september 21 zodiac

    People born on September 21 have a happy life and must be careful of excesses.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on September 21

    Their intellect is sharp and precise, which makes them less understanding of others because they are skeptical and critical of everything that cannot be verified by the senses, logic, and scientific scrutiny. It is for this reason that they tend to become cynical. Mentally spirited, methodical people, at once exact and meticulous, but sometimes they "make a mountain out of the mountain," being prone to exaggeration. When they do not develop properly mentally, they can become selfish or fanatical, unsympathetic to others. They are overly sensitive, which can make them suffer in life. Its nature is essentially good; sometimes they are just too passive. Their behavior quite uncertain, they can be polite. Intelligent and sharp people, they are not too sociable and would rather live alone. Endowed with an unusual imagination - talented for creative work. They are quite religious, fond of rituals and ceremonies. They can also pursue a career as a priest, and their actions will be useful to society when they do. They show a lot of hope and confidence. Although they are very sensual, they can develop significant willpower and control themselves. All beautiful things, whether in life or in the arts, have a strong impact on them. They are supporters of the arts, music and the beautiful environment. They love peace, harmony, justice, they are very sensitive to their environment and to the people with whom they cooperate. They experience even the slightest injustice with force, either towards themselves or towards other people. Their unusual intuition often renders them incapable of logically justifying themselves and explaining their actions. Truth be told, they don't like to explain their actions.

    Zodiac sign for those born on September 21

    If your birthday is on September 21, your zodiac sign is  Virgo

    September 21 - personality and character

    character:  impeccable, forgiving, dedicated, enemy, brusque, mean; profession:  designer, composer, prosecutor; colors:  yellow, teal, red; stone:  lapis lazuli; animal:  guinea pig; plant:  Acacia tree; lucky numbers:  10,12,16,27,28,30 super lucky number:  1

    Holidays and observances - September 21

    • Armenia: Independence Day.
    • Plastic Artist Day
    • World Paganism Day.
    • International Day of Peace.
    • World Alzheimer's Day.

    September 21 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Vicente Solano Lima, Argentine conservative politician (d. 1984). 1902: Luis Cernuda, Spanish poet (d. 1963). 1907: Juan Alcaide, Spanish poet (d. 1951). 1907: Edward Bullard, British geophysicist (d. 1980). 1912: Gyდ¶rgy Sდ¡ndor, Hungarian pianist (d. 2005). 1912: Chuck Jones, American animator, director and producer (d. 2002). 1916: Franდ§oise Giroud, journalist and French politician (d. 2003). 1917: Mateo Zapata, Mexican activist (d. 2007). 1918: Juan Josდ© Arreola, Mexican writer (d. 2001). 1919: Mario Bunge, Argentine physicist and philosopher. 1924: Hermann Buhl, Austrian mountaineer (d. 1957). 1926: Donald Arthur Glaser, American physicist, Nobel Prize winner in physics in 1960 (d. 2013). 1926: Noor Jehan, Pakistani actress and singer (d. 2000) 1928: დ‰douard Glissant, French writer (d. 2011). 1928: Enrique Montoya, Spanish cantaor (f. 1993). 1929: Hდ©ctor Alterio, Argentine actor. 1929: Sდ¡ndor Kocsis, Hungarian footballer (d. 1979). 1929: Cipe Lincovsky, Argentine actress (d. 2015). 1931: Larry Hagman, American actor (d. 2012). 1931: Josდ© Marდ­a Silvero, Argentine footballer (d. 2010). 1934: Leonard Cohen, Canadian poet, novelist and singer (d. 2016). 1934: Marდ­a Rubio, Mexican actress. 1934: Sigrid Valdis, American actress (d. 2007). 1937: Amparo Barდ³, Spanish actress (d. 2015). 1938: Eduardo დ?rculo, Spanish painter and sculptor (f. 2003). 1938: Nicolდ¡s Cotugno, Uruguayan Archbishop. 1938: Jaime Torres, Argentine musician. 1941: Nuria Feliდº, Spanish singer and actress. 1942: Luis Mateo Dდ­ez, Spanish writer. 1942: Juan Cruz Alli, Spanish politician. 1943: Oscar Safuდ¡n, Paraguayan composer and arranger. 1943: Buddy Richard, Chilean singer-songwriter. 1944: Fannie Flagg, American writer. 1945: Jerry Bruckheimer, American film and television producer. 1946: Moritz Leuenberger, Swiss politician. 1947: Edward Ishita, Japanese opera singer. 1947: Stephen King, American writer. 1947: Don Felder, American guitarist, of the band The Eagles. 1948: Artis Gilmore, American basketball player. 1950: Bill Murray, American actor. 1953: Lars Saabye Christensen, Norwegian writer. 1953: Arie Luyendyk, Dutch racing driver. 1954: Shinzo Abe, Japanese politician, prime minister between 2006 and 2007. 1955: Mercedes Morდ¡n, Argentine actress. 1955: Teresa Notario, Paraguayan politician of the Humanist Party. 1956: Celeste Carballo, Argentine rock and blues singer-songwriter. 1956: Marta Kauffman, American producer (creator of Friends). 1957: Ethan Coen, American filmmaker. 1957: Sidney Moncrief, American basketball player and coach. 1957: Kevin Rudd, Australian Prime Minister. 1959: Corinne Drewery, American singer, of the band Swing Out Sister. 1959: Eulalia Ramდ³n, Spanish actress. 1960: Gabriela David, Argentine filmmaker (d. 2010). 1960: Sikandar Sanam, Pakistani actor and singer (f. 2012) 1961: Diego Capusotto, Argentine actor and comedian. 1962: Fernando Larraდ­n, Chilean actor. 1963: Vდ­ctor Daniel Amoroso, Argentine politician and trade unionist. 1964: Jorge Drexler, Uruguayan musician. 1965: David Wenham, Australian actor. 1965: Markus Grosskopf, German musician, of the band Helloween. 1965: Cheryl Hines, American actress. 1966: Tab Ramos, Uruguayan soccer player, naturalized American. 1967: Faith Hill, American country singer. 1967: Suman Pokhrel, Nepalese poet, translator and artist 1968: Alex Amaral, Brazilian Spanish actor. 1968: Juan Andrდ©s Salfate, Chilean film critic. 1969: Pablo Echarri, Argentine actor. 1971: Alfonso Ribeiro, American actor and singer. 1971: David Vetter, called the Bubble Boy since he suffered from severe combined deficiency syndrome (d. 1984). 1972: Liam Gallagher, British musician, of the band Oasis. 1972: Inდ©s Saavedra, Uruguayan singer, guitarist and composer. 1972: David Silveria, American drummer, of the band Korn. 1973: Daniel Guzmდ¡n, Spanish actor and boxer. 1973: Virginia Ruano, Spanish tennis player. 1973: Oswaldo Sდ¡nchez, Mexican soccer player. 1974: Martდ­n Liberman, Argentine sports journalist. 1974: Diego Martდ­n, Spanish actor. 1975: Marcelo Goux, Argentine footballer. 1976: Jonas Bjerre, Danish musician, of the band Mew. 1978: Nerviozzo (Eduardo Sდ¡nchez), Spanish master of ceremonies and music producer. 1978: Oso Rossello, Argentine cartoonist (d. 2009) .2? 1980: Kareena Kapoor, Indian actress. 1980: Aleksa Palladino, American actress. 1981: Nicole Richie, American actress. 1981: Luciano Pereyra, Argentine singer and composer. 1982: Marat Izmailov, Russian footballer. 1982: Marco Navas, Spanish footballer. 1983: Fernando Cavenaghi, Argentine footballer. 1983: Joseph Mazzello, American actor. 1983: Maggie Grace, American actress. 1984: Rinaldo Cruzado, Peruvian soccer player. 1985: Carolina Bang, Spanish actress. 1986: Faris Badwan, British musician. 1986: Lindsey Stirling, American violinist and performance artist. 1988: Bilawal Bhutto, Pakistani politician 1989: Jason Derდ¼lo, Haitian singer-songwriter, actor and dancer. 1989: Ben Mee, British footballer. 1990: Allison Scagliotti-Smith, American actress. 1990: Christian Serratos, American actress. 1992: Chen (singer), singer, dancer and South Korean model. 1998: დ“scar Casas, Spanish actor.