libra zodiac signs

    Libra - zodiac sign date 23.09 - 22.10

    • Compatible signs: Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius.
    • Unsupported signs: Gemini, Aries, Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius.
    • Lucky stones: malachite, amethyst, topaz.
    • Lucky colors: yellow, light blue, green.
    • Most suitable career: administration, business, education, health, banking, science, industry, technology and invention.

    Libra - Characteristics of the sign

    Libras are the people who resolve all conflicts. They are great mediators: objective and reasonable . Her motto is to always fight for justice , which is why Libra is associated with Themis, the goddess of justice. Your greatest wish is to live in harmony with your consciousness. It is its main advantage, as well as trying to achieve that harmony . They are great adepts of art, decorators and artists in any field that needs harmony and balance. That is why his hobby is usually art. Because they are good at problem solving, the Libra have to be well oriented in many matters. That makes them know many subjects, but in a superficial way. That also makes them good interlocutors, highly valued in companies. There is a time when they think they know enough and stop learning. Libras are advised to be more moderate when it comes to perceiving themselves to be pampered, but also to be more hard-working and forward-thinking. A little self-criticism could do them good, as well as more effort to achieve their goals. There are many things that are easy for the Libras, so they do not have to try hard to get some things and they believe that everything will come by itself. Libras should wonder, especially through the example of others, about their potential achievements if they tried a little harder. In relationships, Libras need passionate, tender and loving partners, capable of stimulating their necessary emotions, but also consistent and self-confident in order to guide Libras towards their goals and teach them that nothing comes without effort. Libras do not have a bad temper and hardly ever argue, as they avoid it and are afraid of arguments. They have no opinion and avoid situations in which they must support one side. It often happens that Libras, because of their passivity, are considered false and untrustworthy. And the Libras must learn to make decisions, as one day they will have to decide for themselves. In professional life, Libras are perfect, diligent teachers and scrupulous dependents. Despite appearances, they are not good judges or lawyers because those professions require decision making and Libras are not good at it.


    Libra characteristics

    Libras are organized, harmonious, fair, caring, hard-working, and emotionally stable. They do not lack charm or beauty, they are sensitive and capable of intense emotions. Even as children they are charming, sociable and very optimistic. They crave knowledge and, most importantly, they know how to get it. libra sign Libras are good for diplomacy and art work. However, they should not be afraid of other professions, especially those where they can be useful. They will be great production managers, ideological leaders or liberating movements ... As a general rule, professional life is one of their priorities. Libras value a quiet and decent life, so they avoid problems and obstacles. Love is the most important thing for them, since in the name of love they can give up their professional career and many other things that are not as important as their feelings towards their partners. They idealize their ideals, especially those that are connected to being a good and kind person. A famous person with this ideal is, for example, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: a Libra. The decade in which the Libras were born also has a huge influence. People in the first decade (September 23 - October 2) are watched by Venus and the Moon, which gives them an artistic taste and a huge desire to travel. People in the second decade (from October 3 to 10) are very affected by Saturn, which makes them melancholic and sad, but also capable of leading a very interesting social life. The third decade (from October 11 to 23) is connected not only with Venus, but also with Jupiter, for which they have a strong desire for justice, they are cunning, intelligent, curious and are interested in knowledge, although they are also restless. As a result, Libra is a zodiac sign that guarantees a wide variety of talents and possibilities.

    Libra as couples

    A she loves to attract and impress the opposite sex, so it is always on fashion and never leaves home without being fixed. I would never wear out of style clothes to a meeting with friends. Although he has many admirers, he is very demanding and it is not easy for him to choose a partner. Value men who are intelligent, cultured, helpful, and in good standing. If your partner is able to guarantee you a calm, pleasant and convenient life, she will be a loving, tender person who always supports you in everything. He likes a peaceful, harmonious and convenient life, and that is what you are looking for a partner to be happy. He cares about his appearance, he is sensual and he looks for the same in his partner, paying attention to his appearance but also to his personality and character. He knows how to be charming, he's a master of flirting, and unfortunately he treats women as his objects of desire before settling down.


    Libra Health

    Libras, unfortunately, are not the picture of health. They should always prepare their dishes with conscience and pay attention to what they eat, as they are prone to kidney, stomach and bladder diseases, as well as diabetes and headaches and back pain. They should also learn to see the world from a distance, as they are vulnerable to depression and nervousness.

    Libra diet

    Libra tend to gain weight, so you should be careful what you eat and use moderation. The following fruits and vegetables are advisable and should be included in your diet: peas, corinthian grapes, and peaches. They can drink wine and beer, but must limit whiskey. Although they like to eat meat, they should reduce their consumption and drink more milk and rice.


    Famous Libra phrases

    Libras are balanced, have a strong sense of justice, are practical and spiritually developed. That is why many of them are interested in art, writing, painting, politicsჴ€¦ Below we show you some quotes from famous Libras.


    Zodiac signs compatible with Libra

    Although love is the most important thing for Libras, they are able to easily forget about failed relationships, as they soon find a replacement for their ex-partners. That is why people of this sign are perceived as fickle and fickle, which is wrong. Libras are very sensitive and don't want to make mistakes about things related to marriage.

    Libras in relationships

    Libras are men who take life seriously and feel responsible. They value peace and like being able to trust their family, although they hate surprises and unexpected events at their weddings. It pays to show them kindness, kindness, and appreciation for their efforts and accomplishments, which makes them feel special and open up, inspiring confidence. They love to eat and you can win their heart through the stomach. The Libras are charming and very attractive. They love being around men. Your fans, co-workers and friends can read your mind and are always willing to satisfy every complaint to make them smile. Libras know their worth and sometimes they use their influence on men to achieve their goals. It is difficult to conquer them because they are selective. They can be great couples if your husband is able to provide them with a life of luxury.

    Libra: The Air Triangle

    Libra, along with Gemini and Aquarius, belong to the air triangle, which (according to astrologers) are connected with deep thought, intelligence and constant development. The people of these signs are unpredictable, but it is good when they are together in a friendship, relationship or business. Their activity and their ability to work for the common good make them very useful in society. Also, the fact that they like to see the results of their work often motivates others.

    Libra + Aquarius

    AQUARIUS is the sign of people who seek the truth. They are emotional, tolerant, empathetic, curious, able to observe the world from different points of view and usually motivate others to act thanks to the passion they have. They are sociable but demanding: they particularly value intelligent and peculiar people. Aquariums are mysterious and very individual women; an individuality that should not limit your partner. Thanks to the husband's understanding, he will have a loyal, foresighted and helpful wife, always ready to face sacrifices. Aquariums , for their part, are hopeless optimists, trying to make everyone happy, which is not always the case. Your partner should make sure you don't go overboard by acting.

    Libra + Gemini

    GEMINI are very complicated and have a hard time living with people. They are free spirits, they value freedom and are positively perceived by others. They belong to a group of intelligent, hard-working and generous people. They are very active and are not afraid of changes in life; indeed, they even want them. Unfortunately, that wish can carry over to those close to you. They live by their own rules and if someone tells them what to do, they run away. Geminis are sensitive, active, and kind to the women around them. You can be a loyal partner who will feel good around a caring and considerate man. A Gemini hard time to calm down , since they are erratic and find them like adventures, but their time will come. They are worth waiting for because they are almost always a good partner to hang out with and have fun with.

    Other zodiac signs compatible with Libra

    Other compatible signs are Scorpio and Virgo

    Virgo gets along perfectly with Libra thanks to their composure and reasonableness, while Scorpio attracts Libra with their bravery, character, and ability to earn money.

    Neutral signs with Libra

    Neutral signs are Taurus, Leo, and Capricorn.

    Signs not compatible with Libra

    Signs believed to be incompatible with Libra are: Aries, Sagittarius, Cancer, and Pisces