september 22 zodiac

    People born on September 22 will reach the truth in the face of doubt and cynicism.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on September 22

    They carefully observe outer life and skillfully draw conclusions from their observations. Materialists in their vision of the world. They do not doubt the existence of the spirit, but they do not have time to meditate on the invisible. These people would like to adapt everything to normal, ordinary everyday life. Capable of self-control, careful, cautious, foresighted, at the same time very active, skillful, creative and full of tact, they are not distracted and focus all their attention on essential objectives. They are perfect people for all kinds of businesses, brave in their practical life. Methodical, diligent, intelligent; their ability to differentiate, recognize and analyze is unusually developed. They show great pride and ambition, and their skill and diligence enable them to perform outstanding deeds; they mainly live according to their own principles. They like power and authority, happy to lead others, but unwilling to take orders. The best profession for these people is one related to mental work, public appearances, where they can come into contact with large parts of society. The arts, music, as well as gardening and commerce - these are the lines in which they often develop professionally. Inventors are also born today. How to raise a child born on this day? Such a child is characterized by his mental abilities and curiosity about life. You must be fully educated and learn music in the form of harmonious leisure. You should have developing plants for observation, which would keep you busy with natural life. You can gradually develop a great deal of good taste and elegance to be the joy of the whole family. Your skin is very sensitive and delicate, which should ensure special precaution during baths. Strong chemical medicines should not be given. Food and fresh air, a little gymnastics and deep breathing - these are the best remedies for this child.

    Zodiac sign for those born on September 22

    If your birthday is on September 22, your zodiac sign is  Virgo

    September 22 - personality and character

    character:  honest, gifted, vigilant, rude, silent, unbalanced; profession:  translator, lawyer, musician; colors:  cyan, gray, gray; stone:  amethyst; animal:  eel; plant:  juniper; lucky numbers:  13,29,41,45,55,56 super lucky number:  10

    Holidays and observances - September 22

    • Uruguay: teacher's day.
    • World Car Free Day.
    • Mali Independence Day.
    • International Mime Day.
    • Spain: La Magdalena.
    • Alcalდ¡ de Guadaდ­ra Spain: Patron saint festivities.

    September 22 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1901: Charles Brenton Huggins, Canadian physician, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1966. 1902: John Houseman, Romanian actor (d. 1988). 1903: Joseph Valachi, American criminal (d. 1971). 1904: Ellen Church, American flight attendant. 1912: Martha Scott, American actress. 1915: Bernardino Pinera, Chilean doctor and priest. 1915: Amდ­lcar Vasconcellos, Uruguayan politician. 1918: Hans Scholl, German activist. 1918: Henryk Szeryng, Mexican violinist of Polish origin. 1920: Eric Baker, British activist. 1922: Josდ© Humberto Quintero, first Venezuelan cardinal. 1923: Dannie Abse, British physician and poet (d. 2014). 1924: Rosamunde Pilcher, British novelist. 1924: Alberto Podestდ¡, Argentine tango singer (f. 2015). 1930: Antonio Saura, Spanish painter. 1931: Fay Weldon, British feminist. 1932: Algirdas Brazauskas, Lithuanian politician. 1932: Juan Garcდ­a Ponce, Mexican writer (f. 2003). 1933: Leonardo Balada, Spanish composer and teacher. 1934: Carmelo Simeone, Argentine soccer player (d. 2014). 1936: Ricardo Fernდ¡ndez, Peruvian actor. 1938: Lola Salvador Maldonado, Spanish writer. 1939: Luisa Marდ­a Payდ¡n, Spanish actress and businesswoman. 1940: Anna Karina, Danish actress and singer. 1940: Mercedes Carreras, Argentine actress. 1941: Josდ© Luis Garcდ­a Sდ¡nchez, Spanish filmmaker. 1942: David Stern, American lawyer and commissioner of the NBA. 1943: Toni Basil, American singer, choreographer and actress. 1943: Miguel Patrდ³n Marchand, Uruguayan conductor and musicologist (d. 2010). 1946: King Sunny Ade, Nigerian singer. 1947: Julieta Magana, Argentine actress and singer (d. 2017). 1948: Jorge Verstrynge, Spanish politician and political scientist. 1951: David Coverdale, British musician of the bands Deep Purple and Whitesnake. 1952: Richard Fairbrass, singer, bassist and British television presenter, of the band Right Said Fred. 1953: Zezდ© Polessa, Brazilian actress. 1953: Sდ©golene Royal, French politician. 1956: Debby Boone, American singer. 1957: Nick Cave, Australian musician, writer and actor. 1957: Giuseppe Saronni, Italian cyclist. 1957: Carlos Jდ¡uregui, Argentine LGBT activist (f. 1996). 1958: Andrea Bocelli, Italian tenor. 1958: Eddy Planckaert, Belgian cyclist. 1958: Joan Jett, American singer and guitarist. 1959: Saul Perlmutter, American physicist. 1961: Liam Fox, British politician. 1961: Bonnie Hunt, American actress. 1961: Catherine Oxenberg, British actress. 1964: Fabio Alberti, Argentine actor and comedian. 1966: Albert Pla, Catalan singer-songwriter. 1967: Fდ©lix Savდ³n, Cuban boxer. 1969: Matt Sharp, American musician. 1970: Mystikal, American rapper. 1970: Rupert Penry-Jones, British actor. 1970: Emmanuel Petit, French footballer. 1971: Marta Luisa of Norway, Norwegian aristocrat. 1972: Dana Vespoli, American porn actress. 1974: Bob Sapp, American boxer. 1975: Freddy Grisales, Colombian footballer. 1976: Ronaldo, Brazilian soccer player. 1976: Martin Solveig, French DJ. 1978: Harry Kewell, Australian footballer. 1979: Emilie Autumn, American singer-songwriter and violinist. 1979: Cristian Tavio, Argentine soccer player. 1981: Adam Lazzara, American singer of the band Taking Back Sunday. 1982: Kosuke Kitajima, Japanese swimmer. 1982: Billie Piper, singer and British actress. 1983: Sebastiდ¡n Penco, Argentine soccer player. 1984: Laura Vandervoort, Canadian actress. 1984: Eduardo Rubio, Chilean soccer player. 1987: Tom Felton, British actor. 1989: Cour de Pirate, French-Canadian singer and pianist 1989: South Korean singer Hyoyeon. 1989: Sabine Lisicki, German tennis player. 1990: Juan Betancourt, Cuban actor and model. 1993: Mauricio Cabrera, Dominican baseball player. 1993: Chase Ellison, American actor. 1994: Jinyoung, South Korean actor, singer, dancer, member of the boy band Got7 and the duo JJ Project