cancer zodiac signs

    Cancer 21.06 - 22.07

    • Compatible signs: Libra, Taurus, Virgo, Pisces.
    • Unsupported signs: Gemini, Aries.
    • Lucky stones: opal, malachite, emerald.
    • Lucky colors: burgundy, black, pink, cream.
    • Most suitable career: culture, health service, agriculture and gardening.

    Cancer - Characteristics of the sign

    Cancerians are extraordinarily sensitive, tender, and empathetic. They are the best at putting themselves in the shoes of others and want to help people. They deeply perceive all empirical and sensory experiences. Such people become loving mothers, caring fathers, sensitive wives, and totally loyal husbands. Their special sensitivity causes them many problems. They tend to exaggerate small problems, confusing them with the truly serious ones, which makes them unable to deal with their life. They feel very close to people and places. They collect many useless objects and are unable to throw them. Being so close to people, they try to help and take care of them. They are scared of rejection, so they try to make the whole world depend on them. They are always with familiar people. Cancerians, in order to maintain peace of mind, are advised not to worry in advance and to remain calm. A good idea for Cancerians to find fulfillment is to work for charities, in the health service, or as a volunteer . It would be good if they learned to enjoy the little things. Cancer Sign In relationships, Cancerians are very good people. They can help, calm, care, are very sensitive and can easily be damaged by words. A cancer partner will not have an easy life. That person will have to protect, care for, and make their partner feel safe. That person will also have to decide for their cancer partner, as they tend to exaggerate small problems and, if they play the main role in the relationship, they will be upset with their partner. However, if cancer plays a role below your expectations or capabilities, you may feel undervalued and upset with yourself. The perfect match for Cancer should be sensitive, but not as sensitive as Cancer. You must be an empathetic person to understand your partner and love the warmth of home, but also strong and the leader of the relationship, capable of making firm decisions. Also, Cancerians like everyone when they have company. You can always discuss art, culture or books with them. People like to have someone around so you can always help, care for, and talk to them. Cancer is good to have as a friend because you can always rely on them when something unexpected happens, like taking care of a baby or organizing a party catering. That is why Cancerians are always welcome at meetings. Only they can give so much without expecting anything in return.


    Cancer characteristics

    Cancerians are more imaginative, emotional, and professionally ambitious (sometimes too much) than any other sign, which is highly appreciated by women. They are very sensitive and easily emotional, but often hide their feelings under a mask of indifference. Thanks to their spiritual patron, the Moon, they are very intuitive and predisposed to see and predict the future, which is why some become seers. Their enormous imagination sometimes results in being isolated or even alone. The latter is especially dangerous for them because to function well they need a family life. Relationships with their family members are very important for cancer patients, as it gives them calm and relaxation. It is in the family home that Cancerians rest, often alone, worrying about the ways of their imagination or releasing stress, which bothers them a lot. Although they want to be the center of attention, they are very shy in public. They want to dominate their environment and are possessive but calm. Where they feel best is at home, within its four walls, a place they know perfectly. It is not easy to discover their soul, since Cancerians are introverts and only open up with their friends. Their character is very complicated and, although they are empathetic, they are often fickle and moody. They don't like to compromise and choose their friends meticulously. Its advantages are a great memory and enormous linguistic talent. They are made for non-stressful jobs that do not require determination or strength. They should work in bookstores, museums, or antique stores, as these jobs will be done for them and will be very useful to them.

    Cancer as a couple

    She is very patient, sensitive and a loving woman and mother. He usually treats his partner with some distance, since he expects loyalty and passion, as well as tenderness and care. She values ჴ€‹ჴ€‹confident men, capable of taking the first step, but also guaranteeing her intimacy. As a general rule, she is calm and patient although she often tries to dominate her surroundings, especially at work. She does not like to be limited or controlled. He is united and consecrated to his family like any other man. Your partner is what matters most. He adores her and treats her with passion and affection, as long as she treats him the same way. He knows his worth and has a very high opinion of himself. It is never fully opened as it values ჴ€‹ჴ€‹your privacy and likes to keep secrets. That is what your partner should prepare for.


    Cancer Health

    Cancerians tend to hide their emotions and feelings a lot, which are really strong. It negatively affects your body, especially the digestive system in the case of men, as well as the uterus and breasts in the case of women, which is vital in the case of safe motherhood. That is why Cancerians have to rest a lot and take responsibilities that they are able to handleჴ€¦ They should visit quiet places, such as forests or mountains, relax listening to music and lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. They should also do physical exercise, especially exercises for the stomach. All of this should minimize the likelihood of these diseases.

    Cancer diet

    Cancerians like to eat well and sometimes eat too much, which can lead to obesity and digestive system problems. That is why they are advised to limit their food portions and eat more regularly. As they are talented in the kitchen, they should employ that talent and include more salads and vegetables in their diet. Especially good for them are grains, prawns, seaweed, peaches, apricots, vegetables in general, bananas, strawberries, almonds and tuna.


    Famous cancer phrases

    Cancerians, although very reserved, can achieve a lot in their lives thanks to their sensitivity, their intuition, their enormous imagination and a little care. It is not surprising that there are many writers, artists, poets and politicians among them. Below we show you some quotes from famous cancer people.


    Signs compatible with Cancer

    Cancer people are the most difficult to live with. They are selfish, always seeking attention, ambitious, patient and consistent; they hate criticism and compromise. They value family and home, have a rich spiritual life, and are shy, which collides with their desire to be famous. Relationships with a cancer require patience and understanding of their individuality and secrecy, which is typical of all cancers.

    Cancer in relationships

    She is tender, calm and collected, exceptionally good. She is quite polite, but she is capable of making people do what she wants without realizing it. You are consistent in reaching your goals and you value partners you can trust in all walks of life. You like to control everything that happens around you, especially at work. She only pretends to be open, since she hides her true character and only shows it to the closest people. Over time she becomes loud and mean. He is energetic and independent in his opinions; He hates being criticized, especially for his big ego. She is very fond of her partner and treats her like the most wonderful woman in the world, although she also likes to be seduced. He is emotional and sensitive, he likes to have his own place in the home and to remain absorbed in his affairs. He hates when someone sticks their nose in his affairs, so his partner should be prepared so that he has a personal space inaccessible to anyone.

    The water triangle

    It is believed that Cancerians must be with the people of the same triangle, which are Pisces and Scorpio . These are the calmest and most sensitive signs, which, according to astrologers, should have a relationship because they will understand your weak character like no one else and will not hurt each other.

    Cancer + Pisces

    The PISCES are the people who are normally calm you calm and gentle, polite by nature, but also fickle. They are weak and tend to sulk easily; they are empathetic and dreamy. Unfortunately, they have trouble achieving financial success and are prone to addictions. Intuitive as they are, they have the ability to see the humor of others, as well as to draw the correct conclusions on many matters. Pisces are extremely sensitive women, sometimes skeptical and careless. He is very emotional, so his partner should be the same; feels strange in the company of strong and aggressive men. It is monogamous; however, if you want, you can be sexually original and liberated, but only with your partner. She truly loves and is very attracted to her dear husband. Pisces are good material for husband and father, since they love a lot and are kind and sensitive. They like women who are resourceful and helpful, confident and determined, as this will make them a good partner for life.

    Cancer + Scorpio

    SCORPIO is a sign of great individuality, controversy, and haste. Scorpios are slaves of their own passions and desires, capable of concentrating on one thing, and extremely curious. It is better not to argue with them, especially when their beliefs are different, since Scorpios are very authoritarian and defend their opinion firmly without ever changing it. They don't give up if they fail, but get back on their feet with ease. There are many wicked and cruel people among them, and those negative traits are just as strong as the positive ones. Scorpios are jealous, vain, stubborn men and they love to control. Your perfect match would be an attractive, intelligent, self-confident and temperamental woman, but you must be prepared to live under his shadow and let him be the one to play the main role in the relationship, He can be helpful and polite and is always ready to give advice. Scorpios , on the other hand, are very fickle women. They are stern and relentless women and they always speak their minds, although they still attract men. They are jealous and suspicious of their partner, but they are always passionate and highly valued. They need a loyal, loving, and wealthy partner who can meet all their needs.

    Other signs compatible with Cancer

    Other compatible signs, along with Pisces and Scorpio, are Virgo and Cancer .

    Neutral signs with Cancer

    The neutral signs of the zodiac are Taurus, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.

    Signs not compatible with Cancer

    In astrology, the signs not compatible with Cancer are believed to be Aries and Gemini.