aquarius zodiac signs

    Aquarius - date of the zodiac sign 21.01 - 18.02

    • Compatible signs: Libra, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius.
    • Unsupported signs: Virgo, Leo, Capricorn.
    • Lucky stones: aquamarine, amethyst.
    • Lucky colors: vermilion, turquoise, green.

    Aquarius - Characteristics of the sign

    Aquarius is one of the most fascinating symbols of the zodiac. These people are very independent and value freedom. They do not like pragmatism, typical situations and schemes. They think about the future, they reflect and they like to innovate. They are open to new things, but it is difficult to change their mind. Everyone likes them, they are empathetic, and they are always ready for others. However, they always keep a little distance due to their independence. Unfortunately, aquarius are impractical, have no sense of reality, and tend to live above the rest; they are also fans of a specific field. Its biggest disadvantages are flamboyance, difficulty adjusting, and lack of contact with people. Among them we find many anarchists or rebels, always hovering over an idea but not on a specific issue. Their isolation from others can be perceived as emotional coldness, which is why Aquarians want to be noticed. And all this to stay independent, free and be perceived in this way. They should be more optimistic, resourceful, and detached. They should spend more time with people to learn about their problems, to find out what they live for and what fascinates them. They should not be locked into their abstract world because it is not good for them. In relationships they need a good dose of tolerance and understanding of their complicated nature. aquarius sign The perfect match for aquarius should be curious, outgoing, and able to lower your fumes. Intolerant couples are discarded at the moment by the aquarius. Nor is conformity, stubbornness or cruelty welcome. To be honest, aquarius value freedom and independence so much that they are not very willing to get involved in relationships and when they meet someone they expect it to be only temporary. Men fear habitual relationships, both in friendship and in love. Women, on the other hand, are better friends than couples, they do not like to get too involved and prefer to maintain a margin of independence. Aquarius, thanks to their innovative approach, are great inventors and designers. However, they should not choose professions that require constant job evaluations because that would limit their space and freedom. Aquarius are made for freelance jobs , like science or crafts. They should not choose a job that needs to be under someone else's command. CHARACTER

    Aquarius features

    Aquarius is a symbol of the zodiac that belongs to the planet Uranus, which gives it characteristics such as curiosity, the desire to understand everything around it and the ability to share experiences with its environment. Aquarius are always looking for a reason for everything, they are very empathetic and capable of enormous brotherhood, as well as very calm, content and patient when working and fighting for their goals. They are extremely intelligent and like to learn new things, they value changes that are supposed to improve the situation in society and, most importantly, they prefer spiritual matters to material ones. Among them we find many philosophers, scientists and other intellectuals, who are capable of observing and drawing the appropriate conclusions. In addition, they usually have a great memory. We also find many alternative artists who, however, do not express their thoughts and experience serious moral dilemmas. It is no wonder that some of them embrace mysticism or the occult, as they are very talented in those fields. As a general rule, aquarius are very honest and good, thrifty, diligent, kind and helpful. They are also active and play sports, usually for some purpose and with good judgment. They are also great speakers who know the human psyche perfectly, making them good leaders and good psychologists. They are also predisposed to social work and are good at technical, artistic, scientific, and literary jobs. They are fascinated by supernatural forces and love nature, like plants and animals, but also physical science, like astrology. They love music and art, where they seek the reflection of nature. They perceive development and growth. Aquarians, like great psychologists, are capable of perceiving the faults of other people and they often joke about it, but not with malicious intent. Despite this, their jokes are not well received and can cause arguments. They are also often irritable and psychologically complicated, which makes dealing with them difficult. They may sacrifice a lot for their friends, but sometimes they don't appreciate true love and have high expectations for their partners. As a result, aquarius are often unable to see how good they are and often exaggerate their injustices and problems caused by fate or by those close to them.

    Aquarius as a couple

    She is an energetic and intelligent woman who likes innovation in all fields, often intellectual. He is irritable and moody, does not tolerate weakness and fights wisely against failure. Your partner has to be smart, open-minded and it would be nice if he was sociable and original. She is not a very passionate woman and only makes decisions and chooses a partner with age. With men she seeks adventures, emotions and peculiar experiences. She values family life and likes to be around people for whom she can do something, even if it is to organize a dinner. Likes to be flattered and adored. He is a good candidate to be a husband and father, especially thanks to his optimistic demeanor and his constant cheerfulness. It is usually wasteful, but you spend your money wisely. In women, you pay attention to beauty, intelligence, and sensitivity, but your partner doesn't have to be a source of passion. As a general rule, he is loyal and constant in his feelings. However, you may have a problem expressing your emotions. You are not passionate, which can lead to an argument with your partner. He doesn't say a lot of compliments, either, but gives peace, a sense of security, and a comfortable life. HEALTH AND DIET

    Aquarius health

    As a general rule, aquarius do not get sick. They are cheerful and active, play sports often and know how to keep fit, although others prefer physical work. They focus on many projects and ideas and are often overly tired, eating erratically and inappropriately. Such behavior can lead to problems with the circulatory system, hearing and nerves, as well asჴ€¦ problems with sight. That is why they are advised to practice sports or, at least, go for a walk regularly, so as not to forget to eat and rest, since otherwise they may have problems.

    Aquarius diet

    Aquarius love culinary experiments, which is why a common diet does not satisfy them: they try several different cuisines and use different spices, which is good for them. They should choose products that are as natural as possible. Your diet should include: fish, lobsters, tuna, oysters, spinach, lettuce, wheat, cabbage, lentils, almonds, walnuts, radishes, celery, apples, peaches, pears, lemons, oranges, lean meat, and whole grain products. They should avoid coffee, sugar, and yeast products. PHRASES AND APHORISMS Famous aquarius phrases Aquarius are very talented and very ambitious. They are idealists, they think ahead and are eager to be part of social initiatives or to create scientific institutions. Original, unconventional, independent and sociable, aquarius often gain fame and respect during their lifetime. Among them we can find people like George Byron, Henri Stendhal, George Harrison, Clark Gable, Bona Sforza, Jul io Verne, Charles Darwin, Bertolt Brecht or Wolfgang A. Mozart. Below you have some of his phrases. COMPATIBLE SIGNS

    Signs compatible with aquarius

    Aquarius are honest, open, empathetic, and generous. They tend to live by them, they are generally optimistic, they care about many issues, they have many friends, and they rarely get angry. In general, they have democratic views and love nature and independence, but are sometimes petulant and complicated to deal with for their loved ones, especially since they are not very interested in earthly subjects. On the other hand, they are loyal and always ready to give their all for their friends.

    Aquarius relationships

    She is not an emotional and passionate woman. She is normally cold and tends to be moody and petulant. Yet she is attractive and charming, so you can't complain about a lack of admirers. She is also an energetic, active and hardworking woman, so she can handle many issues at the same time. They are interested in many fields of knowledge since he is very intelligent, has read a lot and likes to talk. She is a loyal wife, as she does not like flirtations outside her partner, but she is not always a good wife. He is a traditional man in many ways. She is not very passionate, treating her partner more like a friend than a lover. He is not very concerned with money and concentrates on spiritual aspects. He is a good candidate to be a husband and father thanks to his natural charm, his kindness and his loyalty, but also his tolerance for his partner. However, she has trouble expressing her feelings and emotions, even though her love is enormous. The air triangle Aquarius, along with Libras and Geminis, belong to the air triangle, which (according to astrologers) are connected with deep thinking, intelligence and constant development. The people of these signs are unpredictable, but it is good when they are together in a friendship, relationship or business. Their activity and their ability to work for the common good make them very useful in society. Also, the fact that they like to see the results of their work often motivates others.

    Aquarius + Gemini

    GEMINI are very complicated and have a hard time living with people. They are free spirits, they value freedom and are positively perceived by others. They belong to a group of intelligent, hard-working and generous people. They are very active and are not afraid of changes in life; indeed, they even want them. Unfortunately, that wish can carry over to those close to you. They live by their own rules and if someone tells them what to do, they run away. Geminis are sensitive, active, and kind to the women around them. You can be a loyal partner who will feel good around a caring and considerate man. A Gemini hard time to calm down , since they are erratic and find them like adventures, but their time will come. They are worth waiting for because they are almost always a good partner to hang out with and have fun with.

    Aquarius + Libra

    LIBRA is the sign of managers and statesmen. People of this sign are fair, artistically gifted, caring, precise, hardworking, emotional, and empathetic. They tend to have the respect and sympathy of others and approach people in a specific way. They hate competition, arrogance and bad manners. However, if they are forced to compete, they usually win. Libras are charming and smart, but their expectations are high and difficult to meet. Sorry, but don't forget. Libras , on the other hand, are very fickle, they love women and it is difficult to stop them and convince them to marry. He is concerned with details, loves music and good books.

    Other signs compatible with Aquarius

    Other compatible signs are Taurus, Cancer, and Sagittarius. Neutral signs with Aquarius Neutral signs of the zodiac that should not cause problems for Aquarius are Aries, Scorpio and Pisces. Signs not compatible with Aquarius Signs that are believed to be incompatible with Aquarius are: Virgo, Leo, and Capricorn. Any relationship with these signs will be full of misunderstandings and unclear situations, so it is best avoided.