Why Cancer Don't Want a Serious Relationship

    Cancer, it is possible that you are going through a good time in your life and do not want to start a serious relationship. If you are going through such a time now, enjoy it as you well know. You like love and being in love, but sometimes you also like being alone. You love enjoying your own space because that's when you realize who you are. Even when you are in a relationship, you like that from time to time, and they take your time to reflect. This is when you realize who you are. There may be times when you feel overwhelmed because you cannot find the ideal partner, but deep down, you know that living alone is not so bad.

    Cancer, you fall in love when you fall in love: no-nonsense or childish relationships.

    What Do Virgo Expect the Most From Others? You give yourself a lot, and you always expect the other person to give as much as you. Which does not always happen, and then you end up disappointed. It is possible that now you are falling in love again. Still, you are afraid that the same old thing will happen again, and that is why now you are a bit reluctant to sever relationships. You'd instead enjoy the moment as you are rather than indulge yourself too quickly to go downhill without brakes. You are happy now as you are, and you do not ask for more. When it comes to getting to know someone, you are a person who immediately has doubts. Any small detail already makes you doubt and distrust. Before taking a step in a relationship, you have to have all the doubts clarified because if not, you know that sooner or later, something will go wrong. It would help if you found security in yourself and in your future partner. Once everything is clarified, that you trust yourself and the other person, you can take the step. But until you have found the answer to each one of your questions, you will prefer not to establish any serious relationship because of what may happen.