leo zodiac signs

    Leo 23.07 - 23.08

    • Compatible signs: Sagittarius, Aries.
    • Unsupported signs: Capricorn, Scorpio.
    • Lucky stones: diamond, ruby, mountain crystal, emerald.
    • Lucky colors: red, orange, brown.
    • Most suitable career: law, administration, military, industry, business, education.

    Leo - Characteristics of the sign

    Leo is the typical example of a fire sign. They have quite a bit of character, just like the animals they represent. They can be described as lively, energetic and full of zest for life . They are also self-confident and proud: they like to command and be the leader ; "Look at me with admiration." They behave like the kings of the jungle, the lions. They like to attract attention, be admired and accepted, which can cause them to be perceived as vain. They are idealists, which is close to being naive. They have great organizing power and believe strongly in their abilities and determination to fight for their dreams. They are good leaders, capable of motivating others and giving them the strength to act. They are stars and the focus of attention of the places they go. They tend to be selfish and vain. The desire to be admired often turns into an addiction: they no longer realize what they should do and do everything for their audience. They are advised to be moderate, as they have a tendency to exaggerate. They should be less narcissistic and vain and pay more attention to spiritual values ჴ€‹ჴ€‹and not so much to seek the affection of others. A bit of self-criticism would also be advisable. Leos don't like being told what to do. They are quite lazy professionally and economically and tend to wander a bit. They should choose jobs that allow them to dominate and command, such as in the military or the judiciary. Leos are also great business partners, thanks to their tendency to risk and the desire to be an important person. Leo Sign Leos love to be the life of the party , which is why at business parties and exclusive clubs they are in their sauce. They put all their heart in what they do, also in relationships . Leo and other sign love can be hot! They do everything convinced that it is the right thing to do, so when they choose a partner, they believe it is for life. However, if something goes wrong, they don't worry too much and end the relationship because it was not worth the time or effort. Leo's partner should be tolerant, open, passionate and sociable like him, but also smart and not very boring. A Leo should not be in a relationship with someone who does not like company or does not pay attention to others, is lonely or exposes their sexuality too much.


    Leo characteristics

    Leo is a sign that depends on the Sun. Its destiny is self-improvement through creation. It is independent, which means that people of this sign are guaranteed a feeling of fulfillment and happiness. Leos are generous, courageous, authoritarian, and strong, but also good, calm, and tolerant. Their hearts are warm and good, they like to help those in need and they are loyal, sometimes even naive, which sometimes makes them realize late that someone wanted to deceive them. In short, they are very optimistic and always approach everyone with their characteristic confidence. Leos like to attract attention, they are individualists who rarely indulge in the opinions of others, and they are ambitious, especially in fields related to leadership, planning, and organization. They are successful in authoritarian sites, such as leaders, bosses, managers, kings, and judges. They do not tolerate mistakes, they fight hard for success, they are hasty, and they usually make decisions quickly, without a moment's hesitation. They almost never get angry, but if they do, they are violent and have painful consequences. It is better not to make them angry. Fire, the element to which they belong, is the source of their wrathful character. They strive for absolute domination, they are proud and superior, but at the same time they can also create and are vital. Their nature is very complicated: on the one hand they are noble and desire authority, but on the other they are spontaneous and kind, always ready to follow their heart. They tend to accumulate complexes, which can cause severe depression. In moments of disappointment, they can be aggressive, arrogant, and conceited, so it's best not to get in their way for the good of all. That excessive ambition obstructs your contact with others. Therefore, they have to learn to cooperate with their environment, to act reasonably and to avoid making hot decisions.


    A she likes honors, so choose your partner carefully. She is a wonderful mother and a good and loyal partner who attracts many men with her beauty and passion. She is aware of her advantages and uses them to flirt with many men at the same time, increasing her confidence and satisfying her vanity. She is not a woman for weak men: her partner should have a stable professional and economic position, as well as provide stability for her. He likes to know that he is the only woman in his partner's life: that is when his advantages are fully exposed. He loves well-being, prestige, and pride. He also values ჴ€‹ჴ€‹family and friends. He is a model father, but he hates being criticized. He usually changes partners a lot before settling down to demonstrate his masculinity. Once stable, he tends to be jealous, expects submission and passion from his partner, and is terrified of impotence. He is loving, his nature is aristocratic, and he never pleads for someone else's feelings.


    Leo health

    Leos are quite strong and immune. However, they tend to suffer from some diseases. Its weakest points are the circulatory system and the heart. In addition, they are also vulnerable to obesity, kidney and spinal problems, strokes, and fever. They are also prone to colds. As a general rule, these illnesses do not last long but are intense and can cause severe depression, something that good and confident Leos are prone to suffer from. As a result, leos should pay attention to their diet and fight their natural laziness to play sports. They should also not forget to visit the doctor regularly, since postponing those visits can have serious consequences.

    Leos diet

    Because of their tendency to gain weight, leos should pay attention to what they eat. The right seasonings and spices are essential to your diet, as they speed up metabolism, calm digestion, and enhance flavor. Therefore, they should include mint, oregano, verbena, wild violet and sage in their diet. They also need food rich in vitamins and minerals, such as strawberries, bananas, grapefruits, berries, garlic, celery, cauliflower, spinach, tuna, and herring, as well as sunflower and sunflower seeds. pumpkin.


    Phrases of famous leos

    Leos are confident, strong, and courageous, as well as open-minded, sensitive, and wise. That is why many of them have achieved a lot in their lifetime, have gained authority or been successful in any other field. It is worth mentioning that among personalities as Leos are N apole or n Bonaparte, Franz Joseph I of Austria , Fidel Castro, Alfred Hitchcock, Sim or n Bol დ­ var, Ale Jandro Dumas or Benito Mussolini. Below we show you some of the phrases of the famous leos.


    Signs compatible with Leo

    Leos' pride and curiosity are known, but so is their need to be the center of attention. They won't give in to others and are selfish, which can be irritating. Despite their disadvantages, they are sensitive, have good will, are fair, honest and loyal, which makes them a good match in private or professional life.

    Leos in relationships

    She is an attractive woman, well proportioned and very passionate. He is not very concerned with emotions and often pretends them. She is generous, but sometimes she also criticizes her partner. She is stubborn and knows what she wants. It is difficult to conquer her, since she knows that she is worth a lot and it is difficult for her to find a suitable partner. He is brave, daring, proud and a bit arrogant. He loves women, he likes to be considered a man of the world and pays attention to his appearance, since he is aware of the importance of gaining authority and money, something very important to him. When you fall in love with someone, you are a good match but somewhat jealous and hasty.

    The fire triangle

    Leo, along with Aries and Sagittarius , belong to the fire triangle, which is connected with characteristics such as universal energy, enthusiasm, joie de vivre, carefree, impetuous, courage and love of risk. And those are signs that should be together, as they will be easily understood.

    Leo + Aries

    ARIES is the zodiac sign with typical male traits, giving people a strong desire to command, fight, courage, courage and not worry about risk. Aries like clear situations, they don't accept half measures. They are good at a fight, but have trouble with quiet negotiations and admitting mistakes. They live in the present and think about the future, not the past. They are hasty: first they act, then they think. Their actions are often accompanied by haste and lack of patience. Aries are noble, helpful, hard-working, sociable, and hedonistic women. They tend to overdo it, whether it's complaining too much, clenching their teeth, or playing hero. They tend to have either too much enthusiasm or enormous despair. Despite her apparent reservations, she is a source of passion, which can end in disappointment for some weak men. Aries are men who love risk and spicy situations. They love to fight: reaching the goal is more important than the goal itself. You value shy women, whom you can help to be more open and who will be impressed by your personality. They are usually friendly, polite, sociable and everyone likes them.

    Leo + Sagittarius

    SAGITTARIUS is an open and pleasant person, quick and dynamic in action, constantly moving forward and eager to help others. That person turns out to be very irritable, gets angry easily and knows what he wants. It is difficult to argue with that person because he will defend his opinion to the end. Sagittarius people are happy, sociable, they love life and value that their partner has a good position, money, good looks and good manners. She hates housework, preferring to dedicate herself to her professional lifeჴ€¦ She always speaks her mind and values ჴ€‹ჴ€‹honesty and intelligence. It is a good couple. Sagittarius are free souls who value freedom; That is why they are looking for a partner who understands their need and does not try to limit them in any way. He's smart and doesn't get into relationships easily, but when he does, he's loyal to his partner. She, on the other hand, should get used to the fact that the Sagittarius boy does many things at the same time and many other things can interrupt him. Unfortunately, not much can be done about it, so tolerance is recommended so that everything goes well.

    Other signs compatible with Leo

    Other compatible zodiac signs, along with Aries and Sagittarius , are Libra and Gemini .

    Neutral signs with Leo

    Neutral signs of the zodiac are: Taurus , Cancer , Virgo , Aquarius and Pisces .

    Signs not compatible with Leo

    Signs of the zodiac that Leo should not have relationships with are Capricorn and Scorpio .