gemini zodiac signs

    Gemini 21.05 - 20.06

    • Compatible signs: Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aries.
    • Unsupported signs: Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, Pisces.
    • Lucky stones: aquamarine, opal, mountain crystal.
    • Lucky colors: turquoise, sapphire blue, gray, green.
    • Most suitable career: journalism, communication, commerce, culture, technique and invention, education.

    Gemini - Characteristics of the sign

    Gemini is one of the most sociable signs of the zodiac. You will not get bored with them. They never run out of ideas, they are happy, active and energetic. Unfortunately, this sometimes makes them chaotic, imprecise, and nervous. Its main characteristic isჴ€¦ loquacity. Geminis tend to talk a lot mostly because they are outgoing, trustworthy, and empathetic. Unfortunately, they make new friends very often, which means that they cannot keep all those friends for a long time. If they succeed, they are very loyal companions, always ready to help. It is difficult for Geminis to focus their attention on anything, as they are prone to being distracted by outside stimuli. They are advised to be more upright, focus on their tasks and draw conclusions from their actions to avoid similar mistakes in the future. They have to learn yes or yes to have a stable life Therefore, the ideal partner for a Gemini should be someone calm, reasonable, extremely intelligent, consistent with their actions and determined to achieve their chosen goals. Only such a person will straighten the path of a Gemini. Geminis should never enter into relationships with aggressive, selfish, vain, uncompromising, and non-hobbyists. This is because Geminis are always very open to new suggestions and eager to change their character, which means that their partner has to be an example for them. Gemini Sign In a relationship, they also need a partner who does not limit their freedom and allows them to realize their dreams and passions. In professional life they are versatile. Their curiosity about the world allows them to learn quickly and easily about any sphere of knowledge. That means that, curiously, they do not excel in any field because they never explore a subject in depth. However, they are objective , put their emotions aside and are able to analyze the situation rationally. They also love smart conversations as they are able to talk about every possible matter thanks to their versatility. They are suitable for jobs that require curiosity and the ability to communicate with others, such as journalism or commerce, as well as education. They are not advised to work in banking, healthcare or any other field that requires patience or precision, as these are characteristics that Geminis do not possess.


    Gemini characteristics

    In modern astrology, Gemini is believed to be the typical sign for artists and inventors. Among the typical characteristics of Gemini people we find creativity, sensitivity, variety of interests, sociability, eloquence, a sense of humor and witty retorts. gemini characteristics They care a lot about admiration, that's why they delightedly show their skills in front of others. Geminis rarely have consistent opinions or themes, as their interests are quite superficial and they get bored easily with things, taking an interest in many things at once. This not only affects their professional or artistic life, but also affects them in relationships: they get tired of monotony even if the relationship is pleasant. They tend to think negligently, resulting in many mistakes and incorrect conclusions. However, they should not worry about it because they are able to easily change their mind depending on the circumstances. Luckily, they know about your tendency to make mistakes and that is why they decide to start a humanistic career that requires less responsibility than, for example, being a doctor or a miner. Gemini Friends Gemini people are not the best workers out there as they get bored easily and cannot focus on their tasks. However, they can be good interpreters of other people's conceptions or ideas, making them great stockbrokers or diplomats. Everyone will fall for the charms of an outgoing, energetic and resourceful Gemini. And it is not surprising, since the patron of this sign is Mercury, who was the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology. In addition, such a profession is associated with constant changes of site, which is important for Geminis, who get bored with the monotony of the same situations, people, events, places, etc. The constant changes and variety keep them in good mental and physical shape for years. It is difficult to find political or religious fanatics among Geminis, as they are able to observe the world from a distance. They tend to generalize, can think abstractly, and are rarely interested in the details of any issue. They seldom get angry, they are not aggressive, they do not like to gossip and they are good by nature. They also stay in shape intellectually until the last years of their life. Young men are talkative and always ask people many questions, being able to annoy even the calmest interlocutor (especially teachers). They also have hundreds of weird and abstract ideas, but they are always friendly, polite, and harmless. Gemini Couple

    Gemini as a couple

    He hopes his partner is understanding and very patient. He's a bit of a chorlito head and somewhat romantic, very sensitive and attractive. It would be nice if his partner was just as smart as him, shared his passions, and didn't let him get bored. Otherwise, he may be looking for fun away from home, which can end in many ways ... She is good at housework, but will never become a full-time housekeeper. She loves professional life and wants her partner to appreciate her interests and share them with her. He's smart, happy, helpful, and loves to talk about his favorite topics for hours.

    Gemini - HEALTH AND DIET

    Gemini Health

    Geminis tend to suffer from diseases related to the nervous system and the respiratory system. In addition, they are also prone to arm and hand diseases. Therefore, they should pay attention to it and go to the doctor in case of having any symptoms. You have to limit addictions (especially tobacco) and practice sports that strengthen the arms and lungs, which will strengthen the entire immune system and give them more vital energy. Gemini Diet

    Gemini diet

    Geminis tend to pay attention to what they eat. They like creative and sophisticated cuisine, they are not afraid of improvisation and they invent new dishes. They especially enjoy southern fruits. Although they like heavy meals, they should reject them and eat more light salads. Plants connected to the planet Mercury affect your body well. These are, for example, parsley, fennel, walnut, valerian, flaxseed, and licorice. Juices are also advisable, as well as beer in small quantities and medicinal herbs.


    Famous Gemini phrases

    Geminis have a predisposition to become artists, writers, or philosophers. They tend to indulge in the human sciences and are good at them. Below we show you some phrases and wise words of famous Geminis.

    Zodiac signs compatible with Gemini

    Geminis, as already said, are quite complicated and difficult to handle people, but thanks to our understanding and our patience they can be very noble and affectionate.

    Gemini in relationships

    He loves freedom and often change partners. He seeks new adventures for a long time, but even he will find stability. It is worth waiting for her to grow up as she can become a great partner to spend time with and never get bored. However, that requires a good strategy, containing jealousy, tolerating minimal excesses and planning interesting vacations. Gemini Life She is a sensitive, active, and sometimes rushed woman. He is usually kind to his surroundings and to his loyal partner; feels good next to a loving partner. Her husband only has to learn to tolerate her extreme curiosity and her talkativeness in order to find happiness together.

    The air triangle

    Gemini, along with Libra and Aquarius, belong to the triangle of air, which (according to astrologers) are connected with deep thought, intelligence and constant development. The people of these signs are unpredictable, but it is good when they are together in a friendship, relationship or business. Their activity and their ability to work for the common good make them very useful in society. Also, the fact that they like to see the results of their work often motivates others.

    Gemini + Libra

    LIBRA is the sign of managers and statesmen. People of this sign are fair, artistically gifted, caring, precise, hardworking, emotional, and empathetic. They tend to have the respect and sympathy of others and approach people in a specific way. They hate competition, arrogance, and bad manners. However, if they are forced to compete, they usually win. Libras are charming and smart, but their expectations are high and difficult to meet. Sorry, but don't forget. Libras , on the other hand, are very fickle, they love women and it is difficult to stop them and convince them to marry. He is concerned with details, loves music and good books.

    Gemini + Aquarius

    AQUARIUS is the sign of people who seek the truth. They are emotional, tolerant, empathetic, curious, able to observe the world from different points of view and usually motivate others to act thanks to the passion they have. They are sociable but demanding: they particularly value intelligent and peculiar people. Aquariums are mysterious and very individual women; an individuality that should not limit your partner. Thanks to the husband's understanding, he will have a loyal, foresighted and helpful wife, always ready to face sacrifices. Aquarius, for their part, are hopeless optimists, trying to make everyone happy, which is not always the case. Your partner should make sure you don't go overboard by acting. gemini relations

    Other zodiac signs compatible with Gemini

    Other compatible signs, along with Libra and Aquarius, are Leo , Aries, and Gemini himself . Leo is brave and, despite being somewhat hasty, he is more consistent in action than Gemini. Aries, on the other hand, is very lively and is capable of Gemini being fickle thanks to its liveliness.

    Neutral signs with Gemini

    Neutral signs are Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

    Signs not compatible with Gemini

    Signs that are believed to be incompatible are Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces . Geminis should think twice before having a relationship with any of them.