What Do Leo Miss in Love Relationships

    Minor rebellion and more communication. Less excess independence and more commitment and communication in your love life. Leo, we are far from saying that you stop having your part of independence in your love life, but you should compliment it another way. Yes, it would be best to work on creating a good bond of sentimental union, something that makes you connect in seconds. You are a very impulsive person, very energetic, and very, very adventurous. You are also very passionate, sentimental, and immensely loving with your Leo people. You are a person who takes your people into account for everything. Still, you know that sometimes they give you episodes of maximum rebellion and that you go to your complete roll having other responsibilities to fulfill.

    You know it, Leo. You know that a part within you does not allow you to commit fully. A part that doesn't let you submit to anyone else's orders.

    Even if that someone is the love of your life, you are LEO, you are game, and you will always put yourself in your first place. Leo, but you have to walk a bit to go, so free to have a little more space in your life to go hand in hand with someone who loves you. It is also very understandable that you are like this right now because it has not been once or twice that you have had to defend yourself in order not to suffer. Many times, there have been crying for no reason, having chest pain, suffering on account of nothing, opening your eyes suddenly, or cursing love for the pain that it may cause you. Leo, no longer, the present is getting out of hand. Understandably, you want to go more on your own. It would be best if you did not continue to be stuck in the past.