pisces zodiac signs

    Pisces - date of the zodiac sign 19.02 - 20.03

    • Compatible signs: Libra, Cancer, Scorpio.
    • Unsupported signs: Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Aries.
    • Lucky stones: sapphire, turquoise, aquamarine.
    • Lucky colors: orange, yellow, green, light blue.

    Pisces - Characteristics of the sign

    Pisces are a kind of martyrs who love everyone but themselves. They are helpful, very creative, cheerful and loving, very sensitive to human misery. Pisces don't ignore anyone. They are very indecisive and live in their own world of imagination because the real one is too cruel and brutal, so they prefer to have their own. They are not very realistic. They are extremely intuitive, sometimes even too intuitive.
     Their imaginations are brilliant and they are usually very talented artistically, which they express in many ways. The fact is that no one can overlook the personality of the Pisces.
    Pisces like them, often spend time with others, and feel irreplaceable. Their biggest drawbacks are: being unrealistic, masochistic and having a tendency to addiction when they feel overwhelmed by problems and the world. They are advised to pay more attention to the real world, even if it is by watching the news on television, reading newspapers, or listening to people's problems with their lives. A perfect partner for a Pisces should be loving, tender and sensitive, but also down to earth and responsible. It is your partner who should play the role of caretaker, take care of the Pisces and show you that you cannot be too selfish and that you should give, not just receive from people. Your partner also has to be very understanding of your complaints and behavior, which can be childish and nonsensical at times, but is the only one for Pisces to feel safe. pisces sign It would be good for the couple to lower the fumes on the Pisces a bit, although it should do so in a friendly way and at the right time. Pisces should not under any circumstances be in a relationship with someone who is despotic and overly strong who uses that strength to get what they want. Nor with a severe and insensitive person who is not able to understand the needs and reality of Pisces and makes him feel bad. Pisces can be useful in fields such as healthcare, helping others, and in education. Their sensitivity makes them good painters, photographers, and art teachers. However, Pisces should not choose careers in commerce, banking, and any other professions that require concentration and conscientiousness. They should also not get involved in jobs that require quick and difficult decisions or a complicated environment, as anything can destroy their sensitivity and balance. They are also good gardeners : no one takes such good care of plants or has as much passion as they. Also, since the plants are harmless and do not speak, they are perfect for making Pisces happy. CHARACTER

    Pisces characteristics

    According to astrology, Pisces is a very indecisive zodiac sign and often disappointed in its attempts to achieve its ideals. Pisces tend to be fickle and weak, which is related to nature when it is time for Pisces: going from February to March means going from winter to spring, at which time the vital powers begin to be released and the life that is hidden under the depths of snow and ice in the center of the earth begins to beat again. Pisces are kind, modest, polite and tender. They tend to be sad and melancholic. They are dreamy, calm and understanding idealists, ready for enormous sacrifices. They are always welcoming, empathetic, and sometimes overly sentimental, which can be annoying for their surroundings. Their advantages are their ideals and dreams, and when it comes to action, they are not very ambitious and are not concerned with gaining power or occupying a certain position. Unfortunately, financial well-being is not easy for them because they are afraid to compete. They tend to choose a life of solitude and tranquility; If their day to day is not like that, they try to get away from people even if it is on vacation.
     They have trouble making decisions and choosing different matters. They tend to choose turbulent paths, although in the end they always draw the right conclusions.
    Although they are calm and pleasant by nature, it is possible to make them angry. Sometimes they get involved in embarrassing situations, but they are able to save furniture like no one else.
     Unfortunately, Pisces are prone to addictions. They feel good in the company of those closest to them, but strangers in crowded places. Therefore, when they go out to party they drink to have more courage, which can end badly.
    Although Pisces seem shy, fearful and bland, many of them who were born when the Sun was close to Aquarius or Aries are very talented and internationally famous, such as N. Copernicus, F. Chopin, J. Washington or D. Livingstone. The fields in which Pisces are best are mathematics, music, and foreign languages. They prefer freelance jobs, as nothing is worse than being in an office and following rules.

    Pisces as a couple

    He is understanding with his children, likes to spend time in company and has a good relationship with these people. He loves good food, his taste is sophisticated and his stomach conquers him. Although he seems a useless man, he solves critical situations perfectly and is very creative. He is very intelligent. She is a calm and calm person. Only at home does she show her true face: she is talkative, but also tender and sensitive, open to close people. Always loyal and devoted to her husband, she takes care of the feelings between them and believes that love is the most important thing. He does not forget reality, he is always aware of the economic situation and wants to provide for the future of his children. HEALTH AND DIET

    Pisces health

    Pisces often suffer from lung diseases, they have problems with the genitourinary system, they are prone to infections and their legs get cold. They should protect their feet and legs from getting wet or freezing, limit addictions (especially tobacco), and play sports to strengthen their legs, such as running. They are also advised to do aromatherapy: the best scents are violet, rose, heather, pine, mint or lily, which improve the mood and integrate well with the zodiac sign.

    Pisces diet

    Pisces don't eat much, as they value quality over quantity. They usually eat appetizers and salads. Due to their propensity for liver problems, they should eat light meals and limit alcohol as it can have serious consequences. The originality of the food is also important, since Pisces pay more attention to it than any other sign. COMPATIBLE SIGNS

    Signs compatible with Pisces

    Pisces tend to be calm, imaginative, and dreamy, something their friends, partners, and co-workers should remember. It is good if those people belong to the same triangle, as it would reduce the possibility of arguments and conflicts, as well as misunderstandings. Pisces, when treated with affection, kindness and sympathy, will return that treatment and they will be very good partners. Pisces in relationshipsPisceans like flattery, the kind gestures and compliments, but are a bit fickle in terms of feelings. They are usually moody, but kind and empathetic to others. They feel good around strong and dominant women, as long as she understands his weaknesses and does not remind her of them. Let's not forget that Pisces like to live a fun and interesting life, but for your own safety you should be accompanied by your partner, as Pisces like new faces and newჴ€¦ women. Pisces are true ladies, proud, sensitive and emotional. They are easily attracted to their partner, even if he is not worth it. He gives everything for his partner, he is loyal and kind, but he is also too submissive, which can scare a man looking for a friendly soul. You will feel good with an energetic and determined man who knows what he wants and who is able to perceive your mood swings and does not run out of patience. If not, the normally calm Pisces will explode with rage, which can lead to serious consequences. The water triangle Pisces are believed to be with the people of the same triangle, which are Cancer and Scorpio . These are the calmest and most sensitive signs, which, according to astrologers, should have a relationship because they will understand your weak character like no one else and will not hurt each other.

    Pisces + Cancer

    CANCER is the sign of sensitive, spiritual and home people. As a general rule, they have bad manners and are brutal. They will fight any sign down to their last drop of blood. Although they are easily injured, they pretend to be tough and resistant. They are also fickle, something caused by their random likeability and antipathy. Cancerians can take care of their family and are attracted to it as well as their partner. He treats her like the most wonderful woman in the world, but he also likes to be seduced and his ego is quite big. He is emotional, sensitive, and likes to have his own place at home to lose himself in his affairs. He hates when someone sticks their noses in his affairs and his partner should be prepared so that he always has his personal space and inaccessible to others. Cancerians are loving, sensitive and patient women, full of unconditional love. They expect love and support from their partner. They like to control their needs, their emotions, and themselves. They usually wait for the man to take the first step and show initiative. Your partner should be patient and treat you with tenderness so that you are both happy.

    Pisces + Scorpio

    SCORPIO is a sign of great individuality, controversy, and haste. Scorpios are slaves of their own passions and desires, capable of concentrating on one thing, and extremely curious. It is better not to argue with them, especially when their beliefs are different, since Scorpios are very authoritarian and defend their opinion firmly without ever changing it. They don't give up if they fail, but get back on their feet with ease. There are many wicked and cruel people among them, and those negative traits are just as strong as the positive ones. Scorpios are jealous, vain, stubborn men and they love to control. Your perfect match would be an attractive, intelligent, self-confident and temperamental woman, but you must be prepared to live under his shadow and let him be the one to play the main role in the relationship, He can be helpful and polite and is always willing to give advice. Scorpios , on the other hand, are very fickle women. They are stern and unforgiving women and they always speak their minds, although they still attract men. They are jealous and suspicious of their partner, but they are always passionate and highly valued. They need a loyal, loving, and wealthy partner who can meet all their needs. Other zodiac signs compatible with Pisces Astrology believes that other signs compatible with Pisces, along with Cancer and Scorpio, are: Taurus, Capricorn and Pisces. Taurus is stubborn and determined, but also kind to the world, if a bit mercenary and selfish. Capricorn, not being so emotional, perfectly complements calm, kind and thoughtful Pisces. Neutral zodiac signs with Pisces The neutral signs of the zodiac that will not do any harm to Pisces are: Aries, Leo, Virgo and Aquarius. Zodiac signs not compatible with Pisces In astrology, it is believed that the signs not compatible with Pisces are: Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.