september 30 zodiac

    People born on September 30 stand up for justice. They might be successful in journalism or politics.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on September 30

    They long for unity, peace, and love, but they often show a willingness to distance themselves from others and tend to walk their own paths. His highest ideal is justice and harmony. They are people fond of regularity, methodology and order in everything, willing to avoid misunderstandings and discord at all costs, always longing for harmony. Their demeanor is personable, sociable, and engaging, often generating general sympathy for them. As they age, they show more and more calm, diplomatic skills, and a love for the arts. At that point, they are successful in cooperating with others because of their ability to select suitable collaborators, and their great tact and sense of justice. Courteous, loving, united to their spouses; however, they also easily fall for sensuality. Fans of luxury and pleasure. Delicate, sensitive, susceptible to the strong influence of the opposite sex, something that does not always turn out well for them. Such people are idealistic and romantic, capable of sacrificing themselves for their ideal. However, his will is not very strong, easily yielding under strong and constant pressure from more powerful individuals. Its endurance often leaves a lot to be desired. What threatens them? Falls from high places, both literally and figuratively because they can fall from a high physical place or they may not be able to maintain a high position that they reach. The best profession for these people is related to art or mental work, such as artists, cartoonists, singers, musicians, librarians, teachers, etc. But it should be noted that their ambitious plans may not come to fruition. Their organism is quite strong, and as long as they have a normal life, they should not fear any ailment. However, if they do get sick, your kidneys and head are at the greatest risk.

    Zodiac sign for those born on September 30

    If your birthday is September 30, your zodiac sign is  Libra

    September 30 - personality and character

    character:  observant, forgiving, trustworthy, unbearable, self-centered, with closed lips; profession:  dentist, bookbinderjoiner, driver; colors:  pink, teal, orange; stone:  talc; animal:  walrus; plant:  petunia; lucky numbers:  10,28,29,31,40,59 super lucky number:  27

    Holidays and observances - September 30

    • International Day for the Right to Blasphemy
    • International Translation Day as a commemoration of the death of San Jerდ³nimo de Estridდ³n, patron of this profession.
    • Venezuela: National Day of the Secretaries.
    • Mexico: anniversary of the birth of Josდ© Marდ­a Morelos y Pavდ³n.
    • Spain, Andდºjar and Burjasot: patronal festival in honor of Our Lady of the Head.

    September 30 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Joaquდ­n Pardavდ©, Mexican actor, director, singer-songwriter and scriptwriter (d. 1955). 1907: Nevill Francis Mott, British physicist, 1977 Nobel Prize in Physics (d. 1996). 1908: David დ“istraj, Soviet violinist (d. 1974). 1913: Bill Walsh, American film producer and writer (d. 2007). 1914: Llatzer Escarceller, Spanish actor (d. 2010). 1917: Park Chung-hee, South Korean president (d. 1979). 1917: Buddy Rich, American drummer (d. 1987). 1918: Osvaldo Bonet, Argentine actor and director (d. 2013). 1918: Lewis Nixon, American military man (d. 1995). 1920: Aldo Parisot, American musician. 1921: Deborah Kerr, British actress (d. 2007). 1921: Pedro Knight, Cuban trumpeter (d. 2007). 1922: El Indio Naborდ­ (Jesდºs Orta Ruiz), Cuban poet. 1922: Alan Stretton, Australian general. 1923: Arturo Rivera, Salvadoran archbishop (d. 1994). 1924: Truman Capote, American writer (d. 1984). 1925: Fდ©lix Luna, Argentine writer, historian and politician (d. 2009). 1926: Robin Roberts, American baseball player (d. 2010). 1927: WS Merwin, American poet. 1928: Elie Wiesel, Romanian writer, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1986 (d. 2016). 1931: Angie Dickinson, American actress. 1932: Shintaro Ishihara, Japanese politician. 1934: Udo Jდ¼rgens, Austrian singer (d. 2014). 1934: Anna Kashfi, Welsh actress (d. 2015). 1935: Johnny Mathis, American singer. 1937: Pepe Novoa, Argentine actor. 1937: Valentin Silvestrov, Ukrainian pianist and composer. 1939: Jean-Marie Lehn, French physicist. 1942: Frankie Lymon, African-American singer-songwriter, of the band The Teenagers (d. 1968). 1943: Johann Deisenhofer, German chemist. 1944: Sascha Alexander, German director and producer of pornographic films. 1944: Jდ¡nos Rolla, Hungarian conductor and violinist. 1945: El Negro დ?lvarez (Carlos Alberto დ?lvarez), Argentine actor and comedian. 1945: Josდ© Manuel Fuente, Spanish cyclist (f. 1996). 1945: Ehud დ“lmert, Israeli Prime Minister. 1946 - Jochen Mass, German motor racing driver. 1946: Hდ©ctor Lavoe, Puerto Rican salsa singer (f. 1993). 1947: Dave Arneson, American game designer (d. 2009). 1947: Marc Bolan, British singer, of the band T. Rex (d. 1977). 1948: Raდºl Reyes, Colombian guerrilla, member of the FARC secretariat (f. 2008). 1950: Laura Esquivel, Mexican writer. 1950: Mariano Garcდ­a Remდ³n, Spanish soccer player. 1950: Renato Zero, Italian musician. 1951: Barry Marshall, Australian physiologist. 1952: Josდ© Massaroli, Argentine cartoonist. 1954: Basia Trzetrzelewska, Polish singer. 1954: Barry Williams, American actor. 1956: Manuela Picდ³, Spanish painter. 1957: Fran Drescher, American actress. 1961: Eric Stoltz, American actor. 1961: Eric van de Poele, Belgian motor racing driver. 1962: Frank Rijkaard, Dutch soccer player and coach. 1963: Irma Soriano, Spanish television presenter. 1964: Monica Bellucci, Italian actress. 1964: Susana Zabaleta, soprano and Mexican actress. 1967: Vდ­ctor Maldonado, Chilean sociologist and politician. 1970: Lorena Meritano, Argentine actress. 1971: Jenna Elfman, American actress. 1971: Ricardo Gaitდ¡n, Panamanian producer and singer-songwriter. 1972: Ari Behn, Norwegian author. 1974: Jorgelina Aruzzi, Argentine actress. 1974: Daniel Wu, American Chinese actor, director and producer. 1975: Marion Cotillard, French actress. 1975: Glenn Fredly, Indonesian singer. 1975: Carlos Guillდ©n, Venezuelan baseball player. 1976: Ernesto Munro Lდ³pez, Mexican politician. 1977: Roy Carroll, Northern Irish footballer. 1977: Martდ­n Romagnoli, Argentine footballer. 1978: Juan Magდ¡n, Spanish filmmaker. 1978: Candice Michelle, model and American professional wrestler. 1979: Andy van der Meyde, Dutch footballer. 1980: Martina Hingis, Slovak-Swiss tennis player. 1982: Lacey Chabert, American actress. 1982: Kieran Culkin, American actor. 1982: Michelle Marsh, British model. 1982: Teal Redmann, American actress. 1983: Crespita Rodrდ­guez, Chilean boxer 1984: Keisha Buchanan, British singer, from the band Sugababes. 1984: Juan Pablo Caffa, Argentine footballer. 1985: Cristian Rodrდ­guez, Uruguayan soccer player. 1985: T-Pain, American singer of rhythm and blues. 1985: Francisco Elizalde, Mexican singer. 1986: Takahiro Nishijima, Japanese actor and singer. 1992: Ezra Miller, American actor and musician. 1994: Aliyდ¡ Mustდ¡fina, artistic gymnast. 1997: Yana Kudryavtseva, Russian rhythmic gymnast. 1997: Max Verstappen, Dutch Formula One driver. 2002: Maddie Ziegler, American dancer and actress. 2002: Levi Miller, Australian actor and model.