your birthday is on September 19, your zodiac sign is  Virgo.

    September 19 - personality and character

    character:  serene, stable, intelligent, despicable, unbridled, crazy; profession:  watchmaker, pediatrician, pilot; colors:  gray, purple, gold; stone:  alexandrite; animal:  seagull; plant:  Inkberry; lucky numbers:  2,4,17,45,48,54 super lucky number:  25

    Holidays and observances - September 19

    • Argentina: Preceptor's Day
    • Chile: National Holidays (Day of the Glories of the Chilean Army), the Military Parade is carried out.
    • Argentina: Patron Saint festivities in San Genaro (province of Santa Fe).
    • Argentina: Surgical Instrumenter Day
    • Spain: America's Day (Oviedo festival, in Asturias).
    • Spain: Party in the city of Guadalajara.
    • International Talk Like a Pirate Day (Pastafarian Celebration).
    • Argentina: Chamamდ© Day, in Corrientes

    September 19 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Ricardo Cortez, American actor, singer, and director (d. 1977). 1901: Joe Pasternak, Hungarian producer (d. 1991). 1901: Ludwig von Bertalanffy, Austrian biologist (d. 1972). 1908: Mika Waltari, Finnish writer (d. 1979). 1908: Tatsuo Shimabuku, Japanese karateka (d. 1975). 1908: Robert Lecourt, French politician (d. 2004). 1909: Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche, Austrian car designer (d. 1998). 1910: Margaret Lindsay, American actress, and singer (d. 1981). 1911: William Golding, British novelist, poet, and playwright; Nobel Prize in Literature (f. 1993). 1912: Kurt Sanderling, Polish-German conductor and musician (d. 2011). 1913: Frances Farmer, American actress, and singer (d. 1970). 1915: Germდ¡n Valdდ©s, Mexican actor, singer and comedian (d. 1973). 1916: Terence Tiller, poet and British radio producer (d. 1987). 1919: Juan Barjola, Spanish painter (d. 2004). 1919: Tom Ebbert, American jazz trombonist (f. 2013). 1921: Paulo Freire, Brazilian educator, pedagogue, and writer (f. 1997). 1921: დ?ngel Liberal Lucini, Spanish admiral (d. 2006). 1921: Odilio Urfდ©, Cuban conductor and musician. 1922: Damon Knight, editor and critic of American science fiction (d. 2002). 1922: Emil Zდ¡topek, Czechoslovak athlete (d. 2000). 1923: Rodrigo Riera, Venezuelan guitarist, and composer (f. 1999). 1926: Masatoshi Koshiba, Japanese physicist, 2002 Nobel Prize in Physics. 1926: James Lipton, American actor, producer, and screenwriter. 1926: Duke Snider, American baseball player, and broadcaster (d. 2011). 1927: Helen Carter, American singer of the band The Carter Family (d. 1998). 1927: Rosemary Harris, British actress. 1928: Elvira Quintillდ¡, Spanish actress (d. 2013). 1928: Adam West, American actor (d. 2017). 1930: Muhal Richard Abrams, American pianist, composer, and educator. 1930: Antonio Margheriti, Italian director and screenwriter (d. 2002). 1931: Jean-Claude Carriere, French actor, and screenwriter. 1932: Anabel Gutiდ©rrez, a Mexican film and television actress. 1932: Stefanie Zweig, German writer (d. 2014). 1933: David McCallum, British actor, and singer, Iliდ¡ Kuriakin in Cipol's Agent. 1934: Brian Epstein, British manager of the band The Beatles (d. 1967). 1935: Benjamin Thurman Hacker, American naval pilot (d. 2003). 1935: Encarna Sდ¡nchez, Spanish journalist (f. 1996). 1936: Al Oerter, American athlete (d. 2007). 1940: Caroline John, British actress (d. 2012). 1940: Eduardo Mateo (49), Uruguayan musician and composer (d. 1990). 1940: Bill Medley, American singer of the band The Righteous Brothers. 1940: Paul Williams, American singer-songwriter and actor. 1941: Umberto Bossi, Italian politician. 1941: Mama Cass (Ellen Naomi Cohen, 32), American singer and musician of the band The Mamas & the Papas (d. 1974). 1941: Mariangela Melato, Italian actress (d. 2013). 1942: Marina Mayoral, Spanish writer, and teacher. 1943: Joe Morgan, American baseball player, and sportscaster. 1944: Edmund Joensen, Faroese politician, 9th Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands. 1945: David Bromberg, American singer-songwriter and guitarist. 1945: Josდ© Marდ­a Latorre, writer and critic of Spanish cinema (d. 2014). 1946: Brian Henton, British racing driver. 1947: Henry Bromell, American writer and screenwriter (d. 2013). 1947: Lol Creme, British musician of the bands 10cc and Art of Noise. 1947: Tanith Lee, British writer (d. 2015). 1948: Jeremy Irons, British actor. 1949: Barry Scheck, American lawyer. 1949: Twiggy, British model, actress, and singer. 1951: Carlos Carnicero, Spanish journalist. 1951: Daniel Lanois, Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer. 1952: Rhys Chatham, American trumpeter, guitarist, and composer. 1952: Gunnar Hდ¶kmark, Swedish politician. 1952: Nile Rodgers, American guitarist, composer, and producer. 1953: Diana Maffდ­a, Argentine politician and philosopher. 1955: Richard Burmer, American composer (d. 2006). 1955: Dominique Arnaud, French cyclist (d. 2016). 1956: Josდ© Ramდ³n Alexanko, Spanish footballer. 1956: Juan Manuel Fangio II, Argentine automobile pilot. 1956: Helios Gდ³mez, Spanish anti-Franco gypsy painter, poster artist and poet (d. 1901). 1956: Josდ© Luis Doreste, Spanish sailor. 1958: Lucky Ali, Indian singer-songwriter and actor. 1958: Lita Ford, Anglo-American singer of the band The Runaways. 1958: Kevin Hooks, American actor, and director. 1959: Karmelo C. Iribarren, Spanish poet. 1960: Yolanda Saldდ­var, American assassin. 1963: Silvia Martდ­nez Cassina, Argentine journalist. 1963: Jarvis Cocker, British musician of the band Pulp. 1963: Voro Lდ³pez, Spanish philologist. 1963: David Seaman, British footballer. 1964: Kim Richards, American actress. 1964: Trisha Yearwood, singer and American actress. 1965: Helen Duval, a Dutch porn actress. 1965: Alexandra Vandernoot, Belgian actress. 1965: Sunita Williams, American astronaut. 1966: Eric Rudolph, American evangelical terrorist. 1966: Yoshihiro Takayama, Japanese wrestler. 1967: Aleksandr Karelin, Russian fighter and politician. 1967: Mark Weir, British wrestler. 1967: Mamoru Hosoda, Japanese director. 1968: Jimmy Bower, American drummer and songwriter of the band Eyehategod. 1968: Jordi Nდºnez, Spanish handball player. 1969: Candy Dulfer, Dutch saxophonist. 1969: Conchita Franqui, Cuban opera singer. 1969: Kostia Tsziu, Russian-Australian boxer. 1969: Tapio Wilska, Finnish singer. 1970: Takanori Nishikawa, Japanese singer. 1970: Victor Williams, American actor. 1971: Alfonso Reyes Cabanas, Spanish basketball player. 1971: Sanaa Lathan, American actress. 1972: Ashot Nadanian, Armenian chess player. 1973: Nick Colgan, Irish footballer. 1973: Cristiano da Matta, Brazilian Formula 1 driver. 1973: Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Australian actor. 1973: David Zepeda, Mexican actor, and singer. 1974: Jimmy Fallon, American actor, singer, and presenter. 1974: Francisco Pinoargotti, Ecuadorian comedian, actor, and television presenter. 1974: Victoria Silvstedt, Swedish model, actress, and singer. 1976: Raja Bell, American basketball player. 1976: Alison Sweeney, American actress. 1976: Jim Ward, American musician of the bands At the Drive-In and Sparta. 1977: Maria Rita, a Brazilian singer. 1977: Tommaso Rocchi, Italian footballer. 1977: Emil Sutovsky, Israeli chess player. 1978: Michelle Alves, a Brazilian model. 1978: Nick Johnson, American baseball player. 1978: Ramin Karimloo, Iranian-Canadian singer-songwriter, producer, and actor. 1978: Jorge Lდ³pez Montana, Spanish footballer. 1978: Mariano Puerta, Argentine tennis player. 1978: Waylon Reavis, American musician. 1980: Carlos Gurpegi Nausia, Spanish footballer. 1980: Sara and Tegan Quin, Canadian singers from the duo Tegan and Sara. 1980: Dimitri Yachvili, French rugby player. 1981: Damiano Cunego, Italian cyclist. 1982: Eleni Daniilidou, Greek tennis player. 1982: Cristina Lდ³pez, Salvadoran athlete and politician. 1984: Amber Rayne, American porn actress (f. 2016). 1984: Eva Marie, American professional wrestler. 1984: დ?ngel Reyna, Mexican soccer player. 1984: Kevin Zegers, Canadian actor. 1985: Alun Wyn Jones, British rugby player. 1985: Woodrow West, Belizean footballer. 1985: Song Joong Ki, South Korean actor. 1985: Renee Young, Canadian interviewer. 1986: Martდ­n Bravo, Argentine soccer player. 1986: Leon Best, Irish footballer. 1986: Gerald Ciolek, German cyclist. 1986: Omar Khadr, Canadian terrorist. 1986: Mandy Musgrave, American actress. 1987: Danielle Panabaker, American actress. 1987: Carlos Quintero, Colombian soccer player. 1988: Katrina Bowden, American actress. 1988: Faye Reagan, an American porn actress. 1989: Tyreke Evans, American basketball player. 1990: Saki Fukuda, singer and Japanese actress. 1990: Evgeny Novikov, Russian racing driver. 1990: Kieran Trippier, English footballer. 1992: Deyver Vega, Costa Rican soccer player. 1992: Diego Antonio Reyes, Mexican soccer player.