september 9 zodiac

    People born on September 9 are broad, cautious, forward thinking, and have incredible ideals.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on September 9

    They can develop great perseverance, overcome any problems and obstacles, so they emerge victorious from struggles and quickly rise up after a defeat. They are characterized by their gift for observation, the ability to differentiate and analyze, as well as innate philosophical abilities. Silent, withdrawn, very reasonable, cautious people - gradually acquire great knowledge and gain wealth. They can tell stories excellently, have original and unconventional ideas, displaying both eloquence and literary skills. As writers, speakers, and musicians, you can ascend to the higher planes of the mind. They have an innate talent for chemistry and show a love for agriculture. Because they are well versed in public affairs and perceive the needs of a broad audience, they can be successful as publishers. Intuitive, hard-working, alert, they think a lot about the past of their life and their projects are characterized by their practicality. Flaws: Your mind is often very quarrelsome and prone to opposition. Why should they fight? They should not flatter themselves and fall into inaction, as they could put themselves at risk of significant losses. They like their subordinates, and their life is going well most of the time, safe from any major bad experiences, with positive predictions for their future. They want to mentally explain and analyze everything in their religious life, not fond of complex rituals and theological investigations: they look at everything from the perspective of purpose and usefulness for purely practical purposes.

    Zodiac sign for those born on September 9

    If your birthday is on September 9, your zodiac sign is  Virgo

    September 9 - personality and character

    character:  hard-working, kind, diligent, shy, arbitrary, awkward; profession:  obstetrician, violinist, actor / actress; colors:  teal, gray, claret; stone:  moonstone; animal:  wallaby; plant:  Zinnia; lucky numbers:  12,25,28,37,41,55 super lucky number:  4

    Holidays and Observances - September 9

    • Elda (Alicante): patronal feast in honor of the Christ of Good Success. Eldenses festivities from 7 to 9 September.
    • Jდ©rez del Marquesado: patron saint festivities in honor of La Tiznდ¡.
    • Villena (Alicante): patron saint festivities in honor of Our Lady of Virtues; Moors and Christians (from 4 to 9).
    • Penalver (Guadalajara): start of the running of the bulls for the patron saint festivities.
    • Arenas de San Pedro (დ?vila): patron saint festivities in honor of Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Arenas.
    • Muchamiel (Alicante): patron saint festivities in honor of Our Lady of Loreto; Moors and Christians (from 6 to 12).
    • Ayerbe (Huesca): patronal feast in honor of Santa Leticia.
    • Ocana (Toledo): patron saint festivities in honor of Our Lady Virgen de los Remedios.
    • Madrid: festivity of Santa Marდ­a de la Cabeza.
    • La Antigua (Leდ³n): patronal feast in honor of Our Lady of La Antigua. Patron Saint festivities from September 8 to 9.
    • San Vicente de la Barquera (Cantabria): Mozucu festivities.
    • Caudete (Albacete): Moors and Christians in honor of Our Lady of Grace.
    • Villarrubia de Santiago (Toledo): Patron saint festivities in honor of Nuestra Senora del Castellar.
    • Guadix: Cascamorras festivities.

    September 9 Celebrity Birthday. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: James Hilton, British writer (d. 1954). 1901: Alfred Winslow Jones, Australian journalist (d. 1989). 1901: Berta Singerman, Argentine singer and actress (f. 1998). 1902: Roberto Noble, Argentine businessman and politician, founder of the Clarდ­n newspaper (d. 1969). 1907: Manuel Pereira Irarrდ¡zaval, Chilean lawyer, diplomat, businessman and politician (f. ??). 1908: Cesare Pavese, Italian writer (d. 1950). 1911: Antonio del Amo, Spanish filmmaker (d. 1991). 1911: Richard Baer, Nazi officer (d. 1963). 1911: Paul Goodman, American anarchist writer and activist (d. 1972). 1911: Manuel Sanchდ­s Guarner, Spanish philologist, historian and writer (d. 1981). 1915: Tom Hernდ¡ndez, American actor (d. 1984). 1918: Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, Italian politician and president (d. 2012). 1919: Marco Antonio Campos, Mexican actor and comedian (f. 1996). 1922: Hoyt Curtin, American composer (d. 2000). 1922: Hans Georg Dehmelt, American physicist, Nobel laureate in physics in 1989 (d. 2017). 1923: Daniel Carleton Gajdusek, American physician, Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine in 1976 (d. 2008). 1923: David Rayfiel, American screenwriter (d. 2011). 1925: Cliff Robertson, American actor (d. 2011). 1927: Elvin Jones, American jazz drummer (d. 2004). 1928: Manuel Scorza, Peruvian writer (d. 1983). 1929: Claude Nougarდ³, French jazz singer (d. 2004). 1932: Javier Tomeo, Spanish writer and playwright (d. 2013). 1934: Nicholas Liverpool, Dominican politician, president of Dominica (d. 2015). 1934: Stanley George Payne, American Hispanicist. 1935: Chaim Topol, Israeli actor. 1939: Reuven Rivlin, Israeli president. 1941: Otis Redding, American singer (d. 1967). 1941: Dennis Ritchie, American computer scientist (d. 2011). 1946: Pablo Alarcდ³n, Argentine actor. 1946: Bruce Palmer, Canadian singer, of the band Buffalo Springfield. 1949: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Indonesian president. 1950: Agustდ­n Dდ­az Yanes, Spanish filmmaker. 1951: Alexander Downer, Australian politician. 1951: Ramდ³n Puerta, Argentine politician. 1952: David A. Stewart, British musician, of the band Eurythmics. 1952: Manuel Gდ¶ttsching, German musician, of the band Ash Ra Tempel. 1955: John Kricfalusi, Canadian animator. 1957: Pierre-Laurent Aimard, French pianist. 1959: დ‰ric Serra, French composer. 1960: Hugh Grant, British actor. 1965: Dan Majerle, American basketball player. 1965: MC Shan, American rapper. 1965: Jesდºs Vდ¡zquez, Spanish television presenter. 1966: Adam Sandler, American actor and comedian. 1967: Hana Andronikova, Czech writer (d. 2011). 1967: Cecilia Pando, Argentine far-right activist, apologist for crimes against humanity. 1968: Lila Downs, Mexican singer. 1969: Rachel Hunter, New Zealand model, wife of Rod Stewart. 1970: Natalia Streignard, Venezuelan actress. 1971: Henry Thomas, American actor. 1971: Toni Prats, Spanish soccer goalkeeper. 1972: Goran Viვ¡njiე‡, Croatian actor. 1972: Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz, Mexican lawyer and politician. 1974: Mathias Fდ¤rm, Swedish guitarist, of the band Millencolin. 1975: Michael Bublდ©, Canadian singer and actor. 1976: Juan Alfonso Baptista, Venezuelan actor. 1977: Julieta Dდ­az, Argentine actress. 1977: Soulja Slim, American rapper. 1978: Shane Battier, American basketball player. 1980: Jani Liimatainen, Finnish guitarist, singer and pianist, of the bands Sonata Arctica and Sydდ¤npuu. 1980: Michelle Williams, American actress. 1980: Asier Goiria, Spanish footballer. 1981: Nathalia Aragonese, Chilean actress. 1982: Ai Otsuka, Japanese singer. 1983: Alex Romero, Venezuelan baseball player. 1983: Vitolo Anino, Spanish footballer. 1984: Brad Guzan, American footballer. 1985: JR Smith, American basketball player. 1985: Luka Modriე‡, Croatian footballer. 1987: Milan Stankovic, Serbian singer. 1987: Afrojack, Dutch-born disc jockey and record producer of house music 1988: Fernando Paniagua, Costa Rican soccer player. 1989: Johnny Cecotto Jr., Venezuelan-German pilot. 1990: Haley Reinhart, American singer. 1991: Kelsey Chow, American actress. 1992: Damian McGinty, Irish singer.