06/09 Birthday - Zodiac Information

September 6 Zodiac

People born on September 6 are better in a subordinate position than a managerial one.

Horoscope and personality for those born on September 6

They are practical people, lacking in imagination, hard-working and fair, quite passive in behavior. They do not strive to rule others or wish to stand in front of a crowd.

They prefer to go down a path already trodden and show no great ambition. They fight for wealth, in which they are mostly successful, especially in professions that place them in the role of subordinate or inferior to superior. They can also be in a prominent position with subordinates, but not alone; As bosses, they keep responding to someone. Sometimes that dependency takes the form of cooperation. When left alone, they cannot always lead well, with certain dissonances present in their management: lack of confidence, errors in conclusions, etc.

They feel better when they can get advice, help, or guidance from someone else. Eager in their work - capable of sacrificing for others. They are courteous, kind, cautious, withdrawn people; They show interest in the East and its customs. Hard-working, able to skillfully adapt to living conditions. His skills are versatile. They are tied to their home, but their family life often tends to be inharmonious, and misunderstandings lead to disconnections and separations.

They can only acquire properties with effort and time, and they often lose them. They usually marry for reasons other than love and have few children. They frequently change their place of residence. What threatens them? These people are in danger of being limited and dependent on others. They can be put at risk during short trips. They work enthusiastically, but their results may be only mild personal results.

Zodiac sign for those born on September 6

If your birthday is on September 6, your zodiac sign is  Virgo

September 6 - personality and character

character:  wise, trustworthy, brave, unruly, hypersensitive, bad;
profession:  novelist, poet, pharmacist;
colors:  red, olive, gold;
stone:  fluorite;
animal:  woodpecker;
plant:  Coneflower;
lucky numbers:  8,19,26,36,44,45
super lucky number:  14

Holidays and Observances - September 6

  • Chile: National Circus Day.
  • Spain: Fuencaliente (Ciudad Real) - Patron saint festivities in honor of Our Lady of the Banos.
  • Spain: Villena (Alicante): Festivities in honor of Our Lady of Virtues. “Moors and Christians”.
  • Spain: Baza (Granada): traditional “Cascamorras” (festival of international tourist interest) and Fair and Festivities in honor of the Virgen de la Piedad.
  • Spain: Villarrubia de Santiago (Toledo): Patron saint festivities in honor of Nuestra Senora del Castellar.
  • Argentina: National Day of Public Relations.
  • Spain: Caudete (Albacete): “Moors and Christians” in honor of Our Lady of Grace.

September 6 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

1900: Julien Green, American novelist of French origin (d. 1998).
1906: Luis Federico Leloir, Argentine researcher, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1970 (d. 1987).
1909: José Cabrero Arnal, French cartoonist of Spanish origin (d. 1982).
1913: Leônidas da Silva, Brazilian soccer player (f. 2004).
1915: Franz Josef Strauss, German politician (d. 1988).
1917: Philipp von Boeselager, German general (d. 2008).
1919: Wilson Greatbatch, American engineer and inventor (d. 2011).
1921: Carmen Laforet, Spanish writer (d. 2004).
1923: Pedro II, Yugoslav king (d. 1970).
1925: Andrea Camilleri, Italian writer and director of theater and television.
1925: Ángel González, Spanish poet (f. 2008).
1925: Jimmy Reed, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1976).
1926: Claus von Amsberg, German diplomat (d. 2002).
1928: Robert M. Pirsig, American philosopher (d. 2017).
1928: Sid Watkins, British neurosurgeon (d. 2012).
1929: Yash Johar, Indian Bollywood film producer (d. 2004).
1932: Octavio Suárez, Argentine racing driver (d. 1984).
1932: Bernie Winters, British comedian (d. 1991).
1932: Hiroyuki Iwaki, Japanese percussionist and conductor (f. 2006).
1933: Juliana-Luisa González Hurtado, Spanish researcher.
1934: Paul Naschy, Spanish actor (d. 2009).
1934: María Nieves, Argentine tango dancer and choreographer.
1936: Francisco Frutos, Spanish politician.
1937: Sergio Aragonés, Spanish illustrator and writer.
1938: Dennis Oppenheim, American artist and sculptor (d. 2011).
1939: David Allan Coe, American musician.
1939: Arturo Maly, Argentine actor (d. 2001).
1939: Susumu Tonegawa, Japanese biologist, 1987 Nobel Prize winner for physiology and medicine.
1940: Elizabeth Murray, American painter (d. 2007).
1941: María Luisa Merlo, Spanish actress.
1942: Dave Bargeron, American musician, of the band Blood, Sweat & Tears.
1943: Richard J. Roberts, British chemist, 1993 Nobel Prize in Medicine.
1943: Roger Waters, British bassist and composer, of the Pink Floyd band.
1944: Donna Haraway, American educator, activist and writer.
1945: Go Nagai, Japanese cartoonist.
1946: Ángel Cappa, Argentine soccer coach.
1947: Sylvester, American musician (d. 1988).
1947: Carlos Bermejo, Argentine actor (d. 2012).
1947: Jane Curtin, American actress.
1948: Karlos Arguinano, Spanish cook.
1948: Mario Papi, Chilean lawyer, academic and politician (d. 2012).
1948: Pedro María Artola, Spanish footballer.
1948: Samuel Hui, singer and actor from Hong Kong
1954: Juan Manuel González, Spanish writer and journalist (d. 2008).
1955: Raymond Benson, American writer.
1956: Jorge de Buen Unna, Mexican graphic designer, editorial designer and typographer.
1956: Ketty Castillo Pacheco, Spanish journalist and writer
1957: Michaëlle Jean, Canadian politician, Governor of Canada.
1957: Ali Divandari, Iranian artist and journalist.
1957: José Sócrates, Portuguese politician.
1958: Michael Winslow, American actor.
1959: Edgar C. Otálvora, Venezuelan journalist and historian.
1961: Scott Travis, American drummer, of the band Judas Priest.
1961: Paul Waaktaar-Savoy, Norwegian musician, of the band A-ha.
1962: Daniel Aráoz, Argentine actor, producer and television host.
1962: Chris Christie, American politician.
1962: Jennifer Egan, American novelist.
1962: Elizabeth Vargas, American journalist.
1962: Kevin Willis, American basketball player.
1963: Blas Giunta, Argentine footballer and coach.
1963: Alice Sebold, American novelist.
1963: Geert Wilders, Dutch politician.
1963: Betsy Russell, American actress.
1964: Sergio Lapegüe, Argentine journalist and television and radio host.
1964: Rosie Perez, American actress, filmmaker and choreographer.
1967: William DuVall, American singer, of the band Alice in Chains.
1969: Macy Gray, American singer.
1969: Tony DiTerlizzi, American writer.
1971: Dolores O’Riordan, Irish singer, of the band The Cranberries (f. 2018).
1972: Justina Machado, Puerto Rican actress.
1972: China Miéville, British writer.
1972: Idris Elba, British actor.
1972: Eugene Hütz, Ukrainian musician, of the Gogol Bordello band.
1972: Anika Noni Rose, American actress and singer.
1973: Carlo Cudicini, Italian footballer.
1973: Greg Rusedski, Anglo-Canadian tennis player.
1974: Tito Fuentes, Mexican musician, of the Molotov band.
1974: Tim Henman, British tennis player.
1974: Nina Persson, Swedish singer, of the band The Cardigans.
1974: Justin Whalin, American actor.
1976: Naomie Harris, British actress.
1976: Verónica Jaspeado, Mexican actress.
1976: NORE, American rapper.
1976: Hyun Young, singer, model, actress, South Korean TV presenter
1977: Gustavo Balvorín, Argentine footballer.
1977: Kiyoshi Hikawa, Japanese singer
1978: Homare Sawa, Japanese soccer player, world champion in Germany 2011.
1978: Alex Escobar, Venezuelan baseball player.
1979: Foxy Brown, American rapper.
1979: Low Ki, American wrestler.
1979: Massimo Maccarone, Italian footballer.
1979: Carlos Adrián Morales, Mexican soccer player.
1980: Jillian Fletcher, American professional wrestler.
1980: Joseph Yobo, Nigerian footballer.
1980: Kerry Katona, British actress and singer, of the band Atomic Kitten.
1981: Yuki Abe, Japanese soccer player.
1981: Santiago Salcedo, Paraguayan soccer player.
1981: Yumiko Cheng, Chinese singer
1982: Cristian Nasuti, Argentine footballer.
1983: Dimitri Champion, French cyclist.
1983: Pippa Middleton, British party planner and sister of Catherine of Cambridge.
1984: Thomas Dekker, Dutch cyclist.
1984: Luc Abalo, French handball player.
1984: Paula Chaves, model and Argentine television host.
1985: Luz Cipriota, Argentine actress.
1985: Webbie, American rapper.
1986: Raven Riley, American porn actress.
1987: Ramiele Malubay, American singer.
1989: Kim So Eun, South Korean actress.
1990: John Wall, American basketball player.
1991: Jacques Zoua, Cameroonian footballer.
1993: Mattia Valoti, Italian footballer.
1996: Renato Tarifeno, Chilean soccer player.
1996: Rika Hongo, Japanese figure skater.
2006: Hisahito, member of the Japanese imperial family.