Which are the signs that fight the most

    1. SCORPIO

    At number 1 is Scorpio. Yes, it is not that Scorpio likes to fight or argue; he cannot bite his tongue when he knows that he is right and that no one gives it to him. Scorpio can spend hours fighting until the other understands that she/he is the reason. It is tireless, and it drains anyone's mind and body. When you have offended Scorpio, you will know it; his face changes, his expression changes, and you sense that nothing good can happen. You are right, Scorpio has a very bad host when he wants to, but that is not what is worrying, if not what is harmful, and how bastard he can be with his hurtful words. Scorpio will repeatedly sting you with its stinger, driving you crazy and causing you to experience the pain you've caused yourself, even when you didn't want to. If you have offended Scorpio, You should stay calm and wait for what comes your way. Try to back off slowly and apologize, even if you have no idea why you are apologizing. Seriously, for your sake ...
    1. ARIES

    At number 2 is Aries. The ram even fights with the stones if necessary. Yes, he is a person with a very, very short flame so that he can jump right away, and no, he doesn't have to feel threatened by something. Aries does not like to admit that he is wrong sometimes, which makes him a fighter with everything. Since he was a small child, Aries was the one who defended the innocent from injustice, the one who faced the one who took three heads out of him without fear, and the bravado of his friends. Yes, Aries has incredible confidence in his convictions in everything he does. He throws so much passion and enthusiasm into everything that he does not think at any time that perhaps he could be wrong. You will not be able to win a fight against Aries unless you are patient because Aries has rope for a while, and he will not be able to leave anywhere without saying the last word, even if he says it. In a whisper ...
    1. LEO

    Leo's personality is incredibly powerful. He can be with you to death, and in the same way, you can become his opponent in five minutes. In reality, Leo's personality is fierce, intensifying everything; all emotions with Leo are multiplied by a thousand. So, when you discuss with Leo that perhaps can be easily resolved or resolved, think that Leo is giving everything and that no, for Leo, it will not be resolved easily because he has that impulse to intensify everything much more. Especially if you say or do something, accidentally or on purpose, that hurts them a lot, something that makes them even more vulnerable, from the discussions with Leo, you should expect explosive language, a lot of heat in all his words and gestures, and no, limit. The more you try to defend yourself, the more they will get stung and the harsher they will be with their words. If you want to extinguish the fire with Leo, please apologize. It is the healthiest thing you can ever do. Try to empathize with whatever it is and let their energy simmerჴ€¦ Avoid going back to that fight. Now and always.
    1. CANCER

    Number 4 is Cancer. Wherever you see it, the Krabs have a hell of a temper when he wants to. They can be very calm at times, but inside their head, does not stop thinking and creating; their feelings are extremely deep. He is intelligent and mature, more than the world thinks, but the heart rules over them, and if you hurt them, they will keep it almost to the grave. They will throw it in your face and tell you exactly what you said, how, and when. And it won't matter that years have passed; it won't even matter that the conversation is already completely closed, not even if it's resolved. So choose your words very carefully when you go to talk to Cancer. And it doesn't matter how calm he seems because he can change character in less than 5 minutes. Think of the ways and correct your ways, especially those that can offend a lot. Fighting Cancer is not a good idea because you will always have a fucking fly telling you what you did wrong. Watch out.
    1. GEMINI

    Gemini is quarrelsome and VERY PLEASANT. And yes, in addition to that, he is tireless, so before starting a discussion with Gemini, the best thing is that you think twice, three and four. Geminis are very fighters; they fight constantly and jump to the minimum, especially when they know they are right. If Geminis are in a bad mood, they will argue until the end, but if they are in a good mood, too. Sometimes he gets too defensive, but the best thing is that it is temporary. Yes, Geminis will argue a lot, but they don't hold a grudge unless you've made a big deal out of them. Before fighting with Geminis, remember that they have two faces; they may smile, say four words to you, turn around, and everything will be there, but it is also possible they will crush your head. What is very clear is that they will not remain silent, never. Gemini can throw you off your mind; they know how to play with minds, and believe me, that is the worst thing that can happen to you.